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Status summary

Completed as of January 30, 2022:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Deborah ELLIS Doty for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact


First Generation

Deborah Ellis, daughter of John Ellis and Elizabeth Freeman (daughter of Edmund Freeman and Bennett Hodsoll) was born Sandwich 15 Jan 1644 and died Rochester 21 Jun 1711. She married Sandwich in 1680 John Doty[1] and they had nine children (first three Sandwich, rest Rochester): Theophilus (1674), Ellis (1677), Elizabeth (c1680), Joseph (1683), Deborah (1685), John (1688), Mercy (1691, no further record), Faith (1696) and Mary (1699).

Second Generation

Elizabeth Doty was born Sandwich abt 1680. She married Rochester 28 Feb 1705/6 John Lewis and they had four children (Dartmouth): Archelaus (1706/7), John (1708), Susanna (1709/10) and Elizabeth (1712).

Deborah Doty was born Rochester 31 Mar 1685 and died Sharon, CT 13 Jan 1781. She married Rochester 7 Feb 1710 Joseph Landers and they had three children (Rochester): infant (1711-1711), Thankful (1713) and Joseph (1723).

Faith Doty was born Rochester 18 Jan 1696/7 and died Plympton 18 May 1770. She married Rochester 14 Apr 1719 James Shaw and they had eleven children (prob. Plympton): James (1719-1726), Mehitable (1721-1726), Deborah (1724-1726), Ephraim (c1726), twins (1727-1727), James (c1728), Mehitable (c1733 no further record), Faith (c1735 no further record), Lemuel (c1737) and Elizabeth (no further record).

Mary Doty was born Rochester 28 Jul 1699 and died Amenia, NY 11 Oct 1761. She married Plympton 23 Aug 1722 Samuel Waterman and they had five children (Plympton): Samuel (1726), infant son (1728-1728), Mary (1730), Bethia (c1733) and Asa (1736).

Third Generation

Susanna Lewis was born Rochester 25 Feb 1709/10 and died aft 1 Sep 1774 prob. in Dartmouth. She married Dartmouth 5 Feb 1729/30 Benjamin Taber and they had fourteen children (Dartmouth): Elizabeth (1730), Joseph (1731/2), Benjamin (1733), John (1735), Archelaus (1737), Joshua (1739/40), Mary (1741), Jeduthan (1743), Rebecca (1744/5), Seth (c1745), Thomas (1746/7), Jeremiah (1749), Lewis (1751) and Joshua (1753).

Elizabeth Lewis was born Rochester 12 Apr 1712. She married Dartmouth 27 Dec 1733 Thomas Taber and they had at least three children (Dartmouth): Richard (1734), Philip and Thomas.

Thankful Landers was born Rochester 21 Jul 1713 and died Sharon, CT 16 Dec 1760. She married Rochester 25 Mar 1736 Abel Wood and they had eight children (first born Rochester, last four born Sharon, CT): Elijah (1736), Ephraim (1740), Barnabas (1743), Deborah (1745-1745), Thankful (1748), Mary (1753-1760), Lydia (1756-1756) and Phebe (1759)

Mary Waterman was born Plympton 29 Apr 1730. She married Sharon, CT Samuel Chapman and they had fourteen children: Ezra, Asa, Deliverance "Dillah", Elijah, Elisha, Heman, Jehiel, Noah, Amos, Polly, Rhoda, Samuel (c1749), Sarah and Thankful.

Bethia Waterman was born Plympton abt 1733. She married Sharon, CT 24 Jul 1753 Ephraim Lord and they had at least four children: Timothy, David, Ephraim and Joseph.

DNA results TBD

To date, we know of no matrilineal (all female line) descendants of Deborah ELLIS Doty, who has taken a mtDNA test. Anyone who believes they are a matrilineal descendant (ie mother's mother's mother's etc.) is encouraged to contact

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