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Paper Trail

For more information see Wakefield, Robert S., Mayflower Families through Five Generations, Vol. 18 , General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA, part I (First four generations of Richard Warren) Third Edition 2004; part II (daughters Mary, Anna & Elizabeth) 2011; part III (Abigail, Nathaniel & Joseph) 2001. Names in bold font have mtDNA descendants who have mtDNA tested.

First Generation

Elizabeth Walker Pilgrim Hall Museum Richard and Elizabeth Warren biography is said to have been born at Baldock, Hertfordshire, England before Sep 1583[1] daughter of Augustine Walker.[2] Elizabeth married Richard Warren at Great Amwell, Hertfordshire on 14 Apr 1610. Their children were not baptized at Great Amwell (in fact, no baptismal records can be found for any of them) so it is possible the couple joined the Separatists faith and worshipped in secret with some currently unknown congregation.[3] Richard emigrated alone on the Mayflower in 1620, and Elizabeth (with her daughters) emigrated in 1623 aboard the Anne. They remained at Plymouth, where Richard died in 1628. While Elizabeth survived her husband by almost fifty years, she never remarried and managed her estate independently.[4] She died at Plymouth on 12 Oct 1673[5] and was buried at Burial Hill.[6]

Richard and Elizabeth had seven children; two sons (both born in New Plimoth) and daughters Mary, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth & Abigail (all born in England)[7]

Second Generation

Mary Warren[8] was born about 1611[9] She married at Plymouth about 1630 to Robert Bartlett.[10] They continued to live in Plymouth where Mary died 27 Mar 1683. They had eight children: Benjamin, Rebecca, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, Elizabeth, Lydia and Mercy (b. 1650/1 m. John Joy but only had one son).

Ann(a) Warren[11] was born about 1612[12] She married at Plymouth 19 Apr 1633 to Thomas Little. The family moved to Marshfield where Ann died sometime after 1675/6[13]. Thomas & Ann(a) had nine children: Abigail (c1634-b1660, m. Josiah Keene, only daughter died in infancy), Ruth (c1636-p1675 apparently never married), Hannah (c1638), Patience (c1640), Mercy (c1644), Isaac (c1646), Ephraim (1650), Thomas (c1654) and Samuel (c1656).[14]

Sarah Warren was born before 19 Apr 1613[15] She married at Plymouth 28 Mar 1634 to John Cooke.[16] John and Sarah continued to live in Plymouth until about 1665, when they moved to Dartmouth. Sarah died after 15 Jul 1696[17]. John & Sarah had five daughters: Sarah, Elizabeth, Esther, Mary and Mercy.

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Warren-31 Elizabeth Warren][18] was born about 1616. She married Richard Church before 7 Mar 1635/6. They moved from Plymouth to Nauset (now Eastham) in 1649, then to Charlestown by 1652 but finally settled in Hingham in 1654. Elizabeth died at Hingham 9 Mar 1669/70. Richard & Elizabeth had twelve children: Elizabeth (c1636-1658/9, m. Caleb Hobart but only had 1 son), Joseph (c1638), Benjamin (c1640), Nathaniel (c1642), Charles (c1644), Caleb (c1646), Abigail (1648), Sarah (c1652), https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Church-373 Mary] (d. 1662) and Deborah (bp 1656/7-1690, supp. m. Sylvanus White but only had one son).

Abigail Warren was born about 1619 and died prob Marshfield after 3 Jan 1692/3.[19] She married at Plymouth 8 Nov 1639 to Anthony Snow. The couple moved to Marshfield shortly after their marriage, where they raised their family. They had six children: Lydia (c1640), Josiah (c1645), Abigail (c1649), Sarah (1651), infant son (1655) and Alice (1657).

Third Generation

Rebecca Bartlett was born Plymouth about 1631[20] and died there about 1658.[21] She married there 20 Dec 1649 (Sgt.) William Harlow and they had four children (all born Plymouth): William (1650-1650), Samuel (1652/3), Rebecca (1655) and William (1657).

Mary Bartlett was born Plymouth about 1633[22] and died there 26 Sep 1692. She married twice, first Plymouth 10 Sep 1651 Richard Foster (d. 1657) and second Plymouth 8 Jul 1659 (Lt.) Jonathan Morey (later Mowry). By her first husband (Richard Foster) Mary had two children: Mary (1652, d. young) and Benjamin (c1654). By her second husband (Jonathan Morey) Mary had three children:[23] Jonathan (c1661), John (c1666) and Hannah (c1674).

Sarah Bartlett was born Plymouth about 1636 and died before 1680[24]. She married there 23 Dec 1656 Samuel Rider (II) and had three children: Samuel (1657 d.y.), Mercy (c1665-p1714 unknown if ever married) and John (c1663).

Elizabeth Bartlett was born Plymouth about 1641[25] and died Hingham 17 Feb 1712/3. She married Plymouth 26 Dec 1661 Anthony Sprague and they had eleven children (born Hingham): Anthony (1663), Benjamin (1665), John (1667), Elizabeth (1669-1690 unm.), Samuel (1671/2), Sarah (1674 m. Caleb Bates, apparently only had one son), James (1677/8), Josiah (1680), Jeremiah (1682), Richard (1685), and Matthew (1688).

Lydia Bartlett was born Plymouth 8 Jun 1648 and died there 11 Sep 1691. She married twice, first Plymouth before 14 Jun 1670[26] John Barnaby and second, after 30 Oct 1677[27] John Nelson. By her first husband Lydia had two sons (James and Stephen). She had three more children by her second husband: Samuel (1683), Joanna (bp 1686-d.y.) and Joanna (1689).

Patience Little was born Marshfield about 1639 and died Hingham 25 Oct 1723 ae 84. She married Weymouth 11 Nov 1657 Joseph Jones and they had ten children (born Hingham): John (c1658[28]), Joseph (1660), Benjamin (1662/3), Patience (1665/6-1688/9 unm.), Anna (1667/8), Ruth (1669 unknown if married), Sarah (1671), Ephraim (1673), Mary (1676 unknown if married), Thomas (1679).

Hannah Little was born about 1637[29] and died Scituate 13 May 1710. She married Scituate 16 Jan 1661/2 Stephen Tilden and they had twelve children (born Scituate): Hannah (1662), Stephen (1663/4), Abigail (1666), Mary (1668), Judith (1670), Joseph (1672), Mercy (1674), Ruth (1676), Isaac (1678), Ephraim (1680), Ebenezer (1682) and David (1685).

Mercy Little was born Plymouth about 1645 and buried Marshfield 10 Feb 1693. She married Marshfield 30 Nov 1666 John Sawyer and they had seven children (born Marshfield): ?Luke (1667), Mercy (1668/9), Susanna (1671 no further record), Thomas (1672), Josias (1675), Mary (1677 no further record), Anne (d unmarried 1682).

Sarah Cooke was born about 1635 and died (prob. Dartmouth) after 26 Feb 1712/3. She married Plymouth 20 Nov 1652 [1] Arthur Hathaway and they had seven children: John (1653), Sarah (1655 likely never married), Hannah (c1662), Lydia (c1663), Mary (c1665), Thomas (c1669) and Jonathan (c1672).

Elizabeth Cooke was born Plymouth about 1640 and died Tiverton (now part of RI) 6 Dec 1715. She married Plymouth 28 Dec 1661 Daniel Wilcox and they had eight children: Mary (c1663), Stephen (c1668), John (c1670), Sarah (c1672), Edward (c1675), Thomas, Lydia, Susanna (c1680).

Esther Cooke was born Plymouth 16 Aug 1650 and died Dartmouth 17 Apr 1671. She married about Thomas Taber and they had two children: Thomas (1668) and Esther (1671).

Mary Cooke was born Plymouth 1652 and died about 1712. She married twice, first Phillip Taber and second ____ Davis. She had eight children by her first husband (all born Dartmouth): Mary (1668), Sarah (1671), Lydia (1673), Phillip (1675/6), Abigail (1678 unmarried in 1714/5), Esther (1680), John (1684) and Bethia (1689)

Mercy Cooke was born Plymouth 25 Jul 1656 and died Dartmouth 22 Nov 1733. She married about 1683 Stephen West and they had nine children (all born Dartmouth): Katharine (1684 m. Christopher Turner), Sarah (1686 m. Jacob Taber), Ann (1688 unmarried in 1761), Bartholomew (1690), Amy (1693 m. William Peckham), Stephen (1695), John (1697), Eunice (1699 unknown if married), Lois (1701 unknown if married).

[hhttps://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Church-370 Abigail Church] was born Plymouth 22 Jun 1648 and died Hingham 25 Dec 1677 ae 30. She married Hingham 19 Dec 1666 Samuel Thaxter and they had seven children (all born Hingham): Abigail (1667-1667), Sarah (1668), Abigail (1670-1670/1), David (1672), Mary (1674-1674), John (1675-1675), Samuel (1677-1678).

Sarah Church was born about 1652 and died Bristol (now part of RI) about 1692. She married Hingham 8 Dec 1674 James Burroughs/Burrows and they had four children: James (1677 Boston), Mary (1679 Boston), Elizabeth (c1682), Thomas (1685 Bristol).

Lydia Snow was born Plymouth about 1640 and died Sandwich 13 Mar 1713, aged 74 years.[30] She married before 1666 Stephen Skiffe and they had five children (all born Sandwich): Abigail (1666), Deborah (1668), Mary (1671) Lydia (c1675) and Stephen (1685).

Abigail Snow was born Marshfield about 1648[31] and buried Marshfield 26 Jun 1682. She married Marshfield 12 Dec 1667 Michael Ford and they had six children (all born Marshfield): Lydia (1668), Hannah (1670), William (1672), James (1675), Abigail (1679) and Patience (1682-1682).

Sarah Snow was born Marshfield about Jun 1651 and died Marshfield 11 Sep 1741 aged 90 years & 3 months (gravestone). She married about 1673 Joseph Waterman and they had seven children (all born Marshfield): Sarah (1674), Joseph (1676), Elizabeth (1679), Abigail (1681), Anthony (1684), Bethiah (1687) and Lydia (1689).

Alice Snow was born Marshfield 18 Jan 1657/8 and died about 1702. She married bef. Dec 1681 (Lt.) Robert Barker (III) and they had eight children (all born Duxbury): Abigail (1682 m. William Carr, Michael Wanton & Thomas Rodman. All three children [by second husband] died young), James (1683/4), Caleb (1685), Deborah (1686), Lusanna (1689 prob. never married), Robert (1693), Alice (1695 m. Matthew Estes, only surviving daughter only had 1 son) and Lydia (1697 m. Ebenezer Stetson. Only daughter had no children)

Fourth Generation

Rebecca Harlow was born Plymouth 12 Jun 1655 and died Plympton 3 Sep 1727. She married about 1675 (Rev.) Isaac Cushman and they had (born Plymouth): Isaac (1676), Rebecca (1678 m. (Dea.) Jacob Mitchell), Mary (1682) m. (Dea.) Robert Waterman), Sarah (1684 m. James Bryant), Warren (1685), Ichabod (1686), Ebenezer (1687), Fear (1689 m. William Sturtevant) and Mercy (1692-1693).

Hannah Morey was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) 30 Apr 1673 and died Rochester 12 Jul 1729. She married Rochester before 1695 John Bumpas and they had Jonathan (1695), John (1698), Sarah (1701 m. George White), Mary (1704 m. Seth Ellis), Hannah (1707 m. Josiah Bumpas), Samuel (1709) and Lydia (c1712 m. Nathan Bumpas & Eleazer King but only had one son).

Joanna Nelson was born Plymouth 9 May 1689 and (poss.) died Plympton in Jul 1759 (bur. Hillcrest Cemetery). She (poss.) married William Coomer[32] and they had twelve children: Hannah (c1709 m. Benjamin Weston), Mary (c1712 m. John Wright), Sarah (1713 m Capt. Nathaniel Cushman), Susanna (c1714 m Dea. Ebenezer Soule), Eunice (c1716 m. Dea. Timothy Ripley), Elizabeth (c1721 m. John Ellis), William (1722), Lois (c1722 m Capt. Nathaniel White), Rebecca (1726-1728), Priscilla (1728-1728), Ruth (c1729-c1745) and Joanna (1731/2 m John Bridgham).

Anna Jones was born Hingham 26 Jan 1667/8 and died before 25 Oct 1723. She married Plymouth 5 Dec 1693 Joseph Sturtevant and they had (born Plymouth): Joseph (1695), David (1697), Anna (1699 m. Richard Church), Jonathan (1702), Ephraim (1704) and Mary (1708 m. Prence Snow).

Sarah Jones[2] was born Hingham 12 Sep 1671 and died Plymouth after 10 Jul 1752. She married twice: First Plymouth 22 Nov 1694 John Doty (d. 1701) and second Plymouth 1704 Joseph Peterson [3]. By her first husband (John Doty) Sarah had (born Plymouth): Sarah (1695-b1712), Patience (1697 m. Kenelm Baker) and Desire (1699 m. George Barrow). By her second husband (Joseph Peterson) Sarah had (born Plymouth): Joseph (c1705) and Sarah (c1709 m William MacFarland but neither child ever married).

Hannah Tilden was born Scituate about 14 Oct 1662. She possibly married Marshfield about 1692 William Stephens and they had (born Marshfield): Hannah (1692 m. Benjamin Rider), William (1694), Josiah (1695/6), Lydia (1697 m. Ebenezer Cobb (II)), John (1699), Abigail (1701/2 unknown if married), Bethia (1703 m. Caleb Oldham), Edward (1706), Elizabeth (1708/9 m William Harlow) and Patience (1712 never marr.).

Abigail Tilden was born Scituate 11 Jul 1666 and died there before 22 Oct 1716. She probably married Scituate 24 Dec 1689 Charles Stockbridge and they had (born Scituate): Rachel (1690 m. Thomas Swift), Mercy (1692 m. Nehemiah Randall, they only had two sons), Abigail (1695 m. Gilbert Brooks), Hannah (1698 never married), Ruth (1700 m. Matthew Allin, Esq.), Experience (1704 m. Recompence Tiffany, but no children), Judith (1706-1708) and Charles (1709).

Mary Tilden was born Scituate 7 Apr 1668 and died Lebanon, CT 13 Aug 1724. She married Duxbury 3 Jan 1692/3 James Thomas and they had (born Duxbury): Mary (1693 m. Joseph Langrell), James (1695/6), Hannah (1698 m. Wrestling Brewster, neither daughter married), John (1700), Ebenezer (1703) and Ezekiel (1706).

Judith Tilden was born Marshfield 1 Jun 1670 and died Little Compton (now in RI) 20 Jul 1714. She married Little Compton 27 Jun 1693 William Pabodie (II) and they had (born Little Compton): Elizabeth (1698 m. Edward Gray), John (1700), William (1702), Rebecca (1704 m. (Rev.) Joseph Fish), Priscilla (1706 m. William Wilcox), Judith (1708 m. Benjamin Church), Joseph (1710) and Mary (1712 m. Nathaniel Fish).

Mercy Tilden was born Marshfield 1 May 1674 and died about 1744. She married Marshfield 23 Jul 1701 Benjamin Stockbridge and they had (born Scituate): Elizabeth (1702 m. Amos Turner & Shadrach Keen(e)), Benjamin (1704), Mercy (1707 m [Capt.] Benjamin James) and Charles (1711).

Ruth Tilden was born Scituate 1 Jun 1676 and died there 31 Mar 1755. She married twice: First Scituate 16 Dec 1700 Nathaniel Tilden (d. 1733) and second Scituate 16 Apr 1752 Ebenezer Peirce. She only had children by her first husband (Nathaniel Tilden) (born Scituate): Nathaniel (1701), Benjamin (1705), Ruth (1716 m James Litchfield & Benjamin Bailey) and Elisha (1720).

Mercy Sawyer was born Marshfield 1 Feb 1668/9 and died Hingham about 22 Sep 1729. She married 2 Dec 1686 Anthony Eames and they had seven children (born Marshfield): Mercy (1687 m. (Capt) Joseph Phillips), Jerusha (1688/9 m. Thomas Sa[w]yer), Elizabeth (1690/1-b1726 unm.), Ichabod (1693), Mark (1695), Mary (1698 m. William Sherman, William Hodgden, & Thomas Phillips) and Anthony (1703).

Susanna Sawyer was born Marshfield 27 Jan 1671 and died 1707. She poss. married Salem 20 Nov 1695 Aaron Meservey and they had four children (Salem): William (1694), Susanna (1695 m William Crowell), Aaron (1697), poss. Mary (1702 m Charles Mason) and Abiel (dau. bef 1706, poss. d.y.)

Mary Sawyer was born Marshfield 12 Oct 1677 and died Taunton 22 Sep 1739. She poss. married Taunton 22 Dec 1696 Samuel Crossman and they had nine children (Taunton): Joseph & Samuel (twins, 1697), Robert (1699), Barnabas (1701), Gabriel (1702), Thomas (1704), Sarah (1704 m William Hoskins/Haskins), Phineas (1707) and Theophilus (1709).

Hannah Hathaway was born Dartmouth 1662 and died there before 14 Mar 1749. She married before 1685 George Cadman and they had Elizabeth (1685 m. William White).

Lydia Hathaway was born Dartmouth about 1663 and died Newport, RI 23 Jun 1714. She married Portsmouth, RI 1676 James Sisson and they had twelve children: Richard (1682), James (c1685), Sarah (1687 m. William Deuel/Devol etc.), Jonathan (1689), Philip (1690), Thomas (1692 d.y.), Content (1694 m. Stephen Peckham), Hannah (1698-b1706), Rebecca (1700 m. John West), Thomas (1702), John (1702) and Hannah (1706 unk. if married).

Mary Hathaway was born Dartmouth about 1665 and died Rochester 6 Jan 1735. She married about 1681 Samuel Hammond and they had Benjamin (1682), Seth (1683), Rosamond (1684 m. John Spooner), Samuel (1685), Thomas (1687), Josiah (1692), Barnabas (1694), Maria (1697 m. David Clark), John (1701), Jedediah (1703) and Margaret (m. Paul Williams).

Mary Wilcox was born Portsmouth, RI 25 Feb 1662/3 and died Tiverton (now part of RI) 28 May 1735. She married about 1686 John Earle and they had (born Portsmouth): John (1687), Daniel (1688), Benjamin (1691), Mary (1693 unk. if married), Rebecca (1695 unk. if married) and Elizabeth (1699 m. John Westgate & (Capt.) John Adams).

Sarah Wilcox was born about 1672 and died Tiverton, RI 13 Apr 1751. She married by 1693 Edward Briggs and they had (born Tiverton): Deborah (1693, unk. if married), Hannah (1698 m. Benjamin Howard), Walter (1701), Josiah (1703) and Charles (1711).

Lydia Wilcox was born Tiverton (now part of RI) 1679 and died South Kingstown, RI in 1756. She married twice: First Thomas Sherman (d. 1719) and second, Thomas Potter (no children). By her first husband (Thomas Sherman) Lydia had at least Josiah (1702)

Susanna Wilcox was born Portsmouth, RI about 1680. She married before 1715 Jonathan Head and had at least: Joseph (1715) and (poss.) James.

Esther Taber was born Dartmouth 17 Apr 1671 and died Sandwich (now Bourne) 14 Jan 1749/50. She married before 1690 Samuel Perry and they had (born Sandwich, now Bourne): Elizabeth (1690 m. Peleg Barlow), Deborah (1692 m. Samuel Jennings), Thomas (1694), Sarah (1696 unk. if married), Rebecca (1698 unk. if married), Nathan (1701), Mary (1702 m. John Freeman), Ebenezer (1705), Seth (1707) and Mercy (1710 unk. if married).

Mary Taber was born Dartmouth 28 Jan 1667/8 and died Swansea 27 Apr 1720. She married Thomas Earle and they had Mary (c1690 m. Elisha Baker), Oliver (1694), Thomas (1696), William (1698), Sarah (C1704 unk. if married), Lydia (C1708 unk. if married) and Rebecca (C1711 unk. if married)

Sarah Taber was born Dartmouth 26 Mar 1671 and died Tiverton (now in RI) 24 Feb 1731/2. She married Portsmouth, RI about 1692 Thomas Cory and they had (born Tiverton, now in RI): William (1692/3), Mary (1696/7 m. Thomas Durfee), Thomas (1699/1700), Philip (1705) and Sarah (1712 m. ___ Brown).

Lydia Taber was born Dartmouth 28 Sep 1673 and died there after 23 Mar 1754. She married Dartmouth 13 Dec 1693 Joseph Mosher and they had (born Dartmouth): Rebecca (1695 m. Daniel Tripp), Philip (1697), Jonathan (1698/9), Joseph (1701), James (1704), Ruth (1707 m. William Tripp), Benjamin (1708/9), William (1713) and Lydia (c1717 m. Timothy Davol/Deuel etc.).

Esther Taber was born Dartmouth 23 Feb 1680. She married Little Compton (now in RI) 15 Nov 1698 Thomas Brownell and they had (born Little Compton): Joseph (1698/9), Elizabeth (1700 m. Job Nichols), Thomas (1702), Sarah (1704 unk. if married), Esther (1706 m ___ Tefft), Content (1708 m. Richard Cornell) and Rebecca (1710 unk. if married)

Bethiah Taber was born Dartmouth 18 Apr 1689 and died there about 1758. She married Dartmouth 1 Sep 1711 John Macomber and they had (born Dartmouth): Philip (1712), Mercy (1714 m. Josiah Clossen), Mary (1715 unk. if married), Abial (1717 unk. if married), John (1719/20), William (1721/2) and Job (1722/3).

Sarah Thaxter was born Hingham 16 Nov 1668 and died there after 4 Jul 1720. She married Hingham 25 Mar 1691 Peter Dunbar and they had ten children (born Hingham): Abigail (1691 m. Joshua Fobes), Sarah (1693 m. Thomas Alger), James (1694), Leah (1697-1699), Elisha (1699), Peter (1701), Samuel (1704), Josiah (1706), John (1709) and David (1711).

Mary Burroughs/Burrows was born Boston about 30 Oct 1679. She poss.[33] married Thomas Oakley and they had at least one daughter (born New York, NY): Mary (c1702 m. Enoch Anderson (II)).[34]

Elizabeth Burroughs/Burrows was born about 1682. She was a servant of Ens. Joseph Kent of Swanzey (Swansea) where she died before 7 Aug 1699 shortly after giving birth to an illegitimate child by Will Humphrey (a black servant). It is unknown if the child survived or whether it was male or female.

Abigail Skiff was born Sandwich 2 May 1666 and died Chilmark 7 Jun 1718. She married Sandwich 3 Dec 1684 Shubael Smith and they had (born Sandwich): Lydia (1685 m. James Skiffe), Dorcas (1686/7 m. Benjamin Burgess), Remember (1688/9 m. Samuel Jennings), Abigail (1691/2 m. Barnabas Gibbs) and Shubael (1692/3).

Deborah Skiff was born Sandwich 14 Jul 1668 and died Edgartown 11 Mar 1742. She married Stephen Presbury and they had: Kezia[35] (1687 m. Edmund Freeman (IV)), Mary (1694 m. Thomas West), Keturah (1696 unk. if married), Dorcas (1698 m. Elisha Wollen), John (1700), Abigail (c1703 m. Ebenezer Perry), Drusilla (1708 m. Thomas West), Content (1711 m. Stephen Luce) and Sarah (1713 m. Timothy Luce).

Mary Skiff was born Sandwich 13 Nov 1671 and died there 12 Mar 1710/1. She married about 1691 (Hon.) John Chipman (II) and they had (born Sandwich): John (1692), James (1694), John (1697), Bethiah (1699 m. Samuel Smith), Mary (1699 m. Shubael Smith), Peter (1702), Deborah (1704 m. Nicholas Nickerson & Seth Bangs), Stephen (1708), Lydia (1708 m. Zephaniah Swift) and Ebenezer (1709)

Lydia Skiff was born Sandwich about 1675 and died there 10 Apr 1734. She married John Blackwell (II) and they had: Caleb (1699), Nathaniel (1701) and Lydia (1716 m. Moses Cushing).

Lydia Ford was born Marshfield 11 Feb 1668 and died there 5 Nov 1697. She married Marshfield 1691 Experience Branch and they had Abigail (1693 m. William Carver (II)), Deborah (1694-1696) and Thomas (1695).

Hannah Ford was born Marshfield 19 Oct 1670 and died about 1706. She married[36] Plymouth 13 Dec 1704 (Dea.) Samuel Nelson and they had four children (born Plymouth): Hannah (1707), John (1712), Samuel (1714-1724) and Sarah (1716).

Abigail Ford was born Marshfield 1679 and died after 1741 in Little Compton (now part of RI). She married Little Compton 8 Dec 1698 Jonathan Grinnell and they had: Hope (1699), Patience, Sarah (1703), Daniel (1705), Mary (1708/9), Jonathan (1710/1), Stephen (1715), Richard (1716), Rebecca (1718) and Charlotte (1721).

Sarah Waterman was born Marshfield 4 May 1674 and died there 25 Apr 1758. She married before 1700[37] Solomon Hewitt and they had eight children (all born Marshfield): John (1700), Joseph (1702), Abigail (1704-1709), James (1706), Sarah (1708-1777, m. Eleazer Hyde & John Birchard), infant son (1711), Mercy (1712-1761, m. Gershom Thomas) and Lydia (1715-1760, m. Robert Roath).

Elizabeth Waterman was born Marshfield 7 Sep 1679 and died there in Oct 1708. She married Marshfield 28 Dec 1699 Ichabod Bartlett and they had four children (born Marshfield): Josiah (1701), Nathaniel (1703), Joseph (1706) and Elizabeth (1708-1755, m. James Ford [II]).

Abigail Waterman was born Marshfield 31 Dec 1681 and died there 15 Aug 1729. She married Marshfield 1703 Kenelm Winslow and they had seven children (born Marshfield): Sarah (1704-1770, m. Tobias Paine & Samuel Smith [II]), Abigail (1707-1776, m. Isaiah Lewis), Nathaniel (1709), Faith (1712-b1765, m. William Taylor), Kenelm (1716), Eleanor (1718-1719) and Joseph (1724).

Bethiah Waterman was born Marshfield 20 Aug 1687 and died Boston 28 Nov 1746. She married Marshfield 20 Feb 1710/1 Samuel Doggett and they had eight children: Amos (1710), Lydia (1712-1790 m. Samuel Clift), Zilpha (1714, no further record), Sarah (1716-1794 m. Edward Oakman), Bethiah (c1718-p1785 m. Robert Kinsman [II] but no children), Samuel (1720), Joseph (1722) and Noah (1727).

Lydia Waterman was born Marshfield 20 Feb 1689 and died there 17 Jan 1750. She married Marshfield 23 Dec 1714 John Thomas and they had seven children (born Marshfield): Zerviah (1715 m. James Bradford), Ann (1717-1723), Anthony (1719), Lydia (1721 m. Joseph Kent), John (1724), Sarah (1726 m. Jeremiah Kinsman) and Keziah (1730-1751 unm.)

Deborah Barker was born Duxbury 7 Nov 1686 and died Plymouth 7 Oct 1736. She married twice, first Duxbury 13 Feb 1706/7 Prince Howland (d. 1713), and second Pembroke 15 Mar 1719/20 Benjamin Keen. By her first husband she had two children: Robert (1707 Duxbury) and Alice (1709 Marshfield, m. Hezekiah Keen[e] [II]). By her second husband, she had four children: Deborah (c1721 never married), Abigail (1722 m. Prince Barker), Lusanna (1722-1747 m. Paul Nies but appar. no children), and Benjamin (1724).

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  28. Named in grandfather's 1671 will
  29. Second sister in 1675/6 will of brother, Thomas. HOWEVER, this would make her about 48 when her youngest child was born. It is possible she was born abt 1642, and aged about 19 when married and about 43 when last child born. The MF5G 18 (Warren) part 1 p. 20 #18 has born ca 1637 which seems too early.
  30. Gravestone Town Vital Records have 13 Mar 1711, but it is a copy of the original record, so more prone to errors.
  31. Estimate, based on married in Dec 1667.
  32. There is no PROOF regarding the maiden surname of Joanna, wife of William Coomer.
  33. This marriage is NOT found in MF5G 18(Warren) Part 1.
  34. Alternatively, she may have married first Boston 13 Jul 1693 Michael Homer and second Cambridge 5 Feb 1699/700 Christopher Hall and had two sons by her second husband.
  35. more likely an illegitimate daughter of Deborah born before she married Stephen Presbury.
  36. Several Sources state she married Joseph Rose (II) and had a couple of children. This marriage is not included in the Richard Warren "Silver Book".
  37. First child born Marshfield 16 Sep 1700.

mtDNA Results H1j10a [1]

The FTDNA Mayflower Project and the Elizabeth WALKER Warren mtDNA Lineage Project documents six matrilineal (all female line) descendants of Elizabeth (Walker) Warren. All six have been assigned to the H1j haplogroup, but the YFull mtDNA tree has futher refined the clade to H1j10a.[2]

As of 30 June 2022, FTDNA documents a total of 29 individuals who have taken a Full mtDNA test and are exact mtDNA matches to most[3] of the known matrilineal descendants of Elizabeth WALKER Warren. As such, the H1j10a haplogroup is not limited to matrilineal descendants of Elizabeth WALKER Warren, but it is believed they all likely descend from a matrilineal ancestor of Elizabeth. Thus the H1j10a Haplogroup in and of itself cannot be used to conclusively identify a matrilineal line from Elizabeth, but all of Elizabeth's matrilineal descendants must fall under this haplogroup (with the possibility of additional mutations).


Currently, the four individuals in YFull's mtDNA tree who fall under H1j10, but are not H1j10a are all from Spain.[4] As such it may be possible where a matrilineal ancestor of Elizabeth had emigrated from Spain to England. Given this, it may be possible where Elizabeth Walker, wife of Richard Warren was a matrilineal descendant of Eleanor of Castille (c1240-1289) who married future King Edward I of England. While it is impossible to trace Elizabeth's matrilineal ancestry (we don't even know the given OR surname for her mother), it may be possible (but a Herculean task) to trace a living matrilineal descendant of Eleanor and have them take a mtDNA test.

  1. From YFull mtDNA tree
  2. Family Tree DNA is currently undertaking a "Million Mito Project" hoping to gather over half a million Full mtDNA results and redraw the mtDNA tree.
  3. One known descendant has an additional mutation, a heteroplasmy at location G15884R (G and A)
  4. This includes one ancient DNA remain.

DNA tested lines

As of 1 Jan 2023 there are eight currently known matrilineal descendants posted at the FTDNA Mayflower Project and the Elizabeth WALKER Warren mtDNA Lineage Project Six are descended from Elizabeth's daughter, Sarah WARREN Cooke, and Sarah's daughter, Mary COOKE Taber, while the seventh is descended from Ann WARREN Little and the eighth from Mary WARREN Bartlett. Anyone who is a matrilineal descendant of Elizabeth (Walker) Warren and has mtDNA tested is encouraged to join this mtDNA lineage project.

 Elizabeth Walker (1583-1673)
   Mary Warren (c1610-1683)
     Rebecca Bartlett (c1631-1658)
       Rebecca Harlow (1655-1727)
         Rebecca Cushman (1678-1756)
           Lydia Mitchell (1710-c1751)
             Joanna Pope (1731-1814)
               Rebecca Terry (1749-1828)
                 Joanna Sampson (1775-1863)
                   Mary "Polly" White (1808-b1834)
                     Minerva Lawrence Evans (1835-1914)
                       Caroline "Carrie" Lydia Sharp (1861-1913)
                         Ethel Mae Chapman (1887-1923)
                           mother of tester  
   Ann Warren (1611-1675)
     Mercy Little (1645-1693)
       Mercy Sawyer (1666-1729)
         Mary Eames (1698-1747)
           Lydia Phillips (1727-1762)
             Mehitable Cary (1751-1799)
               Susanna Allen (1774-1821)
                 Clarissa Snell (1797-1820)
                   Clarissa S. Patrick (1819-1896)
                     Clara Nellie McBride (1856-1903)
                       Stella Cornelia Frint (1880-1908)
                         Mae Belle Golden (1906-2004)
                           mother of tester   
   Sarah Warren (1614-1696)
     Mary Cooke (1651-1708)
       Sarah Taber (1671-1732)
         Sarah Cory (1712-1760)
           Patience Brown (c1740-1832)
             Abigail Durfee (1765-1839)
               Hope S. Stafford (1787-1858)
                 Hope Ann Manchester (1832-1920)
                   Angeline H. Wilcox (1868-1929)
                     Gertrude I. Grinnell (1902-    )
                       mother of tester
               Abigail Stafford (1802-1882)
                 Abbie Jane Watts (1836-1890)
                   Lillian Chapin Parmenter (1868-1929)
                     Beatrice Evelyn Springer (1897-1970)
                       mother of tester  
           Mary Burrington (1755-1844)
             Mary Durfee (1776-1816)
               Mary Hall (1810-1880)
                 Marion S. Lamb (1838-1905)
                   Lenora Bronson (1871-1912)
                     Maude Crandall (1890s-1980s)
       Lydia Taber (1673-1754)
         Lydia Mosher (1717-p1760)
           Hannah Deuel (1753-c1841)
             Lydia Griffith (1775-1854)
               Phebe Minerva Dixon (1809-1896)
                 Minerva Phoebe Harrington (1837-1907)
                   Annie Minerva Mead (1875-1955)
                     Ruth Mead Fertig (1903-1964)
       Esther Taber (1680-1713/4)
         Esther Brownell (1706-p1778)
           Ruth Tefft (1739-1806)
             Mary Kenyon (1768-1858)
               Esther Terry (1787-1865)
                 Atlana Barber (1824-1887)
                   Emma Lunette Hoag (1848-1937)
                     Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lunette Smith (1872-1932)

Allied Families

The following families are connected to John Howland via marriage to descendants:

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