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Status summary

Completed as of October 1, 2020:

  • Recruiting direct male-line Richard Wright descendants for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Still to do as of October 1, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple descendants of Richard Wright to firmly place family clade as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

Richard Wright is said to have been born 9 Jun 1609[1] presumably in England and died at Plymouth 9 Jun 1681 "about two hours after being 83 years old."[2] This statement of Richard's age at death has not been verified by this compiler.</ref> Richard married Plymouth in Nov 1644 Hester (Esther) Cooke. They had six children: Adam, John, Esther, Isaac, Samuel & Mary. John, Isaac & Samuel are all said to have died in King Philip's War, unmarried, so the Y-DNA is only carried via son Adam.

Second Generation

Adam Wright was born in Plymouth about 1645 and died in Plympton 20 Sep 1724. He married twice, first about 1678 to Sarah Soule, and after her death bef 1699 to Mehitable Barrow. By his first wife he had six children: Esther (c1679), John (c1681), Mary (c1684), Isaac (1686), Rachel (1689) & Sarah (c1692). By his second wife he had four sons: Samuel (1699), Moses (c1703), James (c1707) & Nathan (1711).

Third Generation

John Wright was born in Plymouth about 1680-81 and died 31 May 1774 in his 94th year.. He married Plympton 20 May 1708 Mary Lucas and they had six children (Plympton): Esther (1709/10), John (1711 m Mary Comer), Repentance (dau 1713), Benjamin (1715/6 unm), Sarah (1719) and Adam (1724 m Ruth Samson & Sarah STANDISH Tinkham)

Isaac Wright was born in Plymouth 19 Jan 1685/6 and died Plympton 11 Jan 1766. He married Plympton 19 Dec 1717 Mary Cole and they had five children (Plympton): Susannah (1719-1736/7), Joseph (1721 m Sarah Brewster), Mary (1726), Rachel (1732) and Isaac (1736 m Faith Chandler).

Samuel Wright was born Plymouth in 1699 and died Plympton 5 Jan 1773 in his 74th year. He married Plympton 2 Aug 1722 Anna Tilson and they had seven children (Plympton): Ruth (1723-1723), Ruth (1723/4-1724), Sarah (1726), Samuel (1728 m Abigail Standish), Edmund (1730 m Desire Weston), Jacob (1733 m Deborah Torrey) and Lydia (1736).

Moses Wright was born Plymouth about 1703 and died Plympton aft Dec 1761. He married (int. Plympton 12 Jan 1733) Thankful Boles and they had three children (Plympton): Hannah (1735), Ebenezer (1736/7 m Anna Tripp) and Moses (1739 nfr).

James Wright was born Plymouth about 1707 and died Plymouth aft Jun 1778. He married Plympton 17 Nov 1731 Elizabeth Waterman and they had two children (Plympton): James (b1747 m Mercy Rickard) and poss. Perez (c1751 m Sarah Rickard & Lucy Dunbar)

Nathan Wright was born at Plympton 12 May 1711 and died Kingston bef 7 Apr 1762. He married Kingston 7 Dec 1736 Hannah Cooke (a descendant of Francis Cooke & Stephen Hopkins) and they had six children: Nathan (1737-1748), Zadock (1739-1748), Tabitha (1740/1), Hannah (1743), Priscilla (1746-1746) and Lydia (1749/50).

  1. See death
  2. Mass and More Genealogy blog on Richard & Hester

DNA results R-FT415155

Previous Y-DNA testing

As of 1 Oct 2020, the Wright Y-DNA Project lists four individuals who have STR tested under their "R - M269 - Family Group 17: R-P312>ZZ11>DF27>Z195>Z198>CTS4188>BY178203>BY91889>BY178000>FT415155".[1] Two of the individuals have Big Y tested.

Further needed testing

More Y-DNA descendants of Richard Wright are needed to do Next Generation Sequence/Whole Genome Sequence (NGS/WGS) DNA testing to further refine the haplogroup for the family as well as try to further subdivide the descendants.

  1. While one individual does not have the Wright surname, he is a 66/67 match to the Wright family STR values, so it is virtually certain he also descends in a Y-DNA line from Richard Wright.

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