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Status summary

Completed as of January 30, 2022:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Elizabeth SOUTHWORTH Howland for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Elizabeth Southworth, daughter of Thomas Southworth and Elizabeth Reynor, was born Plymouth abt 1644 and died there in Mar 1716/7. She married Plymouth 7 Dec 1664 Joseph Howland and they had nine children (Rocky Nook, Plymouth [now Kingston]): James (1699), Nathaniel (1671), Lydia (1673), Thomas (1675), Elizabeth (1678), Sarah (1680), Mercy (1682), Joseph (1682-1689) and BenjamiN (1685-1689).

Second Generation

Lydia Howland was born Rocky Nook abt 1673 and died aft 25 Jan 1732/3.[1] She married Barnstable Oct 1694 Joseph Jenkins and they had nine children: Abigail (1695), Bathshuah (1696), Ann (1701 d.y.), Joseph (1703), Lydia (1705), Benjamin (1707), Reliance (1709 d.y.), Prudence (1711) and Hannah (1718).

Elizabeth Howland was born Rocky Nook abt 1678 and died aft 15 Feb 1723/4.[2] She married twice, first Barnstable 14 Sep 1698 Isaac Hamblin and second Barnstable 9 Nov 1711 Timothy Cannon. By her first husband she had three children: Eleazer (1699), Joseph (1702) and Elizabeth (1705). By her second husband she had two more children: Joanna (1712) and Ebenezer (1715).

Sarah Howland was born Rocky Nook abt 1680 and died Plymouth bef 23 Dec 1703.[3] She never married but had a child out of wedlock: Mary (1691).

Mercy Howland was born Rocky Nook abt 1682 and died Barnstable aft 21 May 1721.[4] She married Barnstable 17 Apr 1704 Joseph Hamlin and they had five children: Alice (1704), Seth (1708), Sarah (1711), Joseph (1715) and Southward (1721).

Third Generation

Abigail Jenkins was born Barnstable the "last of" Jul 1695 and died there 23 Apr 1682. She married Barnstable 2 Nov 1716 Benjamin Hinckley and they had twelve children: Abigail (1718 m Nathaniel Fuller), Edmund (1720), Samuel (1721), Joseph (1723), Benjamin (1727), Sylvanus (1729), Nathaniel (1731-1731), Nathaniel (1732), Martha (1734 m Daniel Fuller), Bathsheba (1736 m Nathaniel Ryder), Timothy (1738) and Zaccheus (1740).

Bathshuah Jenkins was born Barnstable in Jul 1696 and was not named in her father's will of 26 Jan 1732/3. She is said to have married Barnstable 19 Oct 1721 Joseph Lothrop but it is likely there were no surviving children if she was Joseph's wife.

Lydia Jenkins was born (West) Barnstable 30 Jun 1705 and died there 5 Aug 1773. She married Barnstable 9 Nov 1727 Cornelius Crocker and they had eight children: Elijah (1729), Elisha (1730), Samuel (1732), Joseph (1734), Lydia (1739 m Samuel Sturgis), Cornelius (1740), Joseph (1744) and Sarah (1749 m Daniel Lawrence).

Prudence Jenkins was born (West) Barnstable abt 1711[5] and died Windham 26 Jul 1793. She married Barnstable 30 May 1732 Samuel Baker and they had nine children: Martha (1733 m Nathaniel Bingham), Anna (1735 d.y.), Bethiah (1737 m Adonijah Kingsley & John Perkins), Samuel (1740), Mercy (1743-1766 unm), Anna (1746 no further record), Joseph (1748), Benjamin (1750) and Prudence (1755 m Abner Webb).

Hannah Jenkins was bp West Barnstable Church 6 Apr 1718 and died Mansfield, CT 22 Aug 1788. She married Barnstable 22 Oct 1738 Stephen Freeman and they had at least eight children: Keziah (1737 m John Bundy), Joseph (1739), Stephen (1740/1), Thomas (1743), Elizabeth (1745 no further record), John (1747), Hannah (1751 no further record), and Deborah (1753 m Roswell Fenton)

Elizabeth Hamlin was born Barnstable Oct 1705 and died there 6 Mar 1753. She married Barnstable 20 Feb 1727 Barnabas Chipman and they had five children: Barnabas (1728), Joseph (1731), Elizabeth (1734 m Nathaniel Hinckley), Thomas (1735) and Hannah (1737/8 no further record).

Joanna Cannon was born Barnstable 1 Oct 1712 and died bef 2 Feb 1744. She married Barnstable Jul 1735 Benjamin Bursley and they had at least two children: Jabez (1735) and Martha (1740 m Benjamin Smith).

Mary Howland was born Plymouth (likely at Rocky Nook) in 1691 and died Barnstable 23 Oct 1756. She married Plymouth 3 Nov 1718 George Conant and they had at least two children: Charles (1720) and George (1722).

Alice Hamlin was born Barnstable 4 Feb 1704/5 and died there 3 Jan 1781. She married twice, first Barnstable aft 3 Aug 1728 John Howland and second Barnstable 12 Sep 1753 Barnabas Chipman (no children). By her first husband, Alice had five children: Desire (1732 m Jonathan Bodfish), Susanna (1734 m Ignatius Smith), David (1737), Jonathan (1737) and Deborah (1739 m Richard Sparrow).

Sarah Hamblin was born Barnstable 4 Apr 1711 and died Barnstable 16 May 1794. She married Barnstable 8 Apr 1736 David Smith and they had at least four children: Benjamin (1736), Ebenezer (1739-1739), Joseph (1740) and Susannah (1743 m Benjamin Goodspeed).

  1. Named in husband's will.
  2. named in the settlement of her first husband's estate.
  3. codicil of father's will.
  4. last child born.
  5. Gravestone stated died 26 Jul 1793 "in ye 83d year of her age" (ie age 82)

DNA results TBD

To date, we know of no matrilineal (all female line) descendants of Elizabeth SOUTHWORTH Howland, who has taken a mtDNA test (and publicly posted their results). Anyone who believes they are a matrilineal descendant (ie mother's mother's mother's etc.) is encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com.

External resources and references

  • Lainhart, Ann Smith & Jane Fletcher Fisk, Mayflower Families through Five Generations, Volume 23 Part III (sons Joseph & Jabez) General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA 2012