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Status summary

As of November 15, 2021

  • Page created for Sarah Cushman
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Sarah Cushman. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact

Paper Trail

First Generation

Sarah Cushman[1] was born about 1615. She was undoubtedly the "Sara Couchman" a (maid) servant to the family of Nathaniel Tilden of Tenterden, Kent, when this family emigrated aboard the "Hercules of Dover" in 1634. Sarah married 2 Nov 1636 William Hoskins and they had only one child Sarah.

Second Generation

Sarah Hoskins was born Plymouth 16 Sep 1637 and died Taunton 31 May 1711. She married Plymouth 4 Dec 1660 Benjamin Eaton and they had at least seven children: Benjamin (b1663), William (b1669), Hannah (c1670), (poss.) Susannah (c1672), Ebenezer (c1674), Rebecca (c1676), Sarah (c1678) and Experience.[2]

Third Generation

Hannah Eaton was born about 1670 and died Dartmouth 3 Apr 1729. She married Dartmouth abt 1691 William Soule and they had eleven children (Dartmouth): William (1692), Hannah (1694), George (1695), Benjamin (1698), Mary (1698/9), Joseph (1701), Sarah (1703), Alice (1705/6), Samuel (1708), Jonathan (1710) and Deborah (1711/2).

Susannah Eaton[3] was born about 1672 and died Rochester 24 Oct 1733. She married three times: First Dartmouth abt 1694 George Soule, second Rochester 3 Feb 1704 Peter Oliver and last Joseph Lisby/Lisbe (no children by this last marriage). By her first husband she had one child (Dartmouth): Mary (1694). By her second husband Susannah had one child: Joseph (1706).

Rebecca Eaton was born Plymouth about 1676 and died Plympton 13 Nov 1770 "in her 95th years"[4] She married Plymouth 21 Nov 1699 Josiah Rickard and they had six children (Plympton): Giles (1700), Benjamin (1702), Josiah (1703), Desire (1706), Rebecca (1708) and David (1711).

Sarah Eaton was born Plymouth about 1678 and married by 1698 Eleazer Rickard. They had six children (Plympton): Sarah (1698), Judith (1701), Lydia (1704), Tabitha (1707), Joanna (1709) and Eleazer (1712).

  1. It is believed she was somehow related to Robert Cushman who was one of the Pilgrim leaders, but the exact nature of this relationship is currently unknown.
  2. TAG 38:189
  3. Need PROOF Susannah was daughter of Benjamin & Sarah (Hoskins) Eaton.
  4. gravestone, Hillcrest Cemetery.

mtDNA Results

To date, no known matrilineal (all female line) descendants of Sarah Cushman have come forward and provided their mtDNA results for analysis. Individuals who believe they are matrilineal descendants of Sarah (ie persons who believe their mother's mother's mother's etc. mother was Sarah) are encouraged to contact and take a full mtDNA test for analysis.

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