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Status summary

Completed as of October 7, 2021:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Wybra HANSON Pontus for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Wybra Hanson[1] was probably born in or near Austerfield, Yorks. about 1587 (estimate based on date married) and died in Plymouth aft. 15 Dec 1633.[2] She married at Leiden 4 Dec 1610 William Pontus and they had at least two daughters[3] (Leiden): Mary and Hannah.

Second Generation

Mary Pontus was born Leiden before 15 Oct 1622[4] and died Plymouth 3 Feb 1689/90[5]. She married twice, first Plymouth 31 Oct 1645 James Glass and second, Plymouth before 17 Jan 1653/4[6] Philip Delano. By her first husband, Wybra had four children (Plymouth): Hannah (1647-1648), Wybra (1649), Hannah (1651) and Mary (1652). By her second husband, she had four more children (Plymouth): Jane (c1655), Rebeckah (1657), Samuel (1659) and another daughter, name unknown (c1661 no further record).

Hannah Pontus was born Leiden in 1623 and died Plymouth 22 Dec 1690. She married twice, first Plymouth 18 Dec 1644 John Churchill (III) and second, Plymouth 25 Jun 1669 Giles Rickard. She only had children by her first husband (Plymouth): Joseph (1647), Hannah (1649), Eleazer (1652), Mary (1654), William (c1656) and John (1657).

Third Generation

Wybra Glass was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) 9 Aug 1649 and died Middleboro 29 Dec 1711. She married bef 1669 Joseph Bumpus. They had at least three children: Wilborah (1672 m (Dea.) John Washburn, no children), Joseph (1674) and Penelope (1681 m Richard Everson).

Hannah Glass was born Plymouth 24 Dec 1651 and died Middleboro between 30 Aug 1704 - 9 Dec 1709[7] She married abt 1672 Isaac Billington and they had six children: Desire (c1675 m James Bonney), Lydia (c1677 m (Dea.) John Washburn, Eleanor (c1683 m Samuel Warren), Mary (c1685 m (Rev.) Elnathan Wood), Seth (c1687) and Isaac (c1693)

Jane Delano was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) about 1655. She may have been the Jane who married Duxbury abt 1687 Ebenezer Weston and she died Duxbury 13 May 1735. Ebenezer and Jane had five children: Mary (1688 m Joseph Simmons), Sarah (1689 m John Chandler, no children), Samuel (1690), Joseph (1691) and Abigail (1704 never marr.)

Hannah Churchill was born Plymouth 12 Nov 1649 and died there 29 Jul 1721. She married Plymouth abt 1672 John Drew and they had six children (Plymouth): Elizabeth (1672/3 m Benoni Delano), John (1676), Samuel (1678/9), Thomas (1681), Nicholas (1684) and Lemuel (1687).

Mary Churchill was born Plymouth 1 Aug 1654 and died Truro 6 Mar 1722. She married Plymouth Dec 1672 Thomas Doty and they had three children (Plymouth): Martha (c1673 m John White), Hannah (1675 m Jonathan Delano) and Thomas (1679).

  1. She is said to be related to William Bradford of Austerfield, but the nature of this relationship has not been discovered. She is NOT the daughter of Rev. John Hanson and Margaret Gresham (of Austerfield) as Margaret is said to have been born about 1536, so she would have been too old to have a child born circa 1587.
  2. She was named as a creditor of the estate of John Thorp (MD 1:160). She is believed to have died before her husband wrote his will (9 Sep 1650).
  3. Some undocumented sources claim other children. Needs more research.
  4. Leiden Census of this date listed family with only 1 daughter.
  5. Anderson, Pilgrim Migrations pp. 360-62.
  6. Named in two deeds her husband made (MD 5:91).
  7. Signed dower rights to deed-widow deeded homestead, no mention of wife.

DNA results TBD

To date, we know of no matrilineal (all female line) descendants of Wybra HANSON Pontus, who has taken a mtDNA test. Anyone who believes they are a matrilineal descendant (ie mother's mother's mother's etc.) is encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com.

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