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Status summary

Completed as of February 27, 2021

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of Samuel Seabury for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Still to do as of February 27, 2021

  • Determine whether there are any living Y-DNA descendants of Samuel Seabury.


First Generation

John Seabury of Boston died bef. 1662. He married Grace ____ and had several daughters and two sons: John (who moved to Barbadoes) and Samuel

Second Generation

Dr. Samuel Seabury was born Boston 10 Dec 1640 and died Duxbury 5 Aug 1681. He married twice, first Weymouth 9 Nov 1660 Patience Kemp (d. 1676). While they had seven children, they are not Mayflower descendants. One of their sons was John (see below) Samuel married second, 4 Apr 1677 Martha Pabodie (daughter of William Pabodie & Elizabeth Alden) and they had two children: Joseph (1678) and Martha (1679).[1]

Third Generation

(Dea.) John Seabury was born Duxbury 7 Nov 1670 and died Hempstead, NY 17 Dec 1759. He married 9 Dec 1697 Elizabeth Alden and they had eight children: David (1698 m. Abigail Seabury), John (1700-1700), Patience (1702), John (1704 m Esther Rogers) Samuel (1706 m. Abigail Mumford & Elizabeth Powell), Mary (1708), Sarah (1709) and poss. Nathaniel (1720 m Michal Williams).

(Lieut.) Joseph Seabury was born Duxbury 8 Jun 1678 and died Little Compton, RI 22 Aug 1755. He married twice, first Little Compton 25 Sep 1701 Phebe Smith and second Mary Ladd. By his first wife they had (born Little Compton): Samuel (1702 m. Lydia Ladd), Martha (1703/4), Joseph (1705 m Hannah ?Smith), Benjamin (1708 m. Rebecca Southworth), Sion (1713 m. Anna Butts & Dorcas Smith) and Mary (1715). By his second wife, they had: Phebe (1723), Martha (1724), Gideon (1726-b1759 unk. if m.), John (1727 m Mary Manchester), Elizabeth (1729), Sarah (1732) and Ichabod (1733/4 m. Temperance Pearce)

  1. Some references state there was a third (posthumous) child, but proof is currently lacking.

DNA results

Previous Y-DNA testing R1b-M269

The Seabury DNA Project currently only lists two 12 Y-STR kits, and they are a GD of 6 at 12 markers. Unknown if either of them are a patrilineal (all male line) descendant of Samuel Seabury. Both of these testers fell under R1b-M269, but with only 12 Y-STR markers tested, it is impossible to refine further.

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