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Status summary

As of September 26, 2020

  • Page created for Faith Clarke, second wife of Edward Doty
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Faith (Clarke) Doty. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)



Faith Clarke was born about 1619, the daughter of Thurston Clarke & Faith Loes.[1][2] The family left the port of Ipswich, Suffolk, England at the end of April 1634 aboard the ship Francis and arrived in Plymouth sometime during the summer. Faith married Edward Doty at Plymouth on 6 Jan 1634/5.[3] They continued to live in Plymouth until her husband's death on 23 Aug 1655. She married second, Plymouth, 14 Mar 1666/7 John Phillips.[4] She was buried at Marshfield on 21 Dec 1675.[5]

Edward and Faith had nine children; six sons and three daughters (Desire, Elizabeth and Mary).

Second Generation

Desire Doty[6] was born about 1645 and died at Marshfield 22 Jan 1731, aged 86.[7] She married three times, first to William Sherman 25 Dec 1667 Marshfield[8] Her second marriage was Marshfield 24 Nov 1681 to Israel Holmes.[9] Her final marriage by 1689 was to Alexander Standish, son of Mayflower passenger Myles Standish.[10]

Desire and her first husband (William Sherman) had six children; two sons and four daughters (Hannah [1669-1745, m. William Ring], Elizabeth [1671-1695 never married], Patience [1674-b1723, m. Josiah Wormall] & Experience [1678-1744 m. Myles Standish]) Desire and her second husband (Israel Holmes) only had two sons. Desire and her third husband (Alexander Standish) had three children; two sons and one daughter (Desire [1689-1766 m. Nathan Weston])

Elizabeth Doty was born about 1646.[11] She married Marshfield 13 Jan 1674/5 John Rowse[12] She died after 1705.[13] John Rowse and Elizabeth Doty only had one son, who died in infancy.

Mary Doty was born about 1653.[14] She married sometime after 10 Jul 1677 to Samuel Hatch.[15] She died 13 Jun 1728[16] Samuel Hatch and Mary Doty only had one daughter, Hannah [1682-1771, m. Japhet Turner. It is believed they only had one son, Japhet].[17]

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mtDNA Results

To date, no known mtDNA descendants of Faith (Clarke) Doty (Phillips) have publicly stated they have taken a mtDNA test. Individuals who believe they are mtDNA descendant of Faith (in other words, folks who believe their mother's mother's mother's etc. mother was Faith) are encouraged to contact Raymond Wing (email: wing DOT genealogist AT gmail DOT com) and take a full mtDNA test as well as allow their results to be analyzed.

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