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Status summary

Completed as of October 1, 2020:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line Robert Bartlett descendants for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)
  • Y-SNP tested to P312>>U152>Z56>BY3548>Z43>Z145>BY1823>BY28794>PF6582>PF6577>BY3953>BY142576 (with some descendants falling under BY142576>BY166945)


First Generation

Robert Bartlett was born about 1602.[1] His first known record is his emigration to New Plimouth Colony in 1623 aboard the Anne. Robert married about 1630 to Mary Warren, who also came to New Plimouth Colony aboard the Anne. They continued to live in Plymouth, where Robert wrote his will 19 Sep 1676, which was probated 29 Oct 1676. His wife, Mary, survived him, and her last known record was in 1677. A 1683 record by her sons called her then deceased.

Robert and Mary had eight children; six daughters and two sons (Benjamin and Joseph)

Second Generation

Benjamin Bartlett was born Plymouth before 1633[2] and died Duxbury 28 Aug 1691. He married three times, but it is believed all of his children were by his second wife. He first married bef Apr 1654, Susanna Jenney who died bef 18 Aug 1655. He married second 1656, Sarah Brewster, daughter of Love Brewster and granddaughter of (Elder) William Brewster. He married third, bef 21 Jan 1678 to Cecilia _____ (she survived her husband). Benjamin had six children; two daughters and four sons (Benjamin, Samuel, Ebenezer and Ichabod)

Joseph Bartlett was born in Plymouth about 1639 and died at Plymouth (Manomet) 18 Feb 1711[/2] "in ye 73d Year of his Age.[3] He married Plymouth about 1662 Hannah Pope who was born 17 Aug 1639. Joseph and Hannah had five children; one daughter and four sons (Ebenezer/Robert, Elnathan, Joseph & Benjamin)

  1. While various sources state Robert was probably baptized at Puddletown, Dorset, England 27 May 1603, the Society of the Descendants of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, Massachusetts biography for Robert stated "DNA research does not substantiate this conclusion at this time." However, this compiler does not see any English Bartletts in the project to support this claim.
  2. He was admitted Freeman 6 Jun 1654, and must have then been at least aged 21.
  3. Gravestone

DNA results R-BY142576

Previous Y-DNA testing

As of 1 October 2020, the Bartlett DNA Project Subgroup: "RF Plymouth, MA & TN" has 28 individuals, all who are close STR matches with each other and 10 individuals stating their Most Distant Known Paternal Ancestor (MDKPA) was Richard Bartlett. Six individuals descended from Robert Bartlett have apparently taken a Big Y test and four of these individuals show P312>>U152>Z56>BY3548>Z43>Z145>BY1823>BY28794>PF6582>PF6577>BY3953>BY142576 as their haplogroup, with the other two showing BY166945 (a subclade of BY142576) as their haplogroup.

NGS/WGS testing

Several individuals in the Bartlett DNA Project have undergone Big Y testing. There are several individuals who have not been able to trace their "paper trail" back to Robert Bartlett, but whose Big Y test results clearly indicate where they do in fact descend in a Y-DNA line from Robert. These individuals are not currently listed on the below chart, but efforts will continue on attempting to place them.

Lines of Y-DNA tested individuals

The following diagram lists those Y-DNA descendants of Robert Barlett who have done Y-DNA testing. Those individuals in Bold text have taken a NGS/WGS test (like the Big Y or Y-Elite) and those individuals in Italic text are individual's whose DNA results show they are not a Y-DNA descendant of Robert Bartlett. The other individuals have taken either Y-STR and/or Y-SNP testing, but have not taken any NGS/WGS test.

 Robert1 (1603 ENG - 1676 PC)
   Benjamin2 (1633 PC - c1691)
     Samuel3 (1660 - bef 1713)
       Samuel (II)4 (1691 - 1750 MA)
         Samuel (III)5 (1726 - 1780)
           John6 (1760 NC -      )
           Nathaniel6 (1769 MA -      )
     Ichabod3 (1661        )
       Josiah4 (1701 MA - 1782 CT)
       Joseph4 (1706 MA - 1783 MA)
         John5 (1748 MA - 1820 MA)
           Joseph Shurtleff B.6 (1796 MA - 1875 KY)
             John Porter B.7 (1829 TN - 1878 AR)
               Joseph Anson B.8 (1857 AR -      )
               John Columbus Porter B.8 (1862 AR -       )
     Ebenezer3 (c1670 - 1698)
       Ebenezer (II)4 (1694   -       )
   Joseph2 (1639 PC - 1712 MA)
     Joseph (II)3 (1665 PC - 1703   )
       Joseph (III)4 (1693   - 1756   )
         Sylvanus5 (1719    - 1811   ) 
           Sylvanus (II)6 (1756    - 1829   )
         Zaccheus5 (1724/5    - 1800 MA)
           Joseph6 (1762    -1834 MA)
             Joseph B.7 (1784 MA -1854 NY)
               George8 (1822 NY - 1905 NY)
                 Franklin James B.9 (1868 NY - 1952 NY)
                   Ellis Rawson B.10 (1902 NY - 1970 NY)
     Benjamin3 (1679    - 1716/7   )
       Nathaniel4 (1703   - bef 1776   )

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