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Status summary

Completed as of October 29, 2020:

  • Recruiting additional patrilineal (all male-line) Moses Simmons descendants for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact

Still to do as of October 29, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple Simmons descendants to firmly place family clade as well as discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


For more information see: History of the Simmons Family (1857, 1930) and Descendancy of Moses Symonson

First Generation

Moses Symonson, Simmons, etc. was a child of Dutch Church members at Leiden. His father may possibly have been Simon Mooses of Leiden.[1] Moses died at Duxbury between 17 Jun 1689 - 10 Sep 1691.[2] He came to New Plimouth Colony in 1621 aboard the Fortune. He was married about 1632 to Sarah (likely) Chandler. They had seven children: Rebecca (c1635 m. John Soule), Moses (c1638), Mary (c1638 m. Joseph Alden), John (c1646), Sarah (1648), Elizabeth (1651) and Aaron (c1653).

Second Generation

Moses Simmons (II) was born in Duxbury about 1639 and died there 18 Mar 1676. He married bef 1664 Patience Barstow. They had six children: Moses (1666, unm.), John (1667), Sarah (c1670), Aaron (1672), Job (1674) and Patience (c1675).

John Simmons was born in Duxbury about 1644 and died there bef 9 Feb 1715/6. He married there 16 Nov 1669 to Mercy Pabodie. They had nine children: John (1669/70), William (1671/2), Isaac (1673/4), Martha (1677), Benjamin (c1680), Joseph (1682), Rebecca (c1684), Joshua (1688) and Moses (1690/1).

Aaron Simmons was born in Duxbury about 1653 and died at Scituate 12 Mar 1718. He married at Scituate 24 Dec 1677 Mary Woodworth. They had seven children: Rebecca (1679), Moses (1681/2), Mary (1683/4), Elizabeth (1686), Ebenezer (1689), Lydia (1693) and poss. Joseph/Jesse.

Third Generation

John Simmons was born Scituate (now Hanover) 15 Mar 1667[3] He married Taunton 14 Dec 1697 Hannah Hathaway and they had five children: Lydia (1700), Noble (1704 m Margaret ____), Hannah (c1707), Constant (1710 m Lydia Phillips) and Martha (c1715).

Aaron Simmons baptized Scituate[4] 4 Aug 1672 and died Middleborough 8 Aug 1757. He married there Feb 1716 Martha Cobb, daughter of Rachel Soule and they had four children: David (1717 unk. if marr.), Aaron (1719, unk. if marr.), Patience (1723) and Martha (1729).

Job Simmons baptized Scituate[5] 4 Oct 1674 and died Halifax 26 Sep 1761. He married 15 Jun 1700 Hannah Bishop and they had at least two children: John (1714 m Hopestill Stetson & Mary Delano) and Job (1720 m Abigail Parris).

John Simmons (II) was born Duxbury 22 Feb 1669/70 and died Berkeley, SC before 6 Aug 1739. He married twice, first Little Compton (now in RI) 9 Jul 1702 Abigail Richmond (d. Oct 1702, no ch.), then Duxbury 4 Nov 1715 Susanna Tracy. By his second wife, John had four children (Duxbury): John (1716 m Joanna Bosworth), Ruth (1719), Joel (Jehiel) (1722/3 m Deborah Loring & Rhoda Stetson) and Leah (1728).

William Simmons was born Duxbury 24 Feb 1671/2 and died Little Compton, RI 13 Dec 1765. He married Little Compton 1 Oct 1696 Abigail Church and they had twelve children (Little Compton): Mercy (1697), William (1699 m Mary Pearce), Lydia (1700), Joseph (1702 m Rebecca Wood), John (1704 m Comfort Shaw), Abigail (1706), Rebecca (1708), Mary (1709), Benjamin (1713 m Mary Taylor), Ichabod (1714/5 m Experience Pearce), Peleg (1716 m Mary Brownell) and Sarah (1718).

Isaac Simmons was born Duxbury 28 Jan 1673/4 and died about 1750. He married Duxbury 1696 Martha Chandler and they had four children: Deborah (1696), Sarah (1699), Isaac (1701 m Abigail English & Lydia Cushing) and Priscilla (1709).

Benjamin Simmons was born Duxbury about 1679 and died there before 2 May 1748. He married three times, first Duxbury 3 Jan 1705 Lora(h) Samson, then Duxbury 7 Jul 1717 Priscilla Delano and finally aft Feb 1747 Hannah ___ (no children by this last wife). By his first wife, Benjamin had six children (Duxbury): Mercy (1706), Zachariah (1708 m Deborah Bishop), Benjamin (1710 m Fear Samson), Abraham (1713 unm.), Content (dau, 1715) and Hannah (1718). By his second wife, Benjamin had four more children (Duxbury): Betty (1720), Aaron (1724 m Sarah Holmes), Priscilla (1727) and Abiah (dau, 1730).

Joseph Simmons was born Duxbury about Sep 1682 and died there 30 May 1761. He married Duxbury 8 Feb 1709 Mary Weston) and they had four children (Duxbury): Nathaniel (1711 m Mercy Simmons), Rebecca (1713), Sarah (1718) and Jedediah (1725 m Lydia Soule).

Joshua Simmons was born Duxbury 15 May 1688 and died there 15 Jan 1774. He married Duxbury 4 Apr 1728[6] Sarah Delano.

Moses Simmons was born Duxbury about 1690 and died there 21 Jun 1761. He married Duxbury 26 Mar 1718 Rachel Samson and they had ten children (Duxbury): Mercy (1720), Ichabod (1722 m Lydia Soule & Mercy Chandler), Lydia (1724), Noah (1728-1737), Deborah (1732), William (1736 m Hannah Peirce), Anne (1739), Dorothy (1741), Lemuel (1743 unk. if marr.) and Abigail (1745).

Moses Simmons was born Scituate 24 Feb 1681/2 and died 30 Aug 1767. He married Scituate 1 Jan 1711/2 Rachel Cudworth and they had five children (Scituate): Moses (1718 m Abigail Merritt), Aaron (1720 unk. if marr.), Rachel (1723), Betty (1728) and Sarah (1735).

Ebenezer Simmons was born Scituate 10 Jun 1689 and died at Scituate. He married 1714 Lydia Kent and they had nine children: Abigail (c1715), Joshua (1717 m Elizabeth Dillingham), Lydia (1719), Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Samuel, Ruben (1726 m Sarah Lincoln), Peleg and Mary.

  1. Jeremy D. Bangs, "Moses Simons of Leiden," New England Ancestors 5 (2004): 3:54-55. However, Bangs readily admits there are problems with this tentative identification. Simon had a son Moses baptized 26 Jul 1623 (which was after the Fortune sailed to New Plimouth in 1621).
  2. Date of his will - date inventory of his estate was taken.
  3. baptized 16 Mar 1667(/8) Second Church of Scituate (now First Unitarian Church of Norwell).
  4. Second Church of Scituate, now First Unitarian Church of Norwell.
  5. ibid.
  6. In Dec 1728 Joshua and his wife were fined for fornication. This indicates Sarah was likely pregnant before they married, but if a child was born, nothing further is known of it. No other children are know (MF5G 16 part I p. 19)

DNA results TBD[1]

Previous Y-DNA testing

One individual in the Simmons Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project Group: "Hap'group R1b1a2 - Not matching at a reasonable level in this project - need others to upgrade" stated Moses Simmons was their Most Distant Known Paternal Ancestor (MDKPA). This individual has not done any SNP testing and has only done Y37 STR testing. FTDNA predicted this individual falls into the R1b-M269 Haplogroup and the Nevgen Haplogroup Prediction tool was unable to refine the haplogroup any further.

HOWEVER, this individual has a break in their "paper-trail" genealogy and may not be a Y-DNA descendant of Moses Simmons (Symonson).

Further needed testing

We need patrilineal (all male-line) descendants of Moses Simmons to WGS/NGS test to confirm and further refine the haplogroup placement.

  1. Conflicting information found in the Mayflower DNA Project Group: XX - Hopkins, Stephen YDNA/FF Tests has one individual also claiming Moses (Simmons) Symonson as their MDKPA, but their Y-67 STR result was predicted by FTDNA to fall under Haplogroup I-M253. HOWEVER, they are a 65/67 STR match to the Winslow family, so it appears likely a Non-Paternal Event (NPE) occurred.

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