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Status summary

Completed as of March 13, 2021:

  • Recruiting direct male-line Thomas Oldham (III) descendants for SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)


It appears the Y-DNA line from Thomas Oldham (III) died out in the fourth generation, with no Y-DNA males in the fifth generation. However, it there are some gaps in many of the family records, so future discoveries may uncover a survivng Y-DNA line. In addition, it is likely there are living Y-DNA descendants of William Oldham, the paternal great-grandfather of Thomas Oldham (III), so the Y-DNA of this family may possibly be uncovered in the future.

First Generation

Thomas Oldham (III) was born Scituate 30 Oct 1660, son of Thomas Oldham (II) and Mary Witherell. Thomas (III) died likely at Scituate bet. 21 Feb 1733 (will) - 24 Jan 1734 (presented). He married there 27 Jun 1683 Mercy Sprout and they had ten children (born Scituate): Joshua (1684), Mary (1686), Mercy (1689), Elizabeth (1691), Abigail (1693), Anna (1695/6), Desire (1697/8), Thomas (1698/9), Caleb (1701/2) and Grace (1703/4).

Second Generation

Joshua Oldham was born Scituate 20 Sep 1684[1] and died aft 17 Nov 1758.[2] He married twice, first Barnstable 12 May 1715 Mehitable Gorham and second aft 25 Mar 1752[3] Batsheba BROCK Bradford. Joshua only had one child by his first wife, a daughter Mehitable bp. 1717 so no surviving Y-DNA descendants.

Thomas Oldham (IV) was born Scituate 30 Jan 1698/9 and died there 23 Jul 1735. He married Marshfield 8 May 1727 Desire Wormall and they had two children: Thomas (c1730) and Patience (c1735).

Caleb Oldham was born Scituate 27 Jan 1701/2 and was living 21 Jun 1785 (ack. deed). He married Marshfield 21 Oct 1724 Bethiah Stevens. They likely had seven children: prob. Sarah, John (1745), Oliver (d. 1759 unm), Bethia (c1742), Betty, Peleg and Hannah.

Third Generation

Thomas Oldham (IV) was prob. born Scituate abt 1730.[4] He married int. Marshfield 22 Dec 1752 Jane Rogers and they had: Jane (c1753), Lydia (c1755), poss. Betsey (c1758), Patience, Desire (c1764), Eunice (c1765), Thomas (c1765-1775). Thus there are no surviving Y-DNA descendants of Thomas.

John Oldham was born likely at Marshfield or Duxbury about Sep 1745 and died Pembroke 5 Mar 1822 aged 76 years and six months. He married Hanover 28 Apr 1776 Lydia Silvester. They apparently had no surviving children.

Peleg Oldham was born likely at Marshfield or Duxbury about 1746 and died aft 1820[5] He married Duxbury 29 Nov 1764 Anna Simmons and they had four children (born Duxbury): Mercy (1768), Josiah (1769 m Zerviah/Sophia Simmons, but appears to only have had one daughter), Caleb (1772-1772) and Anna (1773).

  1. baptized 3 Aug 1686
  2. He acknowledged a deed
  3. int. at Scituate. Int. at Kingston on 21 Mar 1752.
  4. baptized Second Church with father & sister 25 Jul 1735
  5. enumerated at Waldoboro, Maine in the 1820 Census.

DNA results TBD

As of 13 Mar 2021 the OldhamDNA Project does not have any Y-DNA descendants of Thomas Oldham.

Anyone who believes they are a Y-DNA descendant of Robert is encouraged to contact Raymond Wing: email wing (DOT) genealogist (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

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