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Status summary

Completed as of March 13, 2021:

  • Recruiting direct male-line William Holmes descendants for SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)


First Generation

William Holmes was born in the vicinity of Sandwich, Kent, England circa 1592 and was died 8 Nov 1678 (buried at Marshfield 9 Nov "86 years old"). He emigrated as a servant to William Hatch aboard the Hercules (passenger list dated 17 Mar 1634/5). He married Scituate by 1638 married Elizabeth ____.[1] Among their children were Josiah and Abraham Holmes.

Second Generation

Josiah Holmes was born Scituate about 1638 and died Duxbury aft 8 May 1721. He married Duxbury 20 Mar 1665/6 Hannah Samson and they had six children (born Duxbury): Hannah (1667), Dorcas (1669), Josiah (1672, no further record), Mary (1674), John (1678) and William (1679/80).

Israel Holmes was baptized Scituate 14 Apr 1661 and died Plymouth 24 Feb 1684. He married Marshfield 25 Nov 1681 Desire DOTY Sherman and they had two children (born Marshfield): Israel (1682) and John (1684).

Third Generation

John Holmes was born Duxbury 28 May 1678 and died Hanover 29 Mar 1756. He married twice, first Marshfield 11 May 1710 Joanna Sprague and second Pembroke 25 Nov 1714 Susannah RANDALL Stetson. By his first wife John had Mary (1713-1713). By his second wife he had: John (1715), Mary (1717), Deborah (twin 1719), Ruth (twin 1719), Abigail (1720/1), Lemuel (1723), Jacob (1726) and Nathaniel (1729).

William Holmes was born Duxbury 17 Jan 1679/80 and died Halifax 13 May 1760. He married Pembroke 22 Nov 1715 Bathsheba Stetson and they had (first six born Pembroke): William (1716), Hannah (1717/8), Simeon (1721), Jane (1724), Lydia (1726), Hezekiah (1727/8), Zebulon (1730), Molly (1731) and Zilpha.

Israel Holmes (II) was born Marshfield 17 Feb 1682 and died there 8 Sep 1760. He married Elizabeth Turner and they had two children: Israel & Josiah (c1705)

John Holmes was born Marshfield 15 Jun 1684 and died Plympton 6 Apr 1754. He married thrice, first Plymouth 7 Oct 1709 Sarah Church, second bef 1719 Jeanne Sprague, and third Marshfield 8 Sep 1720 Sarah Thomas. By his first wife John had: Desire (1712), Israel (1713), Deborah (1716/7) and John (1719). He had no children by his second wife, and by his third wife John had: Thomas (1720), Sarah (1722), Samuel (1724), Lydia (1729), Ruth (1735) and John (1738).

  1. Some sources give her maiden name as Madden, but no citation.

DNA results TBD

As of 13 Mar 2021 the Holmes DNA Project does not have any Y-DNA descendants of William Holmes.

Anyone who believes they are a Y-DNA descendant of William Holmes is encouraged to contact Raymond Wing: email wing (DOT) genealogist (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

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