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As of September 25, 2020

  • Page created for Elizabeth (Walker) Warren
  • mtDNA results from Mayflower DNA Project
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Elizabeth (Walker) Warren. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)


First Generation

Elizabeth is said to have been baptized at Baldock, Hertfordshire, England in Sep 1583[1] the daughter of Augustine Walker.[2] Elizabeth married Richard Warren at Great Amwell, Hertfordshire on 14 Apr 1610.[3] Their children were not baptized at Great Amwell (in fact, no baptismal records can be found for any of them) so it is possible the couple joined the Separatists faith and worshipped in secret with some currently unknown congregation.[4] Richard emigrated alone in 1620, and Elizabeth (with her daughters) emigrated in 1623 aboard the Anne. They remained at Plymouth, where Richard died in 1628. While Elizabeth survived her husband by almost fifty years, she never remarried and managed her estate independently.[5] She died at Plymouth on 12 Oct 1673[6] and was buried at Burial Hill.[7]

Richard and Elizabeth had seven children; two sons (both born in New Plimouth) and daughters Mary, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth & Abigail (all born in England)[8]

Second Generation

Mary Warren[9] was born about 1611[10] She married at Plymouth about 1630 to Robert Bartlett.[11] They continued to live in Plymouth where Mary died 27 Mar 1683. They had eight children; two sons and six daughters (Rebecca [c1631-c1658, m. Sgt. William Harlow], Mary [c1633-1692, m. Lt. Jonathan Morey & Richard Foster], Sarah [c1636-b1680, m. Samuel Rider (II)], Elizabeth [c1641-1712/3, m. Anthony Sprague], Lydia [1648-1691, m. John Nelson & James Barnaby] and Mercy [1650/1- , m. John Joy but only had one son]).

Ann Warren[12] was born about 1612[13] She married at Plymouth 19 Apr 1633 to Thomas Little. The family moved to Marshfield where Ann died sometime after 19 Feb 1675/6. Thomas & Ann had nine children; 4 sons and five daughters (Abigail [c1635-b1660, m. Josiah Keene, only daughter died in infancy], Patience [1639-1723, m. Joseph Jones], Ruth [apparently never married], Hannah [c1641-1710, m. Stephen Tilden], and Mercy [c1645-b1693, m. John Sawyer]).[14]

Sarah Warren was born before 19 Apr 1613[15] She married at Plymouth 28 Mar 1634 to John Cooke.[16] John and Sarah continued to live in Plymouth until about 1665, when they moved to Dartmouth. Sarah died 25 Jul 1696. John & Sarah had five daughters; Sarah [c1635-p1713, m. Arthur Hathaway], Elizabeth [c1640-1715, m. Daniel Wilcox], Esther [1650-c1672, m. Thomas Taber], Mary [1652-c1712, m. ____ Davis & Phillip Taber] and Mercy [1656-1733, m. Stephen West].

Elizabeth Warren[17] was born about 1616. She married Richard Church before 7 Mar 1636/7. They moved from Plymouth to Nauset (now Eastham) in 1649, then to Charlestown by 1652 but finally settled in Hingham in 1654. Elizabeth died at Hingham 9 Mar 1669/70. Richard & Elizabeth had ten children; five sons and five daughters (Elizabeth [c1636-1658/9, m. Caleb Hobart but only had 1 son], Abigail [1648-1677, m. Samuel Thaxter], Sarah [c1652-c1692, m. James Burroughs/Burrows], Mary [died young] & Deborah [b 1657-1690, supp. m. Sylvanus White but only had one son]).

Abigail Warren was born about 1619. She married at Plymouth 8 Nov 1639 to Anthony Snow. The couple moved to Marshfield shortly after their marriage, where they raised their family. Abigail died at Marshfield 12 Nov 1692. They had six children; two sons (one died in infancy) and four daughters (Lydia [1639-1711, m. Stephen Skiff], Abigail [c1648-b1682, m. Michael Ford], Sarah [1651-1741, m. Joseph Waterman & Alice [1657-c1702, m. Lt. Robert Barker (III)]).

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mtDNA Results H1j

The FTDNA Mayflower Project documents four mtDNA descendants of Elizabeth (Walker) Warren. All four have been assigned to the H1j haplogroup with the following HVR (Hyper Variable Regions aka Control Regions) mutations (from the RSRS): A16129G, T16187C, C16189T, T16223C, G16230A, T16278C, C16311T and G73A, C146T, C152T, C195T, A247G, 522.1A, 522.2C, 309.1C, 315.1C. According to Haplogroup.org the H1j haplogroup originated roughly 7,500 years ago, so it is a VERY ancient clade. Most H1j individuals would not be mtDNA descendants of Elizabeth, but all mtDNA descendants of Elizabeth must fall under H1j.[1]

Thus mtDNA testing cannot solely be used to conclusively prove someone was a mtDNA descendant of Elizabeth (Walker) Warren, but it can be used to conclusively disprove such a relationship. In addition, mtDNA testing can be used to support a conclusion about a line being descended from Elizabeth, but additional evidence is also needed.

  1. It is possible some of her mtDNA descendants may have picked up an additional mutation or two, which includes the possibility of a back mutation.

DNA tested lines

Of the four known living mtDNA descendants posted at the FTDNA Mayflower Project currently only one of the lineages is known. Anyone else who is an umbilical/mtDNA descendant of Elizabeth (Walker) Warren is encouraged to contact Raymond Wing (email: wing DOT genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

 Elizabeth Walker (1583-1673)
   Sarah Warren (1614-1696)
     Mary Cooke (1651-1708)
       Esther Taber (1680-1713/4)
         Esther Brownell (1706-p1778)
           Ruth Tefft (1739-1806)
             Mary Kenyon (1768-1858)
               Esther Terry (1787-1865)
                 Atlana Barber (1824-1887)
                   Emma Lunette Hoag (1848-1937)
                     Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lunette Smith (1872-1932)

Allied Families

The following families are connected to John Howland via marriage to descendants:

Robert Bartlett married Mary Warren.

Thomas Little married Ann Warren.

Richard Church married Elizabeth Warren.

Anthony Snow married Abigail Warren (no living Y-DNA descendants).

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