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Status summary

As of December 30, 2015:

  • Bradford surname project contacted
  • Recruiting Bradford for Y Elite test


Paper trail

William Bradford was baptized at Austerfield, Yorkshire, England on 19 Mar 1589/90, son of William Bradford (II) and Alice Hanson. His father, William (II), died 15 Jul 1591 and William (III) went to live with his paternal grandparents, William Bradford (I) and Alice Morton. His Bradford grandparents died by 1600 and his mother died in 1597, so before he was aged ten, the future Gov. was raised by an uncle, Robert Bradford.

Some sources list a pedigree for Gov. Bradford beyond his grandfather, William (I), but this pedigree has not been verified.

Bradford married his first wife at Amsterdam, Holland on 9 Dec 1613. She had only one child, John (born about 1618) before her death at Plymouth Harbor in December 1620. This son (John) married Martha Bourne, widow of (Lieut) Thomas Tracy. Martha had several children by Tracy, but none by her second husband. Thus, all of the descendants of Gov. Bradford are by his second wife.

Bradford married his second wife, Alice Carpenter at New Plimouth Colony, 14 Aug 1623. This was the fourth marriage to occur within this colony. They had a daughter, Mercy (born before the 1627 Land Division) and two sons (who both carried on the Y-DNA of the Bradford family):

(Maj.) William (IV) born 17 Jun 1624. He was married four times and a total of 15 children, with 10 being sons.

Joseph born 1630. He married Jael Hobart (daughter of Rev. Peter) at Hingham 25 May 1664. They had three sons: Joseph, Elisha & Peter.

Previous Y-DNA testing

Previous Y-STR testing through the Mayflower Society[1] and the Bradford surname DNA project[2] has indicated that the Bradford lineage belongs to the Y haplogroup I-M253, which is quite common in Northern Europe and Northwestern Europe. Y Elite test results will be able to place the Bradford lineage more precisely within the broader I-M253 group.


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Summary of findings

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