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Status summary

Completed as of October 31, 2020:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line Abraham Sampson descendants for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

Still to do as of October 31, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple Abraham Sampson descendants to firmly place family clade as well as discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

Abraham Sampson was baptized at Campton, Bedfordshire, England 14 Aug 1614, son of Laurence Sampson[1] and Mary Shabery. He died shortly before 1701. Abraham first appears in New England in a Dec 1638 record at Duxburrow (Duxbury). He is believed to have married twice, his first wife being an unidentified daughter[2] of Lt. Samuel Nash and his second (unknown) wife. It is believed his first two children (Samuel & Elizabeth) were by his first wife and the other five children (Mary, George, Abraham, Isaac & Judith) by his second wife.

Second Generation

Samuel Sampson was born about 1646 in Duxbury and died in King Philip's War in 1675. He married Esther ____[3] about 1669. They had three children: Samuel, Mary & Ichabod.

George Sampson was born about 1655 and died at Plympton 26 Jul 1739, "in his 85th year (gravestone). He married abt 1678 Elizabeth Sprague. They had ten children: Joseph, Abigail, Judah/Judith, Ruth, Benjamin, Martha, George, Elizabeth, William & Seth.

Abraham Sampson was born about 1658 and died between 2 Aug 1725 - 4 Sep 1727. He married Lorah Standish about 1680. They had seven children: Nathaniel, Abraham, Miles, Rebecca, Ebenezer, Sarah & Grace

Isaac Sampson was born about 1661 and died between 3-26 Sep 1726 in Plympton. He married Lydia Standish (intentions 26 Oct 1686). They had nine children: (Unknown), Isaac, Jonathan, Josiah, Lydia, Ephraim, Peleg, Priscilla & Barnabas.

Third Generation

Samuel Sampson (II) was born Duxbury 10 Apr 1672 and died Middleborough 10 Sep 1744. He married twice, first Middleborough 29 May 1695 Hazadiah Eddy and second aft 1722 Mercy Eddy By his first wife, Samuel had five children (Middleborough): Mary (c1700), Obadiah (c1701), Gershom (c1703), Esther (1706) and Ichabod (1710).

Joseph Sampson was born Plymouth (now Plympton) 14 Jul 1679 and died there 15 Oct 1726. He married Plymouth 22 Apr 1706 Ann Tilson and they had five children: Deborah (1706), Judith (1708), Wealthea (1712), Jedediah (1714) and Susanna (1716).

Benjamin Sampson was born Plymouth (now Plympton) 19 Sep 1686 and died there 22 Jul 1762. He married Plymouth 4 May 1710 Margaret Parker and they had four children: Thomas (1710/1), Benjamin (1712), Ruth (1716) and Philemon (1720).

William Sampson was born Plymouth (now Plympton) 8 Jul 1695 and died 1745. He married 24 Aug 1721 Joanna Vaughn and they had at least: Zerviah

Seth Sampson was born Plymouth (now Plympton) 22 Dec 1697 and died Middleborough 14 May 1770. He married Plympton 19 Mar 1723 Ruth Barrows and they had nine children: Jemima (1725), Keziah (1728), Elizabeth (1731) and Isaachar (c1734), Abner (1737), Hannah (c1741), Levi (1743), Lucy (1745) and Seth (c1747).

Nathaniel Sampson was born Duxbury about 1682 and died there bef 6 Nov 1750. He married Duxbury 19 Jan 1703 Keturah Chandler and they had eight children: Noah (1704/5), Perez (1706), Fear (1708), Robert (1712), Samuel (1716), Keturah (1719), Anna (1723) and Abner (1726).

Abraham Sampson (III) was born Duxbury about 1686 and died there 17 Nov 1775. He married twice, first Dartmouth 1713 Patience Samson and second, aft 2 Jun 1726 Mary ____ (no children). By his first wife he had: Ruth (1713), Hannah (1715), Rebecca (1718), James (1719/20), Abraham (1721), Stephen (1722), Henry (1724) and Penelope (1726).

Miles Sampson was born Duxbury about 1690 and died there 26 Nov 1784. He married Duxbury 28 Apr 1713 Sarah Studley and they had eight children: Andrew (1714), Alice (1716), Joseph (1719), Sarah (1723), Deborah (1726), Beriah (1728), Miles (1731) and Judah (son, 1735).

Ebenezer Sampson was born Duxbury about Mar 1696 and died there 25 Nov 1778. He married Duxbury 23 Apr 1728 Zeruiah Soule and they had eight children: Rachel (1728), Joanna (1732), Ebenezer (1734), Zerviah (1735), Abigail (1738/9), Eunice (1740), Nathan (1744) and Hannah (1747).

Isaac Sampson

Jonathan Sampson

Josiah Sampson

Ephraim Sampson

Peleg Sampson

Barnabas Sampson

  1. Lawrence was said to be the son of John Sampson and therefor brother to James Sampson who was the father of Pilgrim Henry Samson.
  2. Some sources state her name was Esther, but it does not appear there is any contemporary evidence for this name, except for the fact the name is fairly common in descendants.
  3. She may have been Esther Delano

DNA results I2-BY526

Previous Y-DNA testing

Since Abraham Sampson shares a paternal grandfather with Pilgrim Henry Samson, his Y-DNA clade would be closely related to Henry's clade. Two Y-DNA descendants of Henry and two Y-DNA descendants of Abraham have taken Big Y tests and both of them fall under the following clade: I2a2a I-M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS1977>Y4946>BY526 (Y8935)>Y12052>FTB708. The descendants of Henry fall under the FTB4532 subclade of FTB708 while the descendants of Abraham fall under the FTB635 subclade of FTB708.

Further needed testing

We need direct male-line Abraham Sampson descendants to WGS/NGS test to to delineate descendant clades.

References & External Links

The American Genealogist vol. 56, pp. 141-45. "Henry Sampson's Paternal Grandfather" by Robert Leigh Ward.

Abraham Sampson descendants report (by the Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred)