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Status summary

Completed as of February 22, 2023:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (all female-line) descendants of Hannah, wife of Ebenezer Bartlett and Thomas Delano for full mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

A tentative identification of the birth and parentage of Hannah, wife of Ebenezer Bartlett and Thomas Delano (II), has been theorized. John Bryant of Plymouth married Abigail Bryant and they had a daughter Hannah, born Plymouth 2 Dec 1668. Hannah married twice, first Duxbury abt 1693 Ebenezer Bartlett (no daughters). The probate of Ebenezer's estate named the widow as administrator, and a John Bryant Sr. and Samuel Bartlett posted her administrator's bond. Hannah married second, Duxbury 24 Oct 1698 Thomas Delano (II) and they had five children (Duxbury): Elkanah (1700), Thomas (c1702), Deborah (1704), Barzilla (c1706) and Mary (1717).

Second Generation

Deborah Delano was born Duxbry 1704 and died aft 17 Jul 1729. She married Plymouth 7 Dec 1724 Eleazer Morton and they had three sons (Plymouth): Ambrose (1725), Nathaniel (1727) and Seth (1729). Thus there are no mtDNA descendants of Deborah.

Mary Delano was born Duxbury 26 Oct 1717 and died there 6 Jan 1795. She married twice, first Duxbury 16 Jan 1734 John Hanks and second Kingston 27 Dec 1752 John Simmons (no children). By her first husband Mary had four children: Nathanial (c1735), Chloe (1737), John (1739) and Nathaniel (1741).

Third Generation

Chloe Hanks was born Duxbury 27 Aug 1737 and died aft 1800. She married Kingston 13 Dec 1755 Thomas Additon and they had three children: Ruby (1759)[1], Chloe (c1762) and Thomas (1763).

Fourth Generation

Chloe Additon was born Duxbury about 1762 and died 8 Oct 1852. She married Duxbury 9 May 1782 Colson Sampson and they had seven children: Abel C. (c1783), Daniel (1785), Spencer (1788), Seneca (1790), Hannah (1794 no further record), Mary Colson (1799) and Alice (Elsie) (c1807).

Fifth Generation

Mary Colson Sampson was born Duxbury 8 Nov 1799 and died there 2 Jul 1887. She married Duxbury 11 Feb 1819 Eden Sampson and they had at least two children: Eden (son 1822) and Jane F. (1826).

Alice (Elsie) Sampson was born Duxbury about 1807 and died there 28 Apr 1879. She married Duxbury 19 Feb 1840 Nathaniel Soper Bonney and they had at least two children: Ansel F. (1841) and Howland Sampson (1843).

Sixth Generation

Jane F. Sampson was born Duxbury 14 Aug 1826 and died there 13 May 1868. She married Duxbury 29 Nov 1845 John Glover and they had ten children: Louisa Merrill (1846 m George Whiting), Nahum (1848-c1850), Wilbur (1849-1849), Caroline F. (1850 m Robert F. Randall), Granville A. (1853), Clara F. (1855-1855), John Herbert (1858), Clarence W. (1861-1861), Theodore W. (1863) and Eden (son 1866).

  1. She may have been the Ruby ATHERTON who died Duxbury 28 Mar 1832, aged 72. If this is the case, then she likely never married.

mtDNA results TBD

A matrilineal descendant of Abigail BRYANT Bryant has taken a mtDNA test and posted where they fall under haplogroup K1a2b. It may be possible to prove or disprove whether Hannah was a daughter to Abigail BRYANT Bryant if we can find a matrilineal descendant of Hannah who is willing to mtDNA test. If such a matrilineal descendant does test and is found not to fall under mtDNA haplogroup K1a2b, then it would prove Hannah could not have been Abigail's daughter. On the other hand, if the matrilineal descendant of Hannah is found to fall under mtDNA Haplogroup K1a2b, this should provide enough evidence (with the probate record of her first husband's estate naming John Bryant Sr.) to establish Hannah as a daughter of John and Abigail.

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