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Status summary

Completed as of October 10, 2020:

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of Ephraim Tinkham for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Still to do as of September 29, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test actual descendants of Ephraim Tinkham to discover wheir subclade as well as possible descendants lines.


First Generation

(Sgt.) Ephraim Tinkham is said to have been born on 6 Jan 1616 in or near Ashburton, Devonshire, England.[1] Ephraim died at Middleborough sometime between the date of his will (17 Jan 1683 probated 5 Jun 1685) and his inventory (dated 20 May 1685) Ephraim married at Plymouth, 27 Oct 1647, to Mary Browne. They had eight children; one daughter and seven sons (Ephraim, Ebenezer, Peter, Helkiah, John [died young], John and Isaac)

Second Generation

Ephraim Tinkham (II) was born Plymouth 5 Aug 1649 and died at Middleborough 13 Oct 1714. He married (intentions Plymouth 9 Jun 1676) Esther/Hester Wright, daughter of Richard Wright & Hester Cooke (daughter of Mayflower Passenger Francis Cooke). They had six children (Middleborough): Martha (1678), John (1680), Ephraim (1682), Isaac (1685), Samuel (1687) and Mary (bp 1691).

Ebenezer Tinkham was born Plymouth 30 Sep 1651 and died at Middleborough 8 Apr 1718. He married before 7 Jul 1676 Elizabeth Burrowes and they had seven children; three daughters & four sons (Ebenezer, Jeremiah, Peter and Shuball)

Peter Tinkham was born Plymouth 25 Dec 1653 and died at Middleborough 30 Dec 1709. He married Mercy Mendall about 1690 and they had at least four children; two daughters & two sons (Samuel and Seth)

Hezekiah/Helkiah Tinkham was born Plymouth 8 Feb 1655[/6] and died at Plymouth before 1731. He married about 1684 Ruth ?Cooke and they had nine children; three daughters & six sons (Helkiah, John, Jacob, Caleb, Ebenezer and Peter)

John Tinkham was born Plymouth 15 Nov 1663 and died at Dartmouth before 15 January 1739/40. He married[2] Sarah _____ before 1720 and they had five children; two daughters & three sons (John, Peter and Hezekiah)

Isaac Tinkham was born Plymouth 11 Apr 1666. He married Plymouth 17 Nov 1692 to Sarah King. They had no (surviving) children.

Third Generation

John Tinkham was born Middleborough 22 Aug 1680 and died there 14 Apr 1766. He married Middleborough 11 Dec 1716 Hannah Howland and they had ten children (Middleborough): Cornelius (1717-1739 unm), John (1719 m Jerusha Vaughan), Esther (1721), Hannah (1723), Susannah (1724/5), Abisha (1727 m Hannah Benson but only had 1 dau.), Amos (1729 m Sarah Tinkham), Mary (1731/2) (Sgt.) Seth (1734-1758 unm) and Zilpah (1737).

Ephraim Tinkham (III) was born Middleborough 7 Oct 1682 and died there 11 Jul 1713. He married Middleborough 24 Jun 1708 Martha Cobb and they had two children (Middleborough): Moses (1709-1730 unm) and Ephraim (1711/2-1730 unm).

Isaac Tinkham was born Middleborough "last of" Jun 1685 and died Halifax 7 Apr 1750. He married Middleborough 12 Dec 1717 Abijah Wood and they had six children (Middleborough): Ephraim (1718-1734/5 unm), Isaac (1720 m Hannah Robbins), Noah (1722 m Sarah Porter), Nathan (1725 m Sarah Soule), Abijah (dau 1727/8) and Moses (1730/1-1750 unm).

Samuel Tinkham was born Middleborough 19 Mar 1687 and died there 16 Mar 1775 aged 87 years. He married twice, first Middleborough Patience Cobb (no ch.) and second Middleborough 22 Mar 1730/1 Melathiah Eddy and they had eight children (Middleborough): Ephraim (1733 m Sarah Standish), Patience (1734/5), Samuel (1737-1747), Silas (1739 m Lydia SAVERY Smith), Fear (1740/1), Martha (1743), Lois (1745) and Sarah (1748).

Ebenezer Tinkham

Jeremiah Tinkham

Peter Tinkham

Shuball Tinkham

Samuel Tinkham

Seth Tinkham

(Helkiah, John, Jacob, Caleb, Ebenezer and Peter)

(John, Peter and Hezekiah)

  1. Familypedia profile of Ephraim Tinkham it is said his parents were John Tincombe (son of Robert & Katharine) and Mathias {sic} Beare. This article also states other sources have Ephraim baptized at Barnstaple, Devonshire on 23 Feb 1618 or born about 1606. He served as a servant to Timothy Hatherly in 1634 and was a servant to John Winslow in 1642. Most servants are aged 25 and under, but there are exceptions.
  2. Some claim John had a first wife Hannah _____ who died at Dartmouth 6 Oct 1694 and they had a son Seth who died in 1725. This claimed marriage does not have any contemporary evidence and likely is false.

DNA results

Previous Y-DNA testing

Currently Family Tree DNA does not have a Tinkham surname DNA Project, but have six individuals with the Tinkham surname who have purchased a DNA test.

Further needed testing

We would need Y-DNA descendants of Ephraim Tinkham to take NGS/WGS tests to pin down the haplogroup, as well as possibly define subclades for various branches of the family.

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