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Status summary

Completed as of February 22, 2023:

  • Recruiting additional matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Anne Fitch, wife of Joseph Bradford for full mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact


Matrilineal Ancestry

The matrilineal line of Ann FITCH Bradford can be traced back several generations.

Elizabethe Whipple, daughter of Henry Whipple, was born abt 1536 and was buried St. Botolph, Aldgate, London 17 Mar 1624. She married Dickleburg, Norfolk 30 Jun 1561 William Herne. They had at least:

Elizabethd Herne, born Tibenham, Norfolk about 1560 and died Hingham, Nofolk 1616. She married abt 1581 John Lawrence (III). They had, among other children:

Annc Lawrence, born So. Elmham, Suffolk about 1582 and buried Hingham, Norfolk 30 Apr 1648. She married Hingham 21 May 1603 (Rev.) Robert Peck (III). They had, among other children:

Anneb Peck, baptized Hingham 18 Jun 1619 and died Norwich, CT abt 30 Jun 1672. She married, Hingham, MA Jul 1639 John Mason. They had, among other children:

Priscillaa Mason, born Norwich, CT Nov 1641 and died there after 1710. She married, Windsor, CT 2 Oct 1664 James Fitch. They had, among other children: Anne (see below).

First Generation

Anne Fitch, daughter of James Fitch and Priscilla MasonL[1] was born Norwich, CT 6 Apr 1675 and died there 17 Oct 1715. She married Norwich 5 Oct 1698 (Lt.) Joseph Bradford and they had ten children (Lebanon): Ann (1699), Joseph (1702), Priscilla (1702), Althea (1704-1704), Irene (1704-1704), Sarah (1706), Hannah (1709), Elizabeth (1712), Althea (1715) and Irene (1715).

Second Generation (all born Lebanon, CT)

Ann Bradford was born about 26 Jul 1699 and died Mansfield, CT 9 Oct 1788. She married Mansfield 15 Aug 1723 Timothy Dimmick and they had nine children:

Priscilla Bradford was born 9 Apr 1702 and died there 14 May 1778. She married 14 Jan 1725 Samuel Hyde (III) and they had nine children:

Sarah Bradford was born 21 Sep 1706 and died aft 25 Nov 1774. She married Norwich 9 Jun 1747 Israel Lathrop (II) and they had one child: Prudence (1748).

Hannah Bradford was born 24 May 1709 and died Hebron, CT aft 29 May 1749. She married Hebron 1730 Timothy Buell and they had seven children:

Elizabeth Bradford was born 21 Oct 1712 and died there 27 Jun 1808. She married Lebanon 12 Jun 1737 Andrew Lisk and they had eight children (Lebanon):

Althea Bradford was born 19 Sep 1715 and died 1798. She married abt 1739 David Hyde and they had eight children:

Irene Bradford was born 19 Sep 1715 and died 1785. She married Lebanon 18 Mar 1736 Jonathan Janes and they had eleven children:

Third Generation

  1. James and Priscilla had no other daughters.

DNA results H1j

Previous mtDNA testing

The WikiTree profile for Anne FITCH Bradford documents one mtDNA descendant who has published their mtDNA test results. They fall under the H1j haplogroup.

Lineage of tester

According to WikiTree, the line of descent from the mtDNA tester is as follows:

 Anne Fitch (1675-1715)
   Althea Bradford (1715-1798)
     Elizabeth Keyes Hyde (1758-1818)
       Lucy Hinckley (1782-1867)
         Olive Experience Hale (1809-1878)
           Lucy Hinckley Churchill (1828-1902)
             Jessie Fremont Hemenway (1856-1937)
               Mabel Royce
                 mother of tester

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WikiTree profile for Anne Fitch and her matrilineal descendants