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Status summary

Completed as of May 6, 2021:

  • Recruiting additional matrilineal (direct female-line) Jane Clarke descendants for full mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com
  • Jane Yates mtDNA lineage project created. mtDNA results


First Generation

The Winter 2021 Mayflower Descendant has published two articles on the Collier, Yates, Clarke and Cole families.[1] It states Jane's maiden name was Yates, she was baptized St. Olave, Southwark 5 Feb 1586/7, daughter of Henry Yates and Alice _____. She married twice, first St. Benet's Gracechurch, London 27 Sep 1603 Thomas Clarke and second St. Olave, Bermondsey, Surrey, England 16 May 1611 to William Collier. By her first husband she had four children (baptized/buried St. Olave Parish): Margaret (1605-1625 England m 1623 Alexander Wilding), Thomas (1606/7), Joyce (1608) and Henry (1610-1610). By her second husband Jane had thirteen children (all but James, Martha & Ruth bp St. Olave): Mary (1611/2), Hannah (1613-1625), Rebecca (1614/5), Sarah (1616), John (1616/7-1618), Elizabeth (1618/9), John (1619/20-1625), Catherine (bur. 1621/2), James (1622/3-1624), Martha (1624-1625),[2] William (1625[3]-1625), Lydia (1625/6-1625/6) and Ruth (1627).

Second Generation

    All but last baptized at St. Olave, Southwark[4] 

Joyce Clarke bp 30 Aug 1608 married (by license) St Peter Westcheap, London late in 1626 John Walker. They were the parents of Sarah.

Mary Collier bp 18 Feb 1611/2 and died Eastham about 1644.[5] She married Plymouth 1 Apr 1635 (Gov.) Thomas Prence and they had at least two children (Duxbury): Jane (1637) and Mary (c1639).

Rebecca Collier bp 10 Jan 1614/5 and died Duxbury 29 Dec 1698. She married Plymouth 15 May 1634 John Cole and they had two children (?Eastham): Rebecca (1654) and Samuel.

Sarah Collier bp 30 Apr 1616 and died Duxbury 26 Apr 1691. She married twice, first Plymouth 15 May 1634 Love Brewster and second Duxbury 1 Sep 1656 Richard Parke (no children). By her first husband Sarah had four children: Sarah (1635), Nathaniel (1637), Wrestling (1644) and William (1645).

Elizabeth Collier bp 9 Mar 1618/9 and died Duxbury aft Feb 1679. She married Plymouth 2 Nov 1637 Constant Southworth and they had nine children: Mercy (1638), Priscilla (c1642), Edward (1644), Nathaniel (c1646), Alice (1648), Mary (c1654), Elizabeth (c1656) and William (1659).

Ruth Collier bp St. Savior's, Southwark 5 Aug 1627 and died Eastham 15 Dec 1694. She married bef 1644 Daniel Cole and they had John (1644), Timothy (1646), Hepzibah (1649), Ruth (1651), Israel (son, 1653), James (1655), Mary (1657), Hester/Esther (1661), William (1663), Daniel (1666) and Thomas (1668).[6]

Third Generation

Sarah Walker[7] was probably born in or near Southwark, Surrey about 1627 and died Plymouth 24 Nov 1700.[8] She married there 19 Nov 1645[9] Nathaniel Warren and they had twelve children: Richard (1646), Sarah (1649), Hope (1651 unm.), Jane (1652), Elizabeth (1654), Alice (1656), Mercy (1658), Mary (1659 likely unm.[10]), Nathaniel (1661), John (1663), James (1665) and Jabez (c1667).

Jane Prence was born Duxbury 1 Nov 1637 and died Harwich in Jun 1712. She married Eastham 9 Jan 1660/1 Mark Snow and they had eight children: Mary (1661), Nicholas (1663), Elizabeth (1666-1675), Thomas (1668), Sarah (1671 unm.), Prence (1674), Elizabeth (1676-1677) and Hannah (1679 d.y.).

Mary Prence was born abt 1639 and died Eastham aft 1697. She married abt 1661 John Tracy and they had four children: John (c1661), Apphia (c1663), Stephen (c1673) and Susannah (1676).

Rebecca Cole was born Eastham 26 Aug 1654 and died Yarmouth in 1710. She married Robert Nickerson and they had at least: Rebecca (1670).

Sarah Brewster was born 1635 and died Duxbury bef 21 Jan 1679. She married Duxbury aft 4 Apr 1654 (as his second wife) Benjamin Bartlett[1] and they had six children (Duxbury): Benjamin (1658), Ichabod (c1660), Samuel (c1662), Rebecca (b1664), Ebenezer (b1670) and possibly[11] Sarah (c1670-1688 m Robert Bartlett but no ch.)

Mercy Southworth was born Duxbury 11 May 1638 and died Eastham 25 Nov 1712. She married Eastham 12 May 1658 (Dea.) Samuel Freeman (II) and they had nine children: Apphia (1659-1660), Samuel (1662), Apphia (1666), Constant (1669), Elizabeth (1671), Alice (c1673), Edward (c1675), Mary (c1676) and prob. NOT Mercy.

Priscilla Southworth was born Duxbury about 1642 about 1722. She married twice, first Bristol (now part of RI) 1 Mar 1689 (Rev.) Samuel Talbot and second Little Compton (now part of RI) 1 May 1708 John Irish (II). By her first husband she had: Stephen (1693) and Hannah (1698-1717 unm.)

Alice Southworth was born Duxbury abt 5 Mar 1648 and died Little Compton (now in RI) 5 May 1719. She married Duxbury 26 Dec 1667 (Col.) Benjamin Church and they had at least seven children[12]: Thomas (c1674), Constant (son, 1676), Benjamin (1678), Edward (1680), Charles (1682), Elizabeth (1684), Nathaniel (1686) and prob. NOT Martha (1688).

Mary Southworth was born Duxbury about 1654 and died there aft 28 Mar 1719. She married David Alden and they had six children (Duxbury): Benjamin (c1673), Ruth (1674), Elizabeth (1675), poss. Sarah (c1676 unk. if marr.), Alice (1685) and Samuel (1688).

Elizabeth Southworth was born Duxbury about 1656 and died Bristol (now in RI) about 15 Aug 1709. She married Bristol 12 May 1685 (Col.) Samuel Gallup and they had five children: Elizabeth (1688), Samuel (1690), Mary (1692), William (1695) and Nathaniel.

Hepzibah Cole was born Eastham 16 Apr 1649 and died there aft Oct 1712. She married twice, first Eastham 24 May 1677 George Crisp then Eastham 28 Jul 1682 Daniel Doane. By her first husband she had at least two children (Eastham): Mary (1678) and Mercy (1681). By her second husband, Hepzibah had at least one more child (Plymouth): Hepzibah (1683, unm.).

Ruth Cole was born Eastham 15 Apr 1651 and died about 1728. She married twice, first Eastham 16 Nov 1669 John Young then 1720 Jonathan Bangs (no children by this second marriage). By her first husband Ruth had eight children (all but oldest born Eastham): Mercy (Plymouth 1671), Benjamin (1673), Jonathan (c1680), Israel (son, 1686), Ruth (1688), Barnabas (1690), Jane (c1692) and poss. Abigail (c1693).

Mary Cole was born Eastham 10 Mar 1659 and died there 1 Mar 1734. She married Eastham 26 May 1681 Joshua Hopkins and they had seven children (Eastham): Abigail (1686), Elisha (1688), Lydia (1692), Joshua (1698), Hannah (1700) and Phebe (1701).

Hester/Esther Cole was born Eastham about 1661 and died there after 1735. She married 1684 Medad Atwood and they had eight children (Eastham): Medad (1684/5), Mercy (1686), Abigail (1689), David (1691), Samuel (1695), Esther (1699), Phebe (1702) and Nathan (1705).

Fourth Generation

Sarah Warren was born Plymouth 29 Aug 1649 and died there 9 Jan 1690. She married Sandwich about 1673 John Blackwell and they had seven children: John (1674), Michael (1676), Desire (1678 m Lettice Jenne[y]), Alice (1681 m William Spooner), Jane (1683 m Philip Peckham), Nathaniel (c1684) and Caleb (1686).

Jane Warren was born Plymouth 31 Dec 1652 and died Barnstable 27 Feb 1682/3. She married Barnstable 19 Sep 1672 Benjamin Lombard (Lumbart) and they had three children: Mary (1673 m Ebenezer Burgess), Benjamin (1675) and Hope (1679 m Benjamin Goodspeed[13])

Elizabeth Warren was born Plymouth 15 Sep 1654 and died Sandwich aft 10 Jan 1689/90. She married about 1682. She married about 1685 William Green. Prior to this marriage she had a son (supposedly by Joseph Doty)[14]: Theophilus (1673/4). By her husband (William Green) she had one more child: William (1684).

Alice Warren was born Plymouth 2 Aug 1656 and died Sandwich after 4 Mar 1692. She married Sandwich 23 Dec 1674 Thomas Gibbs (II) and they had eight children: Bethiah (1675 d.y.), Abigail (c1677 m Jirah Swift), Thomas (1678/9), Sarah (c1683 m Isaac Cushman II), Warren (c1685), Ebenezer (c1687), Cornelius (c1689) and Jabez (c1691).

Mercy Warren was born Plymouth 20 Feb 1657/8 and died Dartmouth aft 6 Nov 1727. She married Dartmouth 28 Feb 1677/8 Jonathan Delano and they had thirteen children: infant daughter (1679-1679), Jonathan (1680/1), Jabez (1682), Sarah (1684-1690), Mercy (1686 m Joseph Hatch [II]), Nathan (1688), Bethiah (1690-1693), Susanna (1692 m Ebenezer Nye), infant son (1694-1694), Nathaniel (1695), Esther (1698 unk if marr), Jethro (1701) and Thomas (1704).

Mary Snow was born Eastham 30 Nov 1661 and died between 2 Apr 1717 (will) and 22 Jan 1721 (proved). She married Barnstable 22 Jan 1691 William Nickerson and they had six children: Mercy (1691/2 m Joseph Johnson), Nicholas (1693/4), Ebenezer (1697), Jane (1699 m Judah Baker), Mary (1701 m James Harding & Samuel Baty) and Thankful (1705 m Benjamin Burgess).

Apphia Tracy was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) about 1663 and died Eastham 15Dec 1739. She married Eastham 5 Dec 1683 John Sparrow and they had four children (Eastham): Rebecca (1684 m Joseph Collins & Thomas Rogers), John (1687), Elizabeth (1689 m Timothy Cole) and Stephen (1694).

Susannah Tracy was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) 1676 and died Eastham after 5 Mar 1749. She married Eastham 17 Feb 1697/8 James Rogers (II) and they had six children (Eastham):Mary (1698 m Jacob Davis), Isaac (1701), Susanna (1703 m Judah Rogers II), James (1706), Abigail (1708 m Zebulon Young) and Thomas (1710).

Rebecca Nickerson was born Yarmouth 1670 and died Chatham 30 Jan 1707.She married (Lieut.) William Eldredge and they had four children: William (1702), Isaac, Joshua and Rebecca (m Ebenezer Berry).

Rebecca Bartlett was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) before 1664 and died there 14 Dec 1741. She married three times, first 1679 William Bradford (V), second after Aug 1691 Robert Stanford and third Duxbury 30 Jan 1729 Caleb Samson (no children): By her first husband Rebecca had three children: Alice (1680 m William Barnes), Sarah (1686 m Jonathan Barnes) and William. By her second husband, Sarah had three more children: Robert (c1693), Rebecca (c1695 m Jonathan Eames) and Lydia (c1697 m Andrew Alden).

Apphia Freeman was born Eastham 1 Jan 1666 and died there after 1705. She married Eastham 7 Oct 1685 Isaac Pepper and they had eight children (Eastham): Apphia (1687 m Timothy Cole), Mary (1690 m William Freeman [II]), Isaac (1693), Robert (1695/6), Elizabeth (1698 m Robert Young [II]), Joseph (1700-1703), Solomon (1703) and Joseph (1704/5).

Elizabeth Freeman was born Eastham 26 Jun 1671. She married twice, first Abraham Remick and second Eastham 7 Jul 1712 Joseph Merrick. By her first husband she had four children: Christian (son, 1694), Abraham (1696), Mercy (1698 m Joseph Higgins II) and Elizabeth (1700 unk. if marr.) By her second husband she had one more child: Rebecca (1713).

Alice Freeman was born Eastham about 1673 and died Harwich about 24 Dec 1756. She married Harwich about 1690 Nathaniel Merrick and they had eight children: William, Hannah (c1700 m John Snow), Constant (son, c1701), Mercy (c1704 m Ebenezer King), Ruth (c1709 m Thomas Hinckley [II]), Priscilla (c1710 m Elisha Cobb [II]), Alice (1716 m Benjamin Ruggles) and Sarah (1720 m Abner Lee).

Mary Freeman was born Eastham about 1675 and died Watertown 17 Feb 1732. She married Daniel Cole (II). Daniel's will does not list any children.

Elizabeth Church was born Bristol, MA (now in RI) 26 Mar 1684 and died there 17 Jul 1757. She married three times, first about 1700 Joseph Rosbotham, second Bristol 11 Sep 1717 John Sampson and third Bristol 18 Jun 1739 Samuel Woodbury (no children). By her first husband she had four children (Bristol): Benjamin (1701), Alice (1704 m Stephen Talbee), Elizabeth (1708 m John Kelley) and Hannah (1711 m John Munro). By her second husband she had three more children: John (1718/9 d.y.), Mary (1718/9 m Samuel Clarke) and John (1722).

Ruth Alden was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) 1674 and died Rochester 2 Jul 1758. She married Samuel Sprague and they had seven children: Noah (1696), Elizabeth (1698 m Isaac Chapman), Nathaniel (1701/2), Samuel (1704), Mary (1706-1708), Priscilla (1708/9 m Benjamin Hammond & [Rev.] Thomas West), Micah (b 1714) and Ruth (1714-1733 unm.)

Elizabeth Alden was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) 9 Apr 1675 and died Stonington, CT 4 Jan 1771. She married Duxbury 6 Dec 1696 John Seabury and they had eight children: David (c1698), John (1700), Patience (1702 m Joseph Latham, Benjamin Starr & Francis Griswold), John (1704), Samuel (1706), Mary (1708 m Jonathan Starr), Sarah (1710 m William Morgan), and Nathaniel (1720).

Priscilla Alden was born Duxburrow about 1677 and died New London, CT 19 Jan 1736. She married Duxbury 4 Jan 1700 Samuel Chesebrough and they had seven children: Mary (1702 m Joseph Hewitt), Priscilla (1704 m Jabez Chesebrough & Joseph Thomas), Nathaniel (1706) and Amos (1709), Hannah/Anna (1712 Richard Shaw), Sarah (1715 m James Geer, Ebenezer Billings [III] & John Denison) and Prudence (1721/2 m John Stanton).

Alice Alden was born Duxburrow Jun 1685 and died Yarmouth (now Dennis) 12 Jul 1774. She married Duxbury 5 Dec 1706 Judah Paddock and they had seven children: Reuben (1707), Judah (1709/10), Samuel (1711), Mary (1715 m Judah Sears), Grace (1716/7 m John Sears), Rebecca (1718 m Thomas Spooner & Joseph Warner) and Nathaniel (1724).

Elizabeth Gallup was born Bristol, MA (now in RI) 26 Apr 1688 and died there 14 Apr 1750. She married Bristol 20 Apr 1710 Samuel Bowerman and they had two children: Edward (1711) and Eizabeth (1713/4).

Mary Gallup was born Bristol, MA (now in RI) 22 Oct 1692 and died there 23 Sep 1771. She married Bristol 10 Jan 1712 Joshua Bayley. It is currently unknown whether they had any children.

Mary Crisp was born Eastham 9 Dec 1678 and died Duxbury 1740. She married Marshfield 5 Dec 1700 George Williamson and they had seven children: Thankful (1702 m John Atwood), Beulah (1706 m Ephraim Pratt), Hepzibah (1708 m Ebenezer Atwood), Mary (1708 unk. if marr.), George (1710), Deborah (1713 m Charles West/Waste) and Caleb (1715).

Mercy Crisp was born Eastham 15 Oct 1681 and died there 27 May 1739. She married Eastham 13 Oct 1703 Joseph Rogers and they had three children: Crisp (1705), Elkanah (1707) and Martha (1709).

Mercy Young was born Eastham 14 Apr 1671 and died Eastham 25 Dec 1753. She married Eastham 25 Nov 1697 Micajah Snow and they had eight children: John (1700), Stephen (1702), Phebe (1707 m Joshua Paine), Jesse (1709), David (1711), Marcy (1713 m Daniel Sears), Micajah (1716) and Ruth (c1718 m Samuel Arey & Ebenezer Dyer).

Ruth Young was born Eastham about 1688 and died Wellfleet 28 Sep 1768. She married Samuel Brown and they had at least two children (Eastham): Mehitable (1714 m Thomas Dill) and Ruth (1716 m Reuben Rich).

Jane Young was born Eastham about 1692 and died there before Dec 1746. She married Eastham 9 Mar 1709 Isaac Perce and they had five children: Joshua (1707), Silas (1714), Isaac (1718), Hannah (1720) and Joseph (1722).

Abigail Young was born Eastham about 1695. She married Wellfleet 6 Dec 1716 John Treat and they had ten children: Experience (1716/7), Hannah (1718/9 m Abiezer Holbrook), Abigail (1720 m Jonathan Harding), Elizabeth (1723 m Richard Cobb), Rachel (1725 m Thomas Mulford & Richard Cobb), Mercy (1727 m Jedediah Lombard), Sarah (1730 m Thomas Buckingham), Martha (1733 m [Dea.] William Chipman) and Phebe (1737 likely unm.)

Abigail Hopkins was born Eastham 9 Mar 1686/7 and died there aft 3 Feb 1747. She married Eastham 3 Sep 1713 John Taylor and they had six children: Mary (1714), John (1717), Anne (1719 m Timothy Jarvis), Abigail (1721 d.y.), Edward (1723) and Abigail (1726).

Lydia Hopkins was born Eastham 1 Apr 1692 and died in Maine. She married Eastham 17 Apr 1741 Isaac Baker, but they had no children.

Hannah Hopkins was born Eastham 25 Mar 1700 and died Harwich 24 Oct 1793. She married twice, first 13 Dec 1721 Eastham Ebenezer Paine and second Harwich aft 22 May 1742 Zachariah Small. By her first husband she had five children: Ebenezer (1722), Elizabeth (1724), Nathaniel (1727), Abigail (1729) and Hannah (1732 m John Allen). By her second husband she had one more child: Jane (c1743 m John Long).

Phebe Hopkins was born 11 Mar 1701 and died Norwich, CT 16 Jan 1777. She married Eastham about 18 Mar 1724 Moses Bixby and they had five children: Joseph, Elizabeth, John, Moses & Phebe.

Mercy Atwood was born Eastham about 26 Jun 1686.

Abigail Atwood was born Eastham 15 Jun 1689. She married Stephen King and had at least Stephen.

Esther Atwood was born Eastham 15 Mar 1699. She married Nathaniel Covell and they had: Esther (c1725), Reuben (1729), Sarah (1732), Philip (1733), Jediah and Priscilla.

Phebe Atwood was born Eastham 9 Jun 1702. She married Philip Salue. It is unknown whether they had any children.

  1. Also available for purchase on author's website.
  2. Both James and Martha were bp. St. Mary Magdalene Parish, Bermondsey, but bur. at St. Olave.
  3. Not baptized, likely died soon after birth.
  4. "mis Jane Collyare in behalfe of her grandchild the wife of the said Nathaniell Warren" petitioned Plymouth Court in Jun 1653 [MD 3:141]. Nathaniel Warren married Sarah Walker 19 Nov 1645 Plymouth [PCR 2:94]. Whether and how Sarah was the granddaughter of Jane Collier is still unsorted.
  5. Since it is unknown when she died, and when Gov. Prence remarried, it is possible Mary may also have been the mother to some of the following children of Gov. Prence: Sarah (died Yarmouth 3 Mar 1703/4 [Town record] or 3 Mar 1706 in her 60th year [gravestone]), Judith (married Dec 1665) and Elizabeth (born Spring of 1647). mtDNA testing matrilineal (all female line) descendants of these three daughters should confirm their mother. The mtDNA of Mary Collier is known (H13a1a) while the mtDNA of Gov. Prence's third wife, Apphia QUICK Freeman is unknown (but likely NOT the same as his previous wife).
  6. All these children are mentioned in the settlement of their father's estate.
  7. She could not be the Sara, daughter of William Walker bp St Olave, Bermonsey (the same parish where almost all of William Collier's children were baptized) 18 Nov 1622.
  8. It is currently unknown whether her parents emigrated to New England or if she came with William Collier in 1633.
  9. PCR 2:92
  10. She was not the wife of Nathaniel Fiske, as some claim.
  11. It is currently unknown if Sarah was by Sarah Brewster or by Benjamin Bartlett's third wife, Cecelia Covil.
  12. Some sources give a daughter Catherine, marriec Valentine Troop. Catherine was born about 1728 and was far too young to be their daughter. She is said to be a descendant of this couple.
  13. Their daughter Patience married Ebenezer Cannon
  14. It is currently unknown whether this child survived infancy.

mtDNA H13a1a + 11794C 16335G 8701A!

mtDNA results and lineage

According to WikiTree there are two mtDNA descendants who have taken a mtDNA test and published their results to wikitree: Haplogroup H13a1a. In addition, one other matrilineal descendant has DNA tested at 23andMe and came back with the same haplogroup label. Looking at the FTDNA mtDNA matches, it appears where they both have three[1] additional mutations within their mtDNA which in the future would likely create a new subclade. The Jane Yates mtDNA lineage project at Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) currently has both known matrilineal descendants of Jane. In addition, they have no 0 or 1 step close mtDNA matches.

 Jane Yates (1596/7-p1666)
   Elizabeth Collier (1618/19-p1678/9)
     Mary Southworth (1654-1719)
       Priscilla Alden (1679-1736), 
         Mary Chesebrough (1702-1754)
           Hannah Hewitt (1728-1811)
             Lucinda Wheeler (1770-p1810)
               Betsey Main (1796-1880)
                 Martha "Patsy" Burrows (1817-1863)
                   Elizabeth "Betsy" Chase (1836-1919)
                     Effie M. Childs (1872-1955)
                       Irene Victoria Bills (1891-1980)
                         mother of tester
                 Elmira Burrows (1823-1900)
                   Arrilla Vannatter (1847-1920)
                     Mary Elmira Burrows (1872-1905)
                       Emma Arletta Clark (1896-1971)
                         Lillian Clark Tarbox (1915-2003)
                           mother of tester
                     Lucy Jennie Burrows (1874-1939)
                       Margaret Augusta Clemens (1894-1936)
                         mother of tester
  1. One mutation is a back mutation to its ancestral value

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