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Status summary

Completed as of October 8, 2020:

  • Recruiting direct male-line Rickardt descendants for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Still to do as of October 1, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple descendants of Rickard family to firmly place family clade as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines

Paper Trail

Early Generations in England and New England

Johnb Rickard[1] died before 1592. His wife Elizabeth died about 1599. They were the parents of

Johna Rickard[2] married Christian _____ who was buried 19 Aug 1632. They had at least three children: Mary, Giles (see below) and Henry.

Giles1 Rickard[3] He married at West Hatch, Somerset, 7 Jan 1623/4 England Judith (Cogan) King,[4] daughter of Henry Cogan & Joane Boridge. She was baptized at Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, Somerset 13 Jun 1594 and was the widow of William King.[5] The family came over on the Speedwell which sailed from Weymouth, Dorset, England in Apr 1637.[6] Judith died at Plymouth, 6 Jan 1661/2[7] Giles married twice more, but did not have any children by these later marriages. Giles and Judith had two sons: Giles and John (see below). Giles died at Plymouth (now Plympton) 1 Feb 1684, aged 87.[8]

Giles2 Rickard[9] was born in England about 1630 and died at Plymouth before 4 Dec 1702, when his inventory was dated.[10] He married at Plymouth 31 Oct 1651 Hannah Dunham.[11] Giles and Hannah had ten children including sons John (born c1652), Giles & Samuel.

John2 Rickard married at Plymouth 31 Oct 1651 Esther (Hester) Barnes.[12] They had a son John (II), born Plymouth 24 Nov 1657.

Descendants who married Mayflower Passengers

Two John Rickards, who were first cousins, both born in the 1650s at Plymouth had wives named Mary. One of the wives has been identified as Mary Cooke, daughter of Jacob Cooke & Damaris Hopkins, and granddaughter of Mayflower passengers Francis Cooke & Stephen Hopkins. It has been suggested (but not proven) where the other Mary was Mary Snow of Bridgewater, daughter of William Snow & Rebecca Brown and granddaughter of Mayflower passenger Peter Browne.

A good summary of current research on the two John Rickards and their wives appears online at: WeRelate.org "Family: John Rickard and Mary Cooke (2)"

(Deacon) John Rickard was the eldest child of Giles Rickard and Hannah Dunham. John was born at Plymouth about 1652.[13] He died at Plympton 11 Oct 1726. He married before 1677[14] to Mary _____. John & Mary had ten children; seven daughters and three sons (John, Joseph and Eleazer)

Giles Rickard (III)[15] was born about 1659 in Plymouth and died there 29 Jan 1709/10. He married 7 Nov 1683 Hannah Snow. Giles' will, dated 20 Dec 1709 fails to list any children, instead listing children of his siblings, so it appears this couple did not have any (surviving) children.

Samuel Rickard[16] was born at Plymouth 14 Jan 1662/3 and died at Plympton 7 Sep 1727. Samuel married 31 Dec 1689 Rebecca Snow. They had nine children; five daughters and four sons (Samuel, Henry, Elkanah and Eleazer)

John Rickard (II)[17] was born at Plymouth 24 Nov 1657 and died there 25 Mar 1712. John married by 1679[18] to a Mary, who may be the daughter of William Snow and Rebecca Brown. They had six children; three daughters and three sons (John [died young], John and James)

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DNA results

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Rickard DNA Project currently fails to identify the Most Distant Known Paternal Ancestor (MDKPA) for the testers, so it is impossible to say whether any of them are descendants of this Giles Rickard family.

Further needed testing

Rickard Y-DNA descendants are needed to do Next Generation Sequence/Whole Genome Sequence (NGS/WGS) DNA testing to identify the haplogroup for the family as well as try to further subdivide the descendants.

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