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Status summary

Completed as of May 6, 2021:

  • Recruiting additional matrilineal (direct female-line) Lucretia (Oldham) Brewster descendants for full mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Lucretia Oldham was baptized at All Saints Church, Derby 14 Jan 1600/1, daughter of William Oldham and Philippa Sowter. Lucretia died at Brewster's Neck, Norwich (now Preston) 4 Mar 1678/9. She married at New Plimouth Colony 10 Apr 1624 Johnnathan Brewster and they had eight children: William (1624/5), Mary (1627), Johnnathan (1629), Ruth (1631), Benjamin (1633) , Elizabeth (1637), Grace (1639) and Hannah (1641).

Second Generation

Mary Brewster was born New Plimouth Colony 16 Apr 1627 and died Scituate aft 23 Mar 1697/8[1] She married Plymouth 12 Nov 1645 John Turner "the Elder"[2] and they had thirteen children (born Scituate): Jonathan (1646), Joseph (1647/8-1647/8), Joseph (1648/9), Ezekiel (1650/1), Lydia (1652/3), John (1654), Elisha (1656/7), Mary (1658), Benjamin (1660/1), Ruth (1663), Isaac (1665), Grace (1668) and Amos (1671).

Ruth Brewster was born Jones River (now Duxbury) 3 Oct 1631 and died New London, CT 1 May 1677. She married twice, first New London 14 Mar 1651 John Pickett and second 16 Jul 1668 New London Charles Hill. By her first husband, Ruth had six children (born New London): Mary (c1652), Ruth (c1654), John (1656), Adam (1658), Mercy (1660/1) and William (1670). By her second husband, Ruth had five more children (New London): Jane (1669 unm.), Charles (1671), Ruth (1673-1673), Jonathan (1674) and infant son (1677-1677).

Elizabeth Brewster was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) 1 May 1637 and died New London, CT Feb 1706. She married twice, first 7 Sep 1653 New London, Peter Bradley and second abt 1676[3] Christopher Christophers. By her first husband Elizabeth had at least four children (New London): Elizabeth (1654/5), Hannah (1656), Peter (1658), Lucretia (1661) and poss. William (c1662). By her second husband Elizabeth had: John (1668), infant (1673-4) and poss. Hannah (c1677).

Grace Brewster was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) 1 Nov 1639 and died New London, CT 22 Apr 1684. She married New London 4 Aug 1659 (Capt.) Daniel Wetherell and they had nine children (born New London): Hannah (1659/60), Mary (1662-1662), infant/stillborn son (c1663), infant/stillborn son (c1664), infant/stillborn son (c1665), infant/stillborn son (c1666), Mary (1668), Daniel (1670/1) and Samuel (1679-c1680).

Hannah Brewster was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) 3 Nov 1641 and died of Groton, CT Dec 1711. She married twice, first New London 23 Dec 1664 Samuel Starr and second New London bef 8 May 1690 James Morgan (II) (no children by this marriage). By her first marriage Hannah had four children (New London): Samuel (1665), Thomas (1668), Comfort (son 1671) and Jonathan (1673/4).

Third Generation

Lydia Turner was born Scituate 24 Jan 1652/3 and died there 20 Jun 1714. She married twice, first Scituate abt 1676[4] to John James then Scituate 20 Apr 1680 William Barrell. By her first husband she had one child (Scituate): John 10 Jan 1676/7. By her second husband Lydia had five more children (Scituate): Mary (bp 1681 d.y.), William (1683), Lydia (1684 m. Samuel Stockbridge), Mary (1686 m. James Cushing) and James (1687).

Mary Turner was born Scituate 10 Dec 1658 and died Hull 10 Dec 1738. She married Hull 23 Dec 1679 Isaac Prince and they had eleven children (Hull): Alice (1680 m. Edward Foster), Isaac (1682), Elisha (1684), Mary (1685 m. Joseph Goold), David (1687), Jacob (1690), James (1692), Joseph (1694), Caleb (1695), Ruth (1698 m. Joseph Soper) and Honor (dau 1701 m. Francis Loud II).

Ruth Turner was born Scituate in 1662 and died Duxbury 8 Oct 1729. She married twice, first Scituate 23 Dec 1685 Thomas Prince then Scituate 3 Oct 1701 Israel Sylvester. By her first husband Ruth had five children: Thomas (1686), James (1687), Ruth (1690-1690), Margaret (1690/1-b1704), Benjamin (1693/4) and Job (1695). By her second husband Ruth had three more children: Ruth (1701 m. Francis Cooke (II), Samuel Ring & John Phinney), Israel (son 1705) and Grace (1706 m. Isaac Partridge).

Grace Turner was born Scituate 2 Aug 1668 and died New London, CT 1 Jun 1734. She married New London 3 Sep 1691 Richard Christophers and they had eleven children (New London): Joseph (1692), Mary (1694 m. John Gray & Jonathan Prentice), Jonathan (1696), Grace (1698 m. John Coit), infant son (1699), Lydia (1701 m. Daniel Coit), Berrie (son 1703), Ruth (1705 m. Daniel Deshon), Joanna (1706/7 m. Benejah Leffingwell & John Dyer), Lucretia (1709 m John Henry Braddick) and Lucy (1711 m. Jonathan Douglas & Guy Palmes).

Mary Pickett was born Plymouth abt 1652 and died New London, CT 13 Jan 1734/5. She married New London 10 Apr 1672 Benjamin Shapley and they had eight children (New London): Ruth (1672 m. John Morgan II), Benjamin (1675), Mary (1677 m. Joseph Truman), Joseph (1681), Ann (1685 m. Thomas Avery, Jonathan Russ & James Morgan), Daniel (1689), Jane (1694 m. Joshua Appleton) and Adam (1697).

Ruth Pickett was born Plymouth abt 1653 and died Lyme, CT 14 Sep 1690. She married Lyme 1673 Moses Noyes and they had four children (Lyme): Moses (1678), Ruth (1681 m. James Wadsworth), Sarah (1683 m. Timothy Mather) and John (c1687).

Mercy Pickett was born New London 16 Jan 1661 and died there 25 Nov 1725. She married twice, first New London 1 Nov 1682 Samuel Fosdick then New London 6 Dec 1703 John Arnold. By her first husband Mercy had eight children (New London): Samuel (1683-1683), Samuel (1684), Mercy (1686 m. Thomas Jiggles), Ruth (1689 m. James Tilley), Annah (1691 m. Thomas Latham), John (1693), Thomas (1696) and Mary (1699 m. Richard Sutton). By her second husband, Mercy had two more children: Ruhamah (1704 m. Elisha Turner & Daniel Ely) and Lucretia (1706 m. Nathaniel Saltonstall & John Proctor).

Elizabeth Bradley was born CT 16 Mar 1654 and died New London. She married there 22 Sep 1670 Thomas Dimon (II) and they had six children: Elizabeth (1672 m. Robert Latimer III), Thomas (1675), Moses (1677), Ruth (1680 m. Benjamin Shapley) and John (1686).

Hannah Bradley was born New London, CT 17 Sep 1656 and died aft 3 Sep 1725. She married abt 1676 Andrew Lester and they had three children: Jonathan (1678), Hannah (1685 m. James Forsyth) and Samuel (1686).

Lucretia Bradley was born 16 Aug 1661 and died New London 7 Jan 1691. She married 26 Jan 1681 Richard Christophers and they had four children: Christopher (1682), Richard (1685), Peter (1687) and John (1690).

(likely NOT) Hannah Christophers[5] is said to have been born New London about 1675 and died Preston 24 Oct 1728. She is said to have married bef 1700 Daniel Geer and had six children: Daniel (1700), John (1703), Christopher (1706), Ebenezer (1709), William (1713) and Thankful (1721 m. Edward Wheeler).

Hannah Wetherell was born New London, CT 21 Mar 1660 and died there 16 Sep 1689. She married 26 May 1680 Adam Pickett and they had three children (New London): Adam (1681), John (1685) and Hannah (1689-b1719 unm.)

Mary Wetherell was born New London 7 Oct 1668 and died there 22 Aug 1711. She married twice, first 4 Nov 1690 Thomas Harris then Stonington 1693 George Denison. By her first husband she had one child: Mary (1690 m. Walter Butler). By her second husband she had eight children: Grace (1695 m. Edward Hallam), Phebe (1697 m. Gibson Harris), Hannah (1699 m. John Hough), Borodell (1701 m. Jonathan Latimer), Daniel Raymond (1703), Wetherell (1705), Ann (1707 m. Jabez Hough & Samuel Richards) and Sarah (1710 m. William Douglas).

  1. She acknowledged a deed on this date.
  2. John had a brother John Turner "the Younger".
  3. Elizabeth had two children by Christopher Christophers before his first wife died and they remarried.
  4. Estimate, based on child born Jan 1676/7.
  5. Her mother had a surviving daughter, Hannah, by her first husband. It is unlikely she would give the same name to a second child. The surname of the wife of Hannah, wife of Daniel Geer is uncertain. Some claim she was Hannah Christophers. It is possible mtDNA testing may help settle this issue. See [1]

DNA results

Previous mtDNA testing

To date, no one who has identified themselves as being a matrilineal (all female line) descendant of Lucretia Oldham has publicly revealed they have mtDNA testing. This testing may help identify some branches of the family.

References & External Links

  • Anderson, Robert Charles, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633), New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA 1995