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Status summary

Completed as of March 20, 2022:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Hannah HUCKINS Howland for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact


For more information see: White, Elizabeth Pearson, John Howland of the Mayflower, volume 2 (son John Howland), Picton Press, Camden, ME. 1993

First Generation

Hannah Huckins was born Barnstable 14 Oct 1653, daughter of Thomas Huckins and Rose ____ Hillyer, and died Barnstable 13 Feb 1727/8. She married Barnstable 24 Feb 1673 James Gorham and they had eleven children (Barnstable): Desire (1674), James (1676/7), Experience (1678), John (1680), Mehitable (1683), Thomas (1684), Mercy (1686-1689), Joseph (1689 unm.), Jabez (1690/1), Silvanus (1693 unm.) and Ebenezer (1695/6).

Second Generation

Desire Gorham was born in Barnstable 9 Feb 1674/5 and died probably in Chatham before Jan 1735/6.[1] She married twice, first abt 1695 Edward Springer and second, Barnstable 15 Dec 1715 (as his third wife) Daniel Hamilton. She only had children by her first wife (Newport, RI): James and Mary (both died young).

Experience Gorham was born Barnstable 28 Jul 1678 and died there 23 Dec 1733. She married (as his first wife) Barnstable 23 Apr 1697 Thomas Lothrop and they had thirteen children (Barnstable) infant son (1697/8-1697/8), Deborah (1699 d.y.), Mary (1701), James (1703), Thomas (1705), Ansel (1707), Joseph (1709), Seth (1712), John (1715 d.y.), Lydia (1716), Elizabeth (c1718), Mehitable (c1720) and Rebecca (c1722 unm.)

Mehitable Gorham was born Barnstable 20 Apr 1683 and died probably in Scituate bef 28 Sep 1747.[2] She married Barnstable (12 May 1715 (as his first wife) Joshua Oldham and they had one child (Scituate): Mehitable (bp 1717)

Third Generation

Mary Lothrop was born Barnstable 4 Apr 1701 and died there 20 Nov 1789. She married Barnstable about 1720 Ebenezer Taylor and they had two children (Yarmouth): Daniel (1721) and Lothrop/Lathrop (1722/3). There are no surviving mtDNA lines from Mary Lothrop.

Lydia Lothrop was born Barnstable about 1716 and died Sheffield bef 27 Jan 1792.[3] She married Barnstable 17 Jan 1733/4 Ebenezer Bacon and they had nine children (first three Barnstable, rest Lebanon, CT): Martha (1734 m Seth Pope [II]), Barnabas (1735-1763), Mary "Polly" (1738 m Benajah Strong), William (1741), Mercy (1744), Samuel (1747), Lydia (1752), Sarah (1757) and Ebenezer (1759).

Elizabeth Lothrop was born Barnstable about 1718 and died Plymouth 10 Jul 1793 (probate of estate). She married twice, first Barnstable 24 Aug 1739 Thomas Wetherell and second Plymouth 24 Nov 1748 [Bartlett (Y-DNA)#Third Generation |Samuel Bartlett]]. By her first husband she had three children (Plymouth): Hannah (1739-1740), Lemuel (1741-1742) and Thomas (1742). By her second husband she had six more children (Plymouth): Samuel (1749-1750), Samuel (1751), Elizabeth (1753 m Peleg Wadsworth [II]), Lothrop (1755), Hannah (1757) and Isaac (1759).

Mehitable Lothrop was born Barnstable about 1720 and died there 14 Jun 1760 in her 42d year (gravestone). She married Barnstable 2 Aug 1739 (as his first wife) Daniel Davis and they had eleven children (Barnstable): Mary (1740 m George Lewis [III]), Daniel (1741), Robert (1743), John (1744), Deborah (1746 m Josiah Crocker), Thomas (1748), Desire (1750 m Freeman Parker), Ansel (1751/2), Experience (1754), Mehitable (1756) and Lothrop (c1758).

Mehitable Oldham was born Scituate 1 Dec 1717 and died probably Scituate aft 11 Feb 1767.[4] She married Scituate 21 May 1741 Job Nichols, but no children found.

  1. Will of her second husband failed to name her.
  2. her heirs were named in the will of her brother Silvanus Gorham.
  3. Widow sold land to their daughter w/o Lydia signing for her dower rights.
  4. She signed for her dower interest in a deed.

DNA results TBD

To date, we know of no matrilineal (all female line) descendants of Hannah HUCKINS Howland, who has taken a mtDNA test (and publicly posted their results). Anyone who believes they are a matrilineal descendant (ie mother's mother's mother's etc.) is encouraged to contact

External resources and references

  • White, Elizabeth Pearson, John Howland of the Mayflower, volume 2 (son John Howland), Picton Press, Camden, ME. 1993