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Status summary

Completed as of March 13, 2021:

  • Recruiting direct male-line Robert Sprout/Sproat descendants for SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)


First Generation

The birth and antecedents for Robert Sprout is currently unknown.[1] He was called "emigrant settled in Scituate" in the Samson (vol. 20) Mayflower "Silver Book". He died in Middleborough between 23 Nov and 11 Dec 1712.[2] Robert married about 1661[3] Elizabeth Samson and they had eight children (born Scituate): Mercy (1662), Elizabeth (1664), Mary (1666), Robert (1669-1690 unm.), Anna (1671/2), James (1673/4), Ebenezer (1676) and Hannah (1680)

Second Generation

James Sprout was born Scituate Feb 1673/4 and was living in Middleborough as late as 13 Jul 1752. He married twice, first Scituate 5 Jun 1712 Elizabeth Southworth and second 8 Jan 1728/9 Rachel BUCK Dwelly. He had no children by his second wife, but by his first wife he had four children (first two Scituate, last two Middleborough): Robert (1713 d.y.), Robert (1715), Mercy (1719) and Nathaniel (1723).

Ebenezer Sprout was born Scituate May 1676 and died Middleborough 28 Sep 1726. He married Yarmouth 1 Mar 1703/4 Experience Hawes and they had five children (born Scituate): Thankful (1705), Abigail (1709), Mary (1715), Ebenezer (c1717) and James (1721).

Third Generation

Robert Sprout/Sproat was born Scituate 1 Jan 1715 and died Middleborough 11 Jun 1797. He married thrice, first Middleborough 2 Feb 1737/8 Hannah Samson, second there 10 Dec 1741 Hannah Southworth, and third Taunton 27 Oct 1785 Mercy KING Smith. Robert only had children by his second wife (born Middleborough): Zebedee (1741/2 m Elizabeth Robinson, Hannah Walker & Joanna Pierce), Samuel (1743/4, d. young), Robert (1748 m. Hannah Leonard) and Hannah (c1760).

Nathaniel Sprout was born Middleborough 19 Aug 1723 and living at Hardwick 18 Jun 1799. He married Middleborough 16 Feb 1743/4 Esther Thrasher and they had seven children (last six born Hardwick): Michael (c1747 m. Lydia Warner), James (1749 m. Molly Whittemore), Nathaniel (c1751 m Azubah Cummings), Robert (c1754 m Betsey Lincoln), Ebenezer (c1757 m Mary Thayer & Meriam Barnes), Samuel (c1760 d. unm.), Hannah (c1762), Mercy (c1765), Abigail, Nathan (1763 m Lucinda Dana), Lemuel (1765 d. unm.)

Ebenezer Sprout (II) was born Scituate abt 1717 and died Middleborough 23 Jan 1786. He married Middleborough 8 Jun 1749 Bathsheba Wood and they had eight children (born Middleborough): Mary (1750), Ebenezer (1752 m. Catharine Whipple, only had 1 daughter), Bathsheba (1754), Thomas (1756, m. Mary "Polly" Briggs), James (1758 m. Ann/Nancy Dennis), Abigail (1761-1763), Samuel (1763 d. unm.) and Earl (1768 m ____).

James Sprout/Sproat was born Scituate 11 Apr 1721 and died Philadelphia, PA 14 Nov 1793. He married abt 1744 Sarah Smith and they had twelve children (born Guilford, CT): Sarah (1746-1746), Samuel James (1747-1751), Hannah (1749), James Samuel (1750-1751), Olive (1752) Nancy (1754-1793), William (1756 m. Maria Thompson), Clarissa (1758-1759), Ruth (twin 1760), Sarah (twin 1760), John (1762 d unm) and Anne (1765).

  1. Some claim he emigrated on the Hercules in 1634 from Ubye, Kent, England. However, he was not released from his indenture until 1658, so he appears to be too young to have immigrated as early as 1634.
  2. will dated - proved
  3. First child born in Jul 1662

DNA results TBD

As of 13 Mar 2021 the Sproat DNA Project does not have any Y-DNA descendants of Robert Sproat/Sprout of Middleborough.

Anyone who believes they are a Y-DNA descendant of Robert is encouraged to contact Raymond Wing: email wing (DOT) genealogist (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

External links and References

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