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Status summary

As of April 7, 2020

  • Page created for the wife of James Chilton
  • Known mtDNA descendants of her daughter Mary (Chilton) Winslow contacted
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA matches T2b+16288C. Matches are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)



Many genealogists have been searching for the identity of the wife of James Chilton. The only clue we currently have is recorded in the 1840 History of Bridgewater, Massachusetts by Hon. Nahum Mitchell. The book reported the given name of Mrs. Chilton as Susanna. When Nathaniel B. Shurtleff later asked Judge Mitchell about the source of this information, Mitchell stated he could not recall, but believed he had "good authority" for calling her Susanna. It must be noted Mitchell erred in the identification of other settler's wives, so his claim regarding the given name of the wife of James Chilton may similarly be in error.[1]

James and his wife were married about 1583 presumably in or near Canterbury, Kent, England where their older children were baptised.[2]

James came over on the Mayflower with his wife and only one of his children, youngest daughter Mary (baptized St. Peter's Parish, Sandwich on 31 May 1607). James died on board the Mayflower while it was docked at Cape Cod Harbour (now Providence) on 8 Dec 1620. His widow died during the general sickness sometime during the winter of 1620/1.

  1. Some have theorized where the wife may have been Susanna Furber, daughter of his step-mother (Isabell) by her first husband, Francis Furber. Susanna Furber was baptized 5 Nov 1573, so she was not old enough to have a child baptized in 1584.
  2. Their first known child, Joell was baptized at St. Paul's Canterbury on 16 Aug 1584. While this baptismal record does not name Joell's parents, his burial record states he was son of James Chilton.

mtDNA Results T2b+16288C

Three mtDNA descendants of Mary (Chilton) Winslow have taken a full mtDNA test and have their results posted in various Family Tree DNA Projects such as the Mayflower DNA Project.[1][2] The three identified descendants descend from two different daughters [Mary (Winslow) Gray and Susanna (Winslow) Latham]. While it is not known whether any of these individuals have joined the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD), the fact they are exact mtDNA matches from two different daughters of Mary Chilton (wife of John Winslow) does provide an adequate level of "proof."[3]

The Haplogroup assigned to the full mtDNA results is T2b, but all three results include an additional HVR1 mutation at: 16288C.[4]

The lineage of the three known mtDNA descendants is as follows:

Mary Chilton (1607-1679) married John Winslow

 Susanna Winslow (c1630-p1685) married Robert Latham
   Mercy Latham (1650-b1698) married Isaac Harris
     Susannah Harris (b1680-p1730) married Jeremiah Newland (II)
       Keturah Newland (b1704-b1748) married Anthony Pearce
         Susannah Pierce (1731-1808) married George Bradley
           Susannah Bates (1785-b1840) married Isaiah Tubbs alias Allen
             Fidelia "Phebe" Allen alias Tubbs (1814-1910) married George Newell Tilson
               Marina A. Chilson (1838-1925) married Ezra Olin Nye
                 Mary Fidelia Nye (1861-1946) married Samuel Hammond Longstreth
                   Grace Longstreth (1890-1966) married Matthew David Ramsey
   Hannah Latham (1657-1725) married Joseph Washburn
     Hepzibah Washburn (c1657-c1726) married Benjamin Leach
       Anne Leach (1703-1738) married Samuel Packard
         Anne Packard (1723-b1823) married Elijah Edson
           Anna Edson (1744-1821) married Eliab Washburn
             Olive H. Washburn (1777-1860) Horace "John" Coy
               Olive M. Coy (1816-1880) married George William "Alvin" Delvee
                 Salina "Lina" Olive Etta Delvee (1851-1912) married Edwin Leonard Pierce
                   Nellie Effie Pierce (1870-1952) married Albertus "Bert" Hammer
                     Ollie Almeda Hammer (1895-1964) married Ullah A. Hensley
 Mary Winslow (c1632-c1664) married Edward Gray
   Elizabeth Gray (1658-p1721) married (Capt.) Seth Arnold
     Desire Arnold (c1687-b1715) married Ichabod Bartlett
       Sarah Bartlett (1710-1775) married Cornelius Drew
         Sarah Drew (1740-1822) married John Adams
           Sarah "Sally" Adams (1773-1853) married Seth Washburn (II)
             Marcia Holmes Washburn (1793-1857) married Nathaniel A. Faunce
               Lucia Drew Faunce (1831-1899) married Davis Whiting Bowker
                 Julia Evaline Bowker (1858-1936) married Elwin Nicholas Stranger
                   Annie Gertrude Stranger (1882-1920) married William Chester Thomas

  1. https://www.familytreedna.com/public/mayflowersociety?iframe=mtresults under Mary Chilton
  2. In addition, there are a total of five individuals who are exact full mtDNA matches
  3. due to the rare nature of the T2b+16288C haplogroup
  4. It is hoped this additional mutation would form a new subclade of T2b at some time in the future.

mtDNA Descendants

While James Chilton and his wife had at least ten children (three sons and seven daughters) only the two daughters who came to Plymouth Colony (Mary and Isabella) have had their families traced. There is a real possibility of mtDNA descendants living in the Netherlands and/or England or somewhere else.

SECOND GENERATION Isabella Chilton was the eldest surviving child, baptized at St. Paul's Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England on 15 Jan 1586/7. She married at Leiden 21 Jul 1615[1] to Roger Chandler.[2] While Roger & Isabella had one son (Samuel, who presumably died young) and three daughters (Sarah, Martha & Mary)[3], the most recent Mayflower "Silver Book"[4] documents only one female mtDNA descendant of the Sixth Generation[5]. This was Hannah Prisberry (Martha Smith, Mary Bundy, Martha Chandler, Isabella Chilton, (poss.) Susanna). Hannah was born at Taunton 1 Oct 1715.[6] Given the fact it is much more difficult to trace maternal lines than paternal lines, it is possible there are unidentified mtDNA descendants of Isabella living today.

Mary Chilton was the youngest child, baptized at St. Peter's Church, Sandwich, Kent, England on 30 May 1607. She married at New Plimouth before the 1627 Cattle Division to John Winslow. They had ten children (one infant [sex unknown], six sons and three daughters [Susanna, Mary and Sarah])

THIRD GENERATION Susanna Winslow was born about 1630 and died at Bridgewater between 31 Jul 1676 and 3 Oct 1683.[7] She married presumably at Plymouth about 1649 to Robert Latham. They had eight children (three sons and five daughters [Mercy, Susanna, Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah]). mtDNA descendants of both Mercy & Hannah have done Full mtDNA testing and are a perfect match to each other.

Mary Winslow was born about 1632 and died at Plymouth between 1663-1665. She married at Plymouth 16 Jan 1650/1 to Edward Gray. They had six children (one son and five daughters [Desire, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah & Anna]). A mtDNA descendant of daughter Mary has done full mtDNA testing and is an exact match to the two mtDNA descendants of Mary's sister, Susanna (Winslow) Latham.

  1. Leiden had already switched to New Style dating. This would be 11 Jul 1615 in England
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  5. last generation published in this volume
  6. It is possible she was the Hannah Prisbry who died at Taunton 20 Sep 1763. If so, then she never married.
  7. will of her brother, John Winslow

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