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Status summary

Completed as of February 26, 2021

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of Samuel Starr for further SNP testing - anyone Y-DNA descendants interested in testing should contact Raymond Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)
  • Starr Stoehr Stair Family DNA Project Y-DNA Haplogroup R (Comfort Starr) explored


First Generation

Dr. Thomas Starr was the son of Comfort Starr[1] and Elizabeth Watts. Thomas was baptized Ashford, Kent 31 Dec 1615 and died (before his father) Charlestown 26 Nov 1658. He married Rachel ______. Among their children were Samuel and Benjamin.

Second Generation

Samuel Starr was born prob. Yarmouth bef. 1641 and died prob. New London bef. 2 Feb 1687/8. He married New London 23 Dec 1664 Hannah Brewster (daughter of Johnnathan and granddaughter of Elder William Brewster) and they had four children (born New London): Samuel (1665-1687 unm.), Thomas (1668), Comfort (1671 d.y.) and Jonathan (1673/4).

Benjamin Starr was born Yarmouth 6 Feb 1647/8 and died prob. New Haven bef. 30 Apr 1678. He married New Haven 23 Dec 1675 Elizabeth Allerton[2] (granddaughter of Isaac Allerton & Fear, d/o Elder William Brewster). Benjamin and Elizabeth only had one child, Allerton (1677, d. y.).

Third Generation

Thomas Starr was born New London 27 Sep 1668 and died 30 Jan 1711/2 (bur. Morton-Avery Cem. Groton). He married New London 1 Jan 1694/5 Mary Morgan[3] and they had seven children (born New London [now Groton]): Mary (1696), Hannah (1698), Thomas (1700-1701), Jerusha (1705), Rachel (1705), James (1708 m. Hannah _____) and Thomas (1711 m. Jerusha Street).

Jonathan Starr was born New London 23 Feb 1673/4 and died Groton 26 Aug 1747. He married New London 12 Jan 1698/9 Elizabeth Morgan[4] and they had ten children (born Groton, which was separated from New London in 1705): Samuel (1699 m. Ann Bushnell), Elizabeth (1701), Jonathan (1705 m. Mary Seabury), Lucy (1708), Hannah (1710) Joseph (1713 m. Elizabeth Avery), Vine (1716 m. Mary Street), Richard (1718 m. Priscilla Smith), Mary (1722) and Katherine (1724 n.f.r.).

  1. ancestry well documented in Ballou, Hosea Starr, Early Starrs in Kent & New England, Boston, 1944
  2. Elizabeth married second New Haven 22 Jul 1679 Simon Eyers.
  3. Mary married second aft 14 Dec 1717 William Pabodie (II).
  4. Elizabeth married second Norwich 20 Sep 1749 Thomas Adgate

DNA results[1]

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Starr Stoehr Stair Family DNA Project Y-DNA Haplogroup R (Comfort Starr) currently lists three individuals. None have done Y-SNP testing. Two have done Y-37 STR testing and the third has done Y-67 STR testing. FTDNA has predicted they fall under R1b-M269. The NavGen Haplogroup predictoor was unable to further refine the Y-67 STR result. Since DYS492=12 it is likely the family falls under R-P312 (rather than U106 which has a strong modal value of DYS492=13).

NGS/WGS testing of the family would be able to further refine their haplogroup.

  1. One Y-DNA descendant published his DNA line at: wikitree family tree for Starr

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