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Status summary

Completed as of February 25, 2021

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of Humphrey Turner for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)
  • Turner DNA Project, Group 29 Administrator of this project has been contacted for information on Y-DNA Haplogroup of this family.

Still to do as of February 25, 2021

  • NGS/WGS test results for descendants of Humphrey Turner to confirm assignment as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

Humphrey Turner was born in England in 1593 and died died in Scituate in 1673. He married Sandon, Essex 24 Oct 1618 Lydia Gaymer and they had eight children including John "Sr." and "Young" John.

Second Generation

John Turner "Sr." was believed to be the eldest child, baptized Terling, Essex 24 Mar 1621 and died prob. Scituate bet. 28 Apr 1695 - 20 May 1697.[1] John married Plymouth 10 Nov 1645 Mary Brewster (daughter of Jonathan and granddaughter of Elder William Brewster). John and Mary had thirteen children (born Scituate): Jonathan, Joseph, Joseph, Ezekiel, Lydia, John, Elisha, Mary, Benjamin, Ruth, Isaac (d. young), Grace and Amos.

"Young" John Turner was born England about 1624 and died Scituate in 1687. He married Ann James and they had eight children including Japhet

Third Generation

Jonathan Turner was born Scituate 20 Sep 1646 and died Hingham 18 Apr 1724. He married three tines, first Scituate bef 2 Dec 1678 Martha Bisbee, second, Scituate bef 27 Oct 1690 Mercy Hatch and third Scituate 12 Sep 1721 Lydia HAYDEN Vinton. By his first wife, Jonathan had five children (born Scituate): Deborah (1678), Jemima (1680), Isaac (1682 m. Ruth Turner), Keziah (1685) and Jonathan (1687-1687). By his second wife he had six children (born Scituate): Mercy (1690), Ruth (1693/4), Ignatius (1697/8 m. Elizabeth Wilson), Martha (1700), Jesse (1704 m. Grace Dwelley & Mary Neal) and Mary (1706). Jonathan had no children by his third wife.

Joseph Turner was born Scituate 12 Jan 1649 and died there 13 Feb 1723/4. He married Hingham 19 Nov 1674 Bathsheba HOBART Leavitt and they had three children (born Scituate): Margaret (1677), Bathsheba (1679) and Joseph (bp 1682, d. young).

Ezekiel Turner was born Scituate 7 Jan 1650/1 and died New London, CT 19 Jan 1703/4. He married New London 26 Dec 1678 Susanna Keeney and they had twelve children (born New London): Sarah (1682), Sarah (1683), Susanna (1685), Mary (1686), Ruth (1688), Lydia (1690), Grace (1692), Hannah (1694), Elizabeth (1696), Ezekiel (1698/9 m. Theoda Williams & Borodel Dennison), Lucretia (1701) and Abigail (1702/3).

John Turner was born Scituate 30 Oct 1654.[2] and died there 22 Mar 1706. He married bef 29 Jun 1690 Abigail Patteshall and they had eight children (born Scituate): Abigail (1690), Joseph (d. 1693/4), John (1695 never married), Margaret (1696/7), Lydia (1699), Richard (1702 m Ruth Foster), Deborah (1704) and Abel (1706 m. Elizabeth Robinson).

Elisha Turner was born Scituate 8 Mar 1656 and died there 24 Apr 1700. He married Scituate 6 Jun 1687 Elizabeth Jacob and they had six children (born Scituate): Elisha (1688-1688), Mary (1690), Elizabeth (1692), Jael (1694-1694/5), Jael (1696) and Elisha (1700 m. Ruhama Arnold).

Benjamin Turner was born Scituate 5 Mar 1660/1 and prob. died there bet. 10 May 1731 - 21 Feb 1734. He married Scituate 14 Apr 1692 Elizabeth Hawkins and they had seven children (born Scituate): John (1692/3 m. Mercy Bartlett), Joseph (1694 m. Elizabeth Starr), Grace (1695), Benjamin (1698 m. Mercy Turner), William (1698 m. Abigail Church), Hawkins (1704 m. Lusanna Starr) and Elizabeth.

Amos Turner was baptized Scituate 4 Jun 1671 and died there 13 Apr 1739. He married twice, first Scituate 6 Apr 1695 Mary Hiland (who was the mother of all of his children) and second Scituate 19 Nov 1730 Hannah GILL Clapp. By his first wife Amos had eight children (born Scituate): Amos (1695 m. Elizabeth Stockbridge), Jane (1697), Anne (1699), Ezekiel (1700/1 m. Bathsheba Stockbridge & Ruth Randall), Mary (1702 d.y.), Mary (1704), Seth (1705 m. Mehitable Gould) and Lydia (1707).

Japhet Turner was born Scituate 9 Feb 1650 and died May 1690. He was the father of Japhet Turner (II).

Fourth Generation

Japhet Turner (II) was born Duxbury 4 Jan 1682 and died bef 1711. He married about 1704 Hannah Hatch and they had one child: Japhet (1704 m. Elizabeth Morse).

  1. land granted to him - date inventory taken
  2. but said to have been baptized 29 Oct

DNA results I-M253

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Turner family DNA project currently (as of February 25, 2021) does not publicly display their Y-DNA results. They do list their groupings under https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/turnerdnaproject/about/results and it lists four individuals (with two tracing back to Humphrey Turner) under Group 29. The Administrator of this project has stated this group (descendants of Humphrey Turner) fall under Haplogroup I-M253 and no one in this group has done any Y-SNP testing.

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