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Status summary

As of 9 June 2018:

  • Recruiting Y-DNA descendants of William White for Y Elite test


Paper trail

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Recent research by Caleb Johnson, Susan Allen, & Simon Neal has determined William White was born in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England, the son of Edward White & Thomasine CROSS May.[1] William was an uncle to Dorothy May, who was the first wife of Gov. William Bradford.


William & Susanna had two sons before William's death.

Resolved was born in England, about 1615. He died sometime after September 19, 1687. He and his first wife were buried in Winslow Cemetery, Marshfield. He was married twice, but all of his children were by his first wife, Judith Vassall, daughter of William Vassall (married 5 Nov 1640 in Scituate). They had eight children born in Scituate between 1642 and 1656. They had three daughters and sons William (never married), John, Samuel, Resolved, & Josiah.

Peregrine was born aboard the Mayflower while it was anchored in what is now called Providence Harbor. He died at Marshfield on 20 Jul 1704. He married Sarah Bassett, daughter of William Bassett, before 6 Mar 1648/9 and had seven children. They had two daughters and a third child who apparently died young. Their sons were: Daniel, Jonathan, Peregrine, & Sylvanus.

Previous Y-DNA testing

Previous Y-STR testing[2] has suggested that William White belongs to the Y haplogroup R1b-M269, which is quite common in Western Europe. In addition, the DYS492=13 STR result is a predictor the family would likely fall under the U106 clade. Y Elite test results will be able to confirm this and place the White lineage more precisely within the broad R1b-M269 clade.


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Summary of findings

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