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Status summary

Completed as of October 10, 2020:

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of Philip Taber for SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Still to do as of October 10, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test descendants of Philip Taber to discover their subclade as well as possible descendants lines.


First Generation

Philip Taber was born England about 1605[1] and died prob. Providence, RI bet. 1671/2-1682. He married bef. 21 Dec 1639[2] Lydia Masters. They had (among others): Philip and Thomas

Second Generation (both born Yarmouth)

Philip Taber (II) was born abt 1642.[3] and died Dartmouth bef. 4 Mar 1692/3. He married abt 1667 Mary Cooke and they had eight children (Dartmouth): Mary (1668), Sarah (1671), Lydia (1673), Philip (1675), Abigail (1678), Esther (1680), John (1684) and Bethia (1689).

Thomas Taber was born abt 1644.[4] He died at Dartmouth 11 Nov 1720. He married twice, both times to descendants of Francis Cooke. His first marriage was in Dartmouth bef 1668 to Esther/Hester Cooke, who died before 1672. Thomas married second, Dartmouth 2 Jun 1672, Mary Thomson. Thomas had two children (Thomas & Esther) by his first wife and ten children; five daughters and five sons (Joseph, John, Jacob, Jonathan and Philip) by his second.

Third Generation (all born at Dartmouth)

Philip Taber (III) was born 29 Feb 1675/6 and died Dartmouth abt 1750. He married Margaret Wood and they had ten children (Dartmouth): Martha (1700), Philip (1702 m Ruth Shaw & Phebe Brownell), William (1704/5 m Meribah Soule & Hannah White), Comfort (dau 1707), Mary (1709/10), Jonathan (1712 m Robe Brown), Josiah (1715 m Hannah TABER Chapman, no ch.), Rebecca (1719), John (1723 m Mary Giles & Mary Taber) and Margaret (1727).

John Taber was born 18 Jul 1684 and died Dartmouth bef 28 Aug 1727. He married abt 1706 Susanna Manchester and they had nine children (Dartmouth): Mary (1706/7), Philip (1708 m Mary Sanford), William (1711 m Margaret Mosher), Thomas (1712 dy), Sarah (1713), Thomas (1716 m Comfort Records), John (p1718 m Mary Taber & Sarah ___), Joseph (m Abigail Sawyer & Mary Taber) and Lydia (c1723).

Thomas Taber was born 29 Oct 1668 and died Dartmouth in Aug 1722. He married Plymouth 4 Jul 1700 to Rebecca Harlow and they had seven children (Dartmouth): Priscilla (1701), Jonathan (1702/3 m Lois West), Amaziah (1704 likely dy), Esther (1709/10), Mary (1711), Samuel (1714-1718) and Seth (1719 m Keziah ?Wilcox but no ch.)

Joseph Taber was born 7 Mar 1679/80 and died Dartmouth bef 27 Nov 1752. He married twice, first Dartmouth 28 Jan 1701/2 to Elizabeth ?Spooner, who was the mother of all of his children. After her death he married Sandwich 30 Nov 1738 to Lydia Abbott. Joseph and his first wife, Elizabeth, had thirteen children (Dartmouth): Amos (1703 m Elizabeth Lapham & Elizabeth Eastland), Sarah (1704/5), Benjamin (1706 m Susanna Lewis), Mary (1708 dy), Joseph (1709/10 m Mary Tinkham), Rebecca (1711), Eleanor (1713), John (1715 dy), Thomas (1717 m Ruth Bennett), Elizabeth (1718), Peter (1721 m Sarah ?Jenkins), William (1722/3 m Mary Wing) and Abigail (1725).

John Taber was born 22 Feb 1681/2 and died abt 1761. He married before 1712 to Phebe Spooner and they had nine children (Dartmouth): Thomas (1712 m Elizabeth Lewis), Deborah (1714 dy), Rebecca (1715/6), Mary (1717), Elnathan (1720 m Dorothy Ellis), Phebe (1723), Amaziah (1724 m Sarah Wing), Jabez (1727 m Abigail Tobey) and Deborah (1731).

Jacob Taber was born 26 Jul 1683 and died Dartmouth 4 Apr 1773. He married Sarah West about 1710. They had eight children (Dartmouth): Eunice (1711), Stephen (1712/3 m Rebecca Taber), Jerusha (1715), Bartholomew (1717 m Mercy Bowditch), Lois (1719), Sarah (1721-1745), Jacob (1723 m Lydia Howland & Bethiah VARNEY Hussey) and John (1726-1761 unm.)

Jonathan Taber was born 22 Sep 1685 "Said to have died in woods, his mind impaired." He apparently never married.

Philip Taber was born 7 Feb 1689/90 and died aft 1776. He married Susanna ?Wilcox bef 1711. They had nine children (Dartmouth): Richard (1711 unk if marr), Thomas (1713 m Ruth BENNETT Taber), Zephaniah (1715 m Hannah Records), Tucker (1717-1749 unm), Jesse (1719 m Margaret West), Peace (1722), Huldah (1724), Noah (1727 m Meribah Willcott) and Philip (1730 poss. m Patience Nye).

  1. Deposed 10 Jun 1669 aged sixty-four years or thereabout.
  2. Her father's will names daughter Lydia Taber.
  3. Secondary Sources state Philip, Thomas and a Joseph were baptized together in Feb 1646. This church record cannot now be found and is possibly in error.
  4. See reference for birth of brother Philip.

DNA results

Previous Y-DNA testing

Family Tree DNA currently does not have a Taber or Tabor surname DNA Project, but lists 63 Taber tests and 100 Tabor tests

Further needed testing

We would need more Y-DNA descendants of Thomas Taber to take NGS/WGS tests to pin down the haplogroup, as well as possibly define subclades for various branches of the family.

References & External Links

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