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Status summary

Completed as of Aug 7, 2022:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Hester/Esther Nickerson, wife of Jonathan White for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Hester/Esther Nickerson was born Yarmouth 16 or 24 Oct 1656, daughter of Nicholas Nickeson and possibly Hester/Esther Bassett. She died there 8 Feb 1702/3. Hester/Esther married Yarmouth 2 Feb 1683 Jonathan White[1] and they had seven children (Yarmouth): Esther (c1685), Elizabeth (unmarried in Jul 1736 will of her father), Jonathan (c1692), Sarah (unmarried in Jul 1736 will of her father), Ebenezer (1698), Mary (c1700) and Joseph (c1702).

Second Generation

Esther White was born Yarmouth about 1695 and died Warwick, RI 23 Jul 1738 "aged 53." She married twice, first Yarmouth 7 Nov 1707 John Joyce and second, Boston 25 Jun 1719 (Capt.) John Drake. By her first husband she had three children: John (c1708), Desire (1709/10) and Fear (1712/3). By her second husband she had two additional children: Elizabeth (1724/5) and Francis (1727).

Mary White was born Yarmouth sometime before her mother's death in Feb 1702/3. She died aft 22 Apr 1737. She had a boy out of wedlock Jonathan Dell (father unknown b Yarmouth 8 Nov 1719). She then married Yarmouth 14 Aug 1729 James Russell and they had four children (Yarmouth): James (1730), Job (1732), Barnabas (1734) and Mary (1737).

Third Generation

Desire Joyce was born Yarmouth 17 Jan 1709 and died East Greenwich, RI 18 Jul 1771. She married RI 1 Mar 1732/3 (Maj.) John Arnold and they had seven children: Phebe (1734 m Benjamin Clarke), Barbara (1735 m John Burton), John (1737), William (1739), Elizabeth (1741 unk. if marr.), Ann (1744 unk. if marr.) and Sarah (1747 unk. if marr.)

Fear Joyce was born Yarmouth 15 Feb 1712/3 and died Warwick, RI 10 Jun 1748. She married East Greenwich 9 Jan 1731/2 Christopher Smith and they had five children: Benjamin, Christopher, Job, Freelove (c1737 m Cyril Carpenter) and Phebe (1743 m Robert Rhodes).

Elizabeth Drake was born East Greenwich, RI 1 Mar 1724/5 and died Warwick, RI in 1768. She married twice, first East Greenwich 3 Apr 1743 William Corey and second, East Greenwich 15 Feb 1748 Thomas Corey. By her first husband she had two sons: William (1743) and Francis (1745). By her second husband she had four more children: Esther (1749 m Ebenezer Slocum), Daniel, John and Gideon (1757).

Mary Russell was born Yarmouth 22 Apr 1737 and died Maine about 1777. She married Gideon Hinckley and they had nine children: Seth (1758), Jane (1760), Joseph (1761), Mary (1763), Russell (1765), Jesse (1766), Experience (1768), Lucy (1770) and Joseph R (c1775).

  1. After his first wife's death, Jonathan married Elizabeth (Unknown) who died 12 Apr 1718. It is believed all of Jonathan's children were by his first wife, but this is currently unproven. mtDNA testing may help establish whether this was accurate.

DNA results TBD

To date, we know of no matrilinear (all female line) descendants of Hester/Esther Nickerson, wife of Jonathan White, has taken a mtDNA test and published their results. Matrilineal descendants are encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com