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Status summary

As of December 30, 2015:

  • No straightforward opportunities for advanced Y-DNA testing
  • Low priority

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Summary of findings

It would appear that there are no known direct patrilineal descendants of Degory Priest and his wife Sarah Allerton, since their two known children (Mary and Sarah) were both female.

Still, there remains the opportunity for characterizing his Y-DNA through descendants of other paternal relatives. Even so, such a link would likely be tenuous since it would seem that the identity of Degory Priest's relatives in England carries some uncertainty.

Paper Trail

For more information see: Townsend, Charles Delmar, Robert S. Wakefield and Margaret Harris Stover, re-edited by Margaret Harris Stover, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: Vol. 8 Priest

Degory Priest was born about 1581.[1] Recent research[2] identified Degory Priest[3] as an "obstinate Brownist" who was arrested in London in 1609. He soon moved to Leiden where he married the widow Sarah ALLERTON Vincent on 4 Nov 1611 (Media:NL-LdnRAL_AR_1004_198_007.jpg.jpg, transcription). Degory came alone on the Mayflower and died the first winter.[4] His widow married Godbert Godbertson and they moved to Plymouth Colony (with her two daughters by Degory) in 1623 (aboard the Anne"").

Degory Priest and Sarah ALLERTON Vincent had two children (Leiden): Mary (c1613) and Sarah (c1615). As he had no sons, there are no surviving patrilineal (Y-DNA line) descendants for DNA testing.

  1. He deposed Apr 1619 about 40 years old, but also deposed Sep 1619 36 years old.
  2. Allen, Sue, Caleb Johnson and Simon Neal, "Degory Priest, “Obstinate Brownist” of London: A Clue to the Origins of the Mayflower Passenger", New England Historical and Genealogical Register 175:293-98.
  3. Some have suggested he was the "Degorius Prust" son of Peter, baptized Hartland, Devon 11 Aug 1582. However, this is now unlikely with the new London research.
  4. Mayflower passenger deaths 1620-1621.

To do

  • Additional paper-trail research might allow additional Y-DNA testing candidates to be identified

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