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Status summary

Completed as of May 6, 2021:

  • Recruiting additional matrilineal (direct female-line) Jane Clarke descendants for full mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)


First Generation

The Winter 2021 Mayflower Descendant has published two articles on the Collier, Yates, Clarke and Cole families.[1] It states Jane's maiden name was Yates, she was baptized St. Olave, Southwark 5 Feb 1586/7, daughter of Henry Yates and Alice _____. She married twice, first St. Benet's Gracechurch, London 27 Sep 1603 Thomas Clarke and second St. Olave, Bermondsey, Surrey, England 16 May 1611 to William Collier. By her first husband she had four children (baptized/buried St. Olave Parish): Margaret (1605), Thomas (1606/7), Joyce (1608) and Henry (1610-1610). By her second husband Jane had thirteen children (all but James, Martha & Ruth bp St. Olave): Mary (1611/2), Hannah (1613-1625), Rebecca (1614/5), Sarah (1616), John (1616/7-1618), Elizabeth (1618/9), John (1619/20-1625), Catherine (bur. 1621/2), James (1622/3-1624), Martha (1624-1625),[2] William (1625[3]-1625), Lydia (1625/6-1625/6) and Ruth (1627).

Second Generation

    All but last baptized at St. Olave, Bermonsey[4] 

Mary Collier bp 18 Feb 1611/2 and died Eastham abt. 1644. She married Plymouth 1 Apr 1635 (Gov.) Thomas Prence and they had two children (Duxbury): Jane (1637) and Sarah (c1639).

Rebecca Collier bp 10 Jan 1614/5 and died Duxbury 29 Dec 1698. She married Plymouth 15 May 1634 John Cole and they had two children (?Eastham): Rebecca (1654) and Samuel.

Sarah Collier bp 30 Apr 1616 and died Duxbury 26 Apr 1691. She married twice, first Plymouth 15 May 1634 Love Brewster and second Duxbury 1 Sep 1656 Richard Parke (no children). By her first husband Sarah had four children: Sarah (1635), Nathaniel (1637), Wrestling (1644) and William (1645).

Elizabeth Collier bp 9 Mar 1618/9 and died Duxbury aft Feb 1679. She married Plymouth 2 Nov 1637 Constant Southworth and they had nine children: Mercy (1638), Priscilla (c1642), Edward (1644), Nathaniel (c1646), Alice (1648), Mary (c1654), Elizabeth (c1656) and William (1659).

Ruth Collier bp St. Savior's, Bermondsey 5 Aug 1627 and died Eastham 15 Dec 1694. She married bef 1644 Daniel Cole and they had John (1644), Timothy (1646), Hepzibah (1649), Ruth (1651), Israel (1653), James (1655), Mary (1657), Hester/Esther (1661), William (1663), Daniel (1666) and Thomas (1668).[5]

Third Generation

[poss.] Sarah Walker[6] died Plymouth 24 Nov 1700. She married there 19 Nov 1645[7] Nathaniel Warren and they had twelve children: Richard (1646), Sarah (1649), Hope (1651), Jane (1652), Elizabeth (1654), Alice (1656), Mercy (1658), Mary (1659), Nathaniel (1661), John (1663), James (1665) and Jabez (c1667).

Jane Prence was born Duxbury 1 Nov 1637 and died Harwich in Jun 1712. She married Eastham 9 Jan 1660/1 Mark Snow and they had eight children: Mary (1661), Nicholas (1663), Elizabeth (1666), Thomas (1668), Sarah (1671), Prence (1674), Elizabeth (1676-1677) and Hannah (1679).

Mary Prence was born abt 1639 and died Eastham aft 1697. She married abt 1661 John Tracy and they had four children: John (c1661), Apphia (c1663), Stephen (c1673) and Susannah (1676).

Rebecca Cole was born Eastham 26 Aug 1654 and died Yarmouth in 1710. She married Robert Nickerson and they had at least: Rebecca (1670).

Sarah Brewster was born 1635 and died Duxbury bef 21 Jan 1679. She married Duxbury aft 4 Apr 1654 Benjamin Bartlett and they had three children (Duxbury): Benjamin (1658), Samuel (c1662) and Rebecca (b1664).

Mercy Southworth was born Duxbury 11 May 1638 and died Eastham 25 Nov 1712. She married Eastham 12 May 1658 (Dea.) Samuel Freeman (II) and they had nine children: Apphia (1659-1660), Samuel (1662), Apphia (1666 m Isaac Pepper), Constant (1669), Elizabeth (1671 m Abraham Remick & Joseph Merrick), Alice (c1673 m Nathaniel Merrick), Edward (c1675), Mary (c1676 m John Cole) and Mercy

Priscilla Southworth c1642

Alice Southworth 1648

Mary Southworth c1654

Elizabeth Southworth c1656

  1. Also available for purchase on author's website.
  2. Both James and Martha were bp. St. Mary Magdalene Parish, Bermondsey, but bur. at St. Olave.
  3. Not baptized, likely died soon after birth.
  4. "mis Jane Collyare in behalfe of her grandchild the wife of the said Nathaniell Warren" petitioned Plymouth Court in Jun 1653 [MD 3:141]. Nathaniel Warren married Sarah Walker 19 Nov 1645 Plymouth [PCR 2:94]. Whether and how Sarah was the granddaughter of Jane Collier is still unsorted.
  5. All these children are mentioned in the settlement of their father's estate.
  6. See Note for Second Generation. A Sara, daughter of William Walker was bp St Olave, Bermonsey (the same parish where almost all of William Collier's children were baptized) 18 Nov 1622. There is no proof this was the Sarah Walker who married Richard Warren, and there is currently no proof Sarah was the granddaughter of Jane YATES Clarke Collier. See TAG 51:92-93
  7. PCR 2:92

DNA results H13a1a

Previous Y-DNA testing

According to wikitree there is one mtDNA descendant who has taken a mtDNA test and has published his results: Haplogroup H13a1a.


 Jane Yates
   Elizabeth Collier
     Mary Southworth
       Priscilla Alden
         Mary Chesebrough
           Hannah Hewitt
             Lucinda Wheeler
               Betsey Main
                 Elmira Burrows
                   Arrilla Vannatter
                     Lucy Jennie Burrows
                       Margaret Augusta Clemens
                         mother of tester

References & External Links

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