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Status summary

Completed as of March 23, 2021:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line Arthur Hathaway descendants for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Still to do as of March 23, 2021

  • NGS/WGS test multiple descendants of Arthur Hathaway to firmly place family clade as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

Arthur Hathaway was born in England, son of Arthur. Father and son both emigrated to Plymouth about 1630. The son married Duxbury 20 Nov 1652 Sarah Cooke, daughter of John Cooke & Sarah Warren and he died Dartmouth 11 Dec 1711. Arthur and Sarah had seven children (first two born Duxbury, other five born Darmouth): John (1653), Sarah (1655/6), Hannah (1662), Lydia (1663), Mary (1665), Thomas (c1668) and Jonathan (1671).

Second Generation

John Hathaway was born Duxbury 17 Sep 1653 and died Dartmouth between 11 Jul - 18 Aug 1732. He married twice, first Dartmouth 1682/3 Joanna Pope and second Patience Hunnewell. By his first wife John had six children (born Dartmouth): Sarah (1683/4), Joanna (1685/6), John (1687/8), Arthur (1690), Hannah (1691/2) and Mary (1694). By his second wife, he had ten more children (born Dartmouth): Jonathan (1697), Richard (1699), Thomas (1700-b1732 unm), Hunnewell (1703), Abiall (son 1705-p1757 m Mary Taber, no ch.), Elizabeth (1708), Patience (1710), Benjamin (1711/2), James (1713/4) and Ebenezer (1717).

Thomas Hathaway was born Dartmouth about 1667 and died there Feb 1748. He married abt 1697 Hepsibeth Starbuck and they had nine children (born Dartmouth): Antipas (son 1698), Apphia (1701), Parnal (1703-1715), Elizabeth (1706), Mary (1709), Thomas (1711 m Lois Taber but no surv. ch.), Nathaniel (1715 likely dy), Hepzibah (1717/8) and Jethro (1720).

Jonathan Hathaway was born Dartmouth abt 1672 and died there 17 Sep 1727 in his 56th year. He married Dartmouth 31 Dec 1701 Susanna Pope and they had ten children (born Dartmouth): Elizabeth (1703-1703), Abigail (1704), Gamaliel (1707), Hannah (1709), Seth (1711), Deborah (1713), Jonathan (1715), Silas (1717 unm), Elnathan (1719/20) and Paul (1722-1722/3).

Third Generation

John Hathaway (II) was born Dartmouth 1687/8 and died Dartmouth in 1739. He married Sandwich 18 Nov 1714 Alice Landers and they had six children (born Dartmouth): Joanna (1715), John (1717), Josiah (1719), Zephaniah (1722), Rachel (1726) and Alice (1728/9).

Arthur Hathaway was born Dartmouth 3 Apr 1690 and died prob. Rochester aft 1733. He married twice, first abt 1711 Maria Luce and second, Rochester Dec 1718 Martha Ewen. By his first wife, he had two children (Dartmouth): Simon (1711) and Joanna (1713). By his second wife he had five children (Rochester): Salathiel (1719), Loruhamer (1721), Benoni (1724-1726), Mary (1726) and Thomas (1731).

Jonathan Hathaway was born Dartmouth 23 Jun 1697 and died there 11 May 1759. He married Sandwich 15 Jun 1721 Abigail Nye and they had eight children (Dartmouth): Sylvanus (1721), Remember (1724), Zerviah (1726), Jonathan (1729), Thomas (1731), Isaac (1733), Abigail (1735/6) and Phillip (1740).

Richard Hathaway was born Dartmouth 21 May 1699 and died aft Aug 1781. He married Dartmouth 1 Apr 1725 Deborah Doty (a descendant of Edward Doty) and they had two children (Dartmouth): Caleb (1726) and Eunice (1730).

Hunnewell Hathaway was born Dartmouth 21 Apr 1703 and died there in 1772. He married Nantucket 5 Oct 1731 Mary Worth and they had eight children (Dartmouth): William (1733/4 m Ruth Barker), Anna (1735/6), Lydia (1738), Obed (1740), Hunnewell (1743), James (1747), Richard (1750 m Sarah Hathaway) and Paul (1755).

Benjamin Hathaway was born Dartmouth 10 Jan 1712 and died there abt 1787. He married twice, first Little Compton (now in RI) 29 Mar 1736 Elizabeth Richmond and second, (int Dartmouth 10 Apr 1750) Mary Hicks. By his first wife he had seven children (Dartmouth): infant son (1737), Seth (1738), Benjamin (1739-1748), Patience (1741), Phebe (1742), Elizabeth (1744) and Edward (1747). By his second wife he had four more children (Dartmouth): Margaret (1751), Joseph (twin 1752), Benjamin (twin 1752) and Elihu (1756).

James Hathaway was born Dartmouth 24 Jan 1713/4 and died in DE abt 1765. He married abt 1739 Agnes Burton and they had four children (DE): Woolsey (1741 m Mary Walker & Agnes Boyce), Burton, James (1747) and Patience.

Ebenezer Hathaway was born Dartmouth 12 May 1717 and died there bef Sep 1759. He married Dartmouth 10 Sep 1741 Ruth Hatch and they had seven children (Dartmouth): Lucy (1742), Samuel (1744), James (1747), Ebenezer (1749), Abiah (1751), Ruth (1754) and Timothy (1756).

Antipas Hathaway was born Dartmouth 5 Oct 1698 and died in 1778. He married Freetown 13 Sep 1728 Patience COOK Church and they had three children: Paul (1730), Martha (1734) and Nathaniel (1738/9 m Elizabeth Pierce).

Jethro Hathaway was born Dartmouth 31 Jul 1720 and died New Bedford 15 Jun 1803. He married twice, first Dartmouth 3 Sep 1741 Hannah West (a descendant of Francis Cooke) and second, New Bedford 8 Jul 1792 Mary ?Weaver Hudson (no children). Prior to his first marriage, he was accused by Charity Waste of being the father of her child Lemuel (1737/8 m Prudence Hogkins). By his first wife he had four children (Dartmouth): Hepsibah (1742), Stephen (1743 m Abigail Smith), George (1746-1746) and Clark (1747 m Lois Akins).

Gamaliel Hathaway was born Dartmouth 10 Oct 1707 and died New Bedford 28 May 1796. He married in Dartmouth 16 Jun 1736 Hannah Hillman and they had four children (Dartmouth): Obed (1737 m Rhoda Mosher), Eleazer (1739 m Alice Pope), Anna (1741) and Micah (1743 m Mary Myricks).

(Lt.) Seth Hathaway was born Dartmouth 17 Aug 1711 and died there 11 May 1783. He married Dartmouth 24 Nov 1743 Hannah Willis and they had five children (Dartmouth): Samuel (1744), Mercy (1747), Lucretia (1751), Desire (1752) and Hannah (1757).

Jonathan Hathaway (II) was born Dartmouth 17 Oct 1715 and died there 23 May 1783. He married Dartmouth 31 Jul 1746 Bridget Delano (a descendant of Richard Warren) and they had eight children (Dartmouth): Robert (1747), Susanna (1749), Paul (1751), Issacher (1754 likely dy), Arthur (1756), Elizabeth (1759), Jonathan (1762 likely dy) and Nathaniel (1765).

Elnathan Hathaway was born Dartmouth 16 Jan 1719/20 and died there 25 Feb 1809. He married 25 Mar 1742 Esther Spooner and they had four children (Dartmouth): Silas (1742 m Mary Griffith), Lot (1744 m Abigail Howland), Samuel (1747 m Margaret Reed) and Rebecca (1749).

DNA results JFS0263

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Hathaway Y-DNA Project Group: R-U198 "type G" documented at least one Y-DNA descendant of Arthur Hathaway, who apparently has taken a Big Y test. He has been assigned to: R-U106>>Z381>>U198>S15627>DF89>FGC12305>PH1254>FGC12307>FGC48449>JFS0004>FGC48444>FGC78280>FGC48445>JFS0058>JFS0263

We need additional Y-DNA descendants of Arthur Hathaway to take a NGS/WGS test to confirm the lineage as well as likely further refine the haplogroup assignment.

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