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Status summary

Completed as of November 1, 2020:

  • NGS/WGS testing of Y-DNA descendants of Thomas Thayer of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England and Braintree, Massachusetts.


First Generation

John Drew is said to have been born Sharpham, Somerset, England 9 May 1642, son of William Drew & Elizabeth Matthews. He died Halifax, MA 27 Jul 1741. He married Plymouth 1672 Hannah Churchill and they had (among other children) John and Samuel.

Second Generation

(Dr.) John Drew (II) was born Plymouth 29 Aug 1676 and died Halifax bef 11 Jul 1745. He married Middleborough 9 Jan 1705/6 Sarah Delano and they had six children (born Middleborough): John (c1703 m Susanna Bennett), Thomas (c1706 m Abigail Harris), Mary (c1707), Elizabeth (c1709), Jemima (c1715) and Abigail (1716).

Samuel Drew was born Plymouth 21 Feb 1678 and died Kingston 21 May 1739. He married twice, first Kingston 1701 Lydia _____ and second aft 1722 Ruth Delano. By his first wife he had eight children (not descended from any Mayflower passenger). Samuel & Ruth apparently did not have any children.

DNA results J-M172

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Drew Family Y-DNA Project Group: 0 - John of Plymouth et.al. currently has three individuals.[1] None of the three have done any Y-SNP testing, but one of the three has done Y-67 STR testing[2] Family Tree DNA predicts the family falls under Haplogroup J2, but plugging in the 67 STR markers into NevGen.org haplogroup predictor gives several results which fall under J-M172>M410>CTS7683>L26>PF5088>PF5125>Z2227>Z1846>M67>Z8147>PF5132>M92.[3]

NGS/WGS testing

NGS/WGS testing would confirm or refute this haplogroup assignment and likely refine it further.

  1. One of the individuals does not claim John Drew as their Most Distant Known Paternal Ancestor (MDKPA), but has the modal values for the 37 STR results of the two other individuals in this group, both known to be Y-DNA descendants of John Drew.
  2. This individual is the one who lists a different MDKPA, but their Y-DNA signature indicates he is a Y-DNA descendant of John Drew.
  3. NevGen gave the number 1 prediction as M92>CTS2906>S8230 with a 72.73% probability.

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