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Status summary

Completed as of February 20, 2023:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Abigail Ballou, wife of John Dunham for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact


Data primarily based on the Deacon John Dunham online genealogy

First Generation

Abigail Ballou (Baillou, Barlow, etc.) daughter of Thomas Ballou married (as his second wife) (Dea.) John Dunham[1] at Leiden 22 Aug 1622. The family moved to Plymouth Colony before 1633. Abigail and John had eight children: Samuel (c1623), Jonathan (c1625), Abigail (c1627), Joseph (c1630), Hannah (c1632), Persis (c1635), Benajah (c1637) and Daniel (c1639).

Second Generation

Abigail Dunham was born Leiden about 1627 and died Eastham 17 Aug 1684. She married Plymouth 6 Nov 1644 Stephen Wood alias Atwood and they had: Abigail (1645), John (c1647-1648), Hannah (1649), Eldad (1651), Stephen (c1655), Medad (1658) and Daniel

Hannah Dunham was born Plymouth about 1632 and died there 1 Apr 1709. She married Plymouth 31 Oct 1651 Giles Rickard "Jr." and they had ten children: John (1652), Giles (c1654), Abigail (1655), Judith (1657), Samuel (1662), Eleazer (1665), Henry (c1667), Josiah (1671), Hannah and Marcy.

Persis Dunham was born Plymouth about 1635 and died there 1 Oct 1702. She married twice, first Plymouth 29 Nov 1655 Benajah Pratt and second Plymouth (Lakenham, now Carver) Aug 1683 Jonathan Shaw (no children). By her first husband she had nine children:[1] Jonathan (c1656), Abigail (1657 no further record), John (c1659), Benajah (c1663), Joseph (c1665 prob. d.y.), Mehitable (c1667), Eleazer (c1672), Joseph (c1678) and Daniel (c1680).

Third Generation

Abigail Atwood was born Plymouth Aug 1645 and died bef. 3 Mar 1689/90[2]. She married Plymouth 2 Nov 1664 Jonathan Pratt[3] and they had seven children: Abigail (1665 m Samuel Hall "Jr." but no ch.), Bathsheba (1666/7), Jonathan (1668/9), Hannah (1671), Jabez (1673), Meletiah (1676) and Bethia (1679).

Hannah Atwood was born Plymouth 14 Oct 1649 and died Eastham 29 Mar 1729. She married Eastham 3 Jan 1677 Jeremiah Smith and they had four children: Mercy (1678), Abigail (1681), Jeremiah (1685) and Hannah (1691).

Abigail Rickard was born 1655 and died about 1740. She married bef 1676 James Whiton (Whiting/Whiston) and they had: John

Judith Rickard was born abt 1657. She married 3 Jan 1677 Joseph Faunce and they had nine children: Hannah (1678), Mary (1681), John (1683), Mercy (1686-1687), Mehitable (1689), Joseph (1693), Eleazer (1695/6), Thomas (1698) and Benjamin (1703-1704).

Hannah Rickard died No. Yarmouth, ME 26 Apr 1755. She married 2 Nov 1701 Ebenezer Eaton and they had six children: Ebenezer (1702), Benjamin (1704 d.y.), Mercy (1705/6), Elisha (1708), Gideon (1711/2) and Joanna (1716).

Marcy Rickard was born 1680 and died 21 Jun 1709, probably unmarried.

Mehitable Pratt was born Plymouth 1667 and died Plympton 19 Oct 1712. She married Plymouth 29 Dec 1687 Jonathan Shaw and they had ten children:

  1. Some sources have additioanl children: Persis (c1669) and Hannah (1671).
  2. Date widower remarried.
  3. After Abigail's death, Jonathan married Elizabeth WHITE Hall.

DNA results TBD

To date, we know of no matrilineal (all female line) descendants of Abigail Ballou, wife of John Dunham, who has taken a mtDNA test. Anyone who believes they are a matrilineal descendant (ie mother's mother's mother's etc.) is encouraged to contact

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