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Status summary

Completed as of March 28, 2021:

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of Isaac Ham(b)lin for NGS/WGS testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)


First Generation

Eleazer Ham(b)lin was born Barnstable 17 Mar 1649, son of James Ham(b)lin & Anne _____. He died after 1705. Eleazer married Barnstable Oct 1675 Mehitable Jenkins and they had five children (born Barnstable): Isaac (1676), Elisha (1678), Joseph (1680), Mehitable (1682) and Ichabod (1687-1687).

Second Generation

Isaac Ham(b)lin was born Barnstable 20 Aug 1676 and died there bef 8 Feb 1709/10. He married Barnstable 14 Sep 1698 Elizabeth Howland (daughter of Joseph Howland) and they had four children (born Barnstable): Elizabeth (1699), Isaac (1701-b1709), Joseph (1702) and Elizabeth (1705).

Joseph Ham(b)lin was born Barnstable 20 Nov 1680 and died there 1 Mar 1761. He married Barnstable 27 Apr 1704 Mercy Howland (daughter of Joseph Howland) and they had five children (born Barnstable): Alice (1705), Seth (1708), Sarah (1711), Joseph (1715) and Southworth (1721).

Third Generation

Joseph Ham(b)lin was born Barnstable 4 Jun 1702 and died Yarmouth 19 Jan 1777. He married Yarmouth 3 Mar 1726/7 Elizabeth Matthews and they had seven children (born Yarmouth): Hannah (1728/9), Phebe (1731), Sarah (1733), Isaac (1735/6 m Kezia Sears & Deborah ____), Elizabeth (1737/8), Rebecca (1740) and Joseph (1742 unk if marr).

Seth Ham(b)lin was born Barnstable Mar 1708 and died there 16 May 1771. He married Barnstable 9 Oct 1735 Sarah Blish and they had five children (born Barnstable): Mercy (1737), Sarah (1739), Abigail (1741), Seth (1744 unk if marr) and Alice (1747)

Joseph Ham(b)lin was born Barnstable 10 Mar 1715 and died aft 1762. He married at Barnstable 8 Dec 1737 Hannah Lovell and they had one child (born Barnstable): Micah (1741 m Abigail Parker).

Southworth Ham(b)lin was born Barnstable 21 May 1721 and died there 13 Jan 1766. He married twice, first Barnstable 13 Dec 1744 Martha Howland (no children) and second Chatham 12 May 1757 Tabitha Atkins. By this second wife, he had four children (born Barnstable): Bethia (1758), Eleazer (1760 unk if marr), Southworth (1762 unk if marr) and Tabitha.

DNA results I-S2488

Current results

The Mayflower DNA Project and the Hamlin-Hamblin DNA Project Group: I-M170 gives the Ham(b)lin family as falling under Haplogroup: I-M170 based on the 67 Y-STR markers of one individual. Plugging in these STR markers into the Nevgen.org Haplogroup Predictor comes up with a predicted haplogroup of: I2a2b>>S2488 with 100% probability. The full pathway for this haplogroup is: I-M170>P215>CTS2257>L460>P214>S2599>S11321>S2519>S2497>L38>S2606>FGC29656>FGC29569>S2488

NGS/WGS testing

NGS/WGS testing of additional Y-DNA descendants of Isaac Ham(b)lin would likely further refine this haplogroup and possibly create subclades for different branches of the family.

External links & References

Lainhart, Ann Smith and Robert S. Wakefield, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: Vol. 23 (Howland) Part 1 (First 4 generations of some children), General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA 2006