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Status summary

Completed as of October 17, 2021:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) Elizabeth HENCHMAN Vaughan descendants for full mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Elizabeth was baptized at St. Peter's Church, Martley, Worcestershire 13 Jul 1634, daughter of Edmund Hinksman/Henchman and Elizabeth ___. She died Boston 14 Jul 1687. Elizabeth married Marshfield 1652 to George Vaugh(a)n and they had seven children: Elizabeth (1653), Joseph (1654), Daniel (c1656), John (1658), Mary (1660), Mercy (c1664) and George (c1670)

Second Generation

Elizabeth Vaugh(a)n was born Marshfield 8 Apr 1653 and died Middleborough 29 Oct 1727. She about 1676 married Isaac Howland and they had eight children: Seth (1677), Isaac (1679), Priscilla (1681), Elizabeth (1682-1685), Nathan (1686/7), Jael (1688), Susanna (1690) and Hannah (1694).

Mary Vaugh(a)n was baptized Scituate 1 Jun 1660 and died Bridgewater 20 Jun 1727. She married twice, first Bridgewater 1683 Jonathan Washburn and second aft 1718 Richard Godfrey (no children). By her first husband Mary had eleven children: Elizabeth (1684), Josiah (1686), Benjamin (1688), Ebenezer (1690), Martha (1692), Joanna (1693), infant dau. (1696), Nathan (1699), Jonathan (1700), Cornelius (1702) and Mary (c1705).

Mercy Vaugh(a)n was born about 1664. She married Joseph Due bef 1694 but it is currently unknown if they had any children.

Third Generation

Priscilla Howland was born Middleborough 22 Aug 1681 and died there 3 Mar 1746. She married Bridgewater 1700 Peter Bennett and they had eleven children: Elizabeth (1701 m John Darling), Isaac (c1703), Joseph (1704), Susanna (1707 m John Drew [II]), Peter (1709), Priscilla (1711 m John Miller [III]), Anna (1713-1714/5), Jedediah (m 1715), Jael (1717 m Abiezer Edson), Nathan (1720) and Deborah (1722/3 unk. if marr.)

Jael Howland was born Middleborough 13 Oct 1688 and died there 9 Nov 1745. She married abt 1709 Nathaniel Southworth (II) and they had six children: Fear (1709/10 m Joseph Leonard), Ichabod (1711), Hannah (1714 m Robert Sprout [II]), Gideon (1718), Samuel (1721/2) and Nathaniel (1728/9).

Susanna Howland was born Middleborough 14 Oct 1690 and died there 1 Oct 1720. She married bef 1710 Ephraim Wood and they had five children: Josiah (1710), Samuel (1712/3), Ephraim (1714/5), Rebecca (1717 m Robert Bartlett (II)) and Isaac (1718/9).

Hannah Howland was born Middleborough 6 Oct 1694 and died there 25 Mar 1792. She married Middleborough 11 Dec 1716 John Tinkham and they had ten children: Cornelius (1717), John (1719), Esther (1721 m Elisha Vaughan), Hannah (1723 m Joseph Vaughan, John Weston & David Sears), Susannah (1724 m James Cobb), Abishai (son 1727), Amos (1729), Mary (1731 m Edmund Weston (IV)), Seth (1734) and Zilpah (1737 unk if marr).

Elizabeth Washburn was born Bridgewater 12 Oct 1684 and died there 9 Mar 1765. She married Bridgewater 4 Dec 1710 John Benson and they had six children: Susanna (c1711 m Jonathan Cushman), Elisabeth (c1714 unk if marr), Mary (c1716 unk if marr), Jonathan (c1618), Benjamin (c1720) and Hannah (c1722 m James Dunbar)

Martha Washburn was born Bridgewater 27 Feb 1691/2 and died Rehoboth aft 10 May 1745. She married Rehoboth 19 Jun 1731 Edward Martin and had at least one child: Lois (1733 m Joseph Barney).

Joanna Washburn was born Bridgewater 12 Oct 1693. It is currently unknown if she ever married.

Mary Washburn was born Taunton about 1704 and died in Attleboro. She married Attleboro 13 Apr 1728 Daniel Shepardson and they had at least three children: John (1728/9), Stephen (c1732) and Zephaniah (1733).

DNA results TBD

Previous mtDNA testing

To date, no known direct female line descendants of Elizabeth HENCHMAN Vaughan are known to have done mtDNA testing and published their results. Anyone who believes they descend in a direct female line (ie mother's mother's mother's etc mother) is encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

References & External Links

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