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Status summary

Completed as of March 30, 2021:

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of Timothy Cannon for NGS/WGS testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)


First Generation

Timothy Cannon was baptized (along with his siblings) Barnstable 19 Apr 1691 son of ____ Cannon & Joanna Williamson (originally from Marshfield). He died aft 1715. Timothy married Barnstable 9 Nov 1711, Elizabeth, daughter of [[Howland (Y-DNA)#Second Generation|Joseph Howland and they had two children (born Falmouth): Joanah (1712) and Ebenezer (1715)

Second Generation

Ebenezer Cannon was born Falmouth 1 May 1715 and died aft 19 Mar 1766. He married twice, first int. Barnstable 31 May 1735 Mercy Blossom and second Barnstable 30 Jul 1753 Patience Goodspeed. By his first wife, Ebenezer had six children (born Barnstable): Ebenezer (1735/6 m Experience Tupper), Ruth (1738/9), Nathan (1741 m Thankful Bassett), Joanna (1743), Joseph (1745 m Abigail Dexter) and Timothy (unk if marr). By his second wife, he had four more children (born Barnstable): Mercy (1754), Ebenezer (1756 unk if marr), Ira (1760 unk if marr) and Ziba (1762).

DNA results TBD

Current results

The Cannon surname DNA Project currently does not have any Y-DNA descendants of Timothy Cannon. It is unknown if he has any living Y-DNA descendants.

NGS/WGS testing

Y-DNA descendant(s) of Timothy Cannon need to publicly disclose their Y-DNA results in order to place their family.

External links & References

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