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Status summary

As of September 27, 2020

  • Page created for Judith Vassall, wife of Resolved White
  • Recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Judith (Vassall) White. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)



Judith Vassall was born in England about 1616[1] daughter of William Vassall[2] and Anna King (daughter of George King and Joanne Lorran[3] of Cold Norton, Essex, England).[4] Her father was one of the original Assistants to the Massachusetts Bay Company (which was formed in England prior to their emigration to Boston, MA)[5] While her father emigrated to form the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the Spring of 1630, likely aboard the flagship, Arabella[6], his wife and family (including Judith) waited until 1635, when they came over on the Blessing.[7] The family moved from the Boston area to Scituate in 1635, which is where she married Resolved White on 5 Nov 1640.[8] The White family moved to Marshfield, where Judith was buried 3 Apr 1670.[9]

Judith and Resolved had eight children[10]; five sons and three daughters (Anna, Elizabeth & Susanna)

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Second Generation

Anna White[1] was born Scituate 4 Jun 1649 and died at Concord, MA 25 May 1714. She married Concord 2 Jun 1671 to John Hayward. They had seven children; two sons and five daughters (Mary [1671- , m. Jonathan Fairbanks], Judith [1675-1748, m. Philip Goss], Mercy [1677-1762, m. John Willard], (poss.) Anna [1682- , m. Samuel Allen] and Susannah).

Elizabeth White[2] was born Scituate 4 Jun 1652 and died was living at Concord, MA as late as 10 Mar 1713. She married Concord, 17 Jul 1672 to Obadiah Wheeler (II). They had nine children; eight sons and daughter Elizabeth [1685-1725, m. Elisha Rice].

Susanna White was born Scituate in Aug 1656. The following note of Susanna is reported in a wikitree biography of her: There are no further records for Susanna White. A claim has been made that she married Uriah Johnson, grandson of Humphrey Johnson, settler in Woburn. The Mayflower Society investigated this. They found that Humphrey and Resolved White had some dealings, but none of them would indicate such a relationship. Further there doesn't seem to be a Uriah, grandson of Humphrey. Note the claim was supposed to have been made in The White Gen. published Concord 1896.

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mtDNA Results H6a1b2a

One mtDNA descendant of Judith (Vassall) White has taken a full mtDNA test and had their results posted to the Mayflower DNA Project. The family falls under Haplogroup H6a1b2a. According to Haplogroup.org, this haplogroup is roughly 1,750 years old (+/- 300 years or so). More information on this individual is needed. The person is encouraged to contact Raymond Wing (email wing DOT genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Thus, mtDNA results cannot solely be used to conclusively proves someone is a mtDNA descendant of Judith (Vassall) White, but it can be used to conclusively disprove such a relationship. In addition, we need another mtDNA descendant of Judith (hopefully descended from a different daughter than the original tester) to prove the original testers line is valid.

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