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Status summary

As of October 26, 2022:

  • Y-DNA Profiles created for all male Mayflower passengers who are known to have living Y-DNA descendants
  • Y-DNA Profiles created for all of the sons in-laws and many of the grandsons in-law of Mayflower Passengers who are known to have living Y-DNA descendants

Important Note

Read me First

While autosomal DNA tests (such as 23andMe and AncestryDNA) do test for a number of Y-SNPs (with 23andMe reporting Y-DNA and mtDNA Haplogroups) their chip-based testing only documents a limited number of SNPs and can give inaccurate information.

Male Mayflower passengers and crew

Surnames of Mayflower passengers and crew, with links to corresponding Y-DNA results pages, are listed below. Names with an asterisk * died during the first winter during what is called "the general sickness".

Leiden Congregation

Surname Given name(s) aboard Mayflower Living descendants[1] Living patrilineal descendants Y-DNA haplogroup[2]
Allerton Isaac, Bartholomew Yes
Bradford William Yes Yes I1-M253>DF29>Z63>BY151>BY351>BY3407>CTS2910>Y10994>Y21374>Y21371>Y21370>Y21372>FGC72882
Brewster William, Love, Wrestling Yes Yes I1-M253>Z17954>FGC47136>S2304>Z17942>Z17928>Z17926>Z17924>A9783>A19407>FT1754
Carver John No No
Chilton James* Yes No
Cooke Francis, John Yes Yes I-M223>CTS616>FGC15071>BY1003>L1229>Z2069>Z2068>Z2054>Y4746>FGC15109>FGC15105>BY18>Y4761>Y4760>FGC57449>FGC57463>FGC57458>FGC57472
Crackston(e) John*, John [4] No
Fletcher Moses* Yes No
Fuller Edward*, Samuel Yes Yes R-M269>>U106>>S12025>FGC12021>S17339>FGC53777>S25007>FGC31905>FGC53757>BZ3170>Y85916
Fuller Samuel Yes Yes R-M269>>U106>>S12025>FGC12021>S17339>FGC53777>S25007>FGC31905>FGC53757>BZ3170>Y85916>FTB68669
Goodman John
Priest Degory* Yes No
Rogers Thomas*, Joseph Yes Yes R-M269>L21>DF13>ZZ10_1>Z253>FGC3268>ZZ6_1>BY43439>BY4303>FGC59516>FGC59535>FGC59523
Tilley John*, Edward* Yes No
Tinker Thomas*, son* No No all died during the first sickness
Turner[5] John*, son*, son* No No all died during the first sickness
White William*, Resolved, Peregrine Yes Yes R-M269>L21>DF13>Z39589>DF49>>M222>Z2959>S658>DF104>DF105>ZS8379>FTC28001
Williams Thomas No No
Winslow Edward, Gilbert Yes Yes I1-M253>DF29>Z58>Z59>CTS8647>Z61>S9939>S23468>S20652>S11023>BY34545>BY34542>BY71464


Surname Given name(s) aboard Mayflower Living descendants[7] Living patrilineal descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Billington John, John, Francis Yes Yes R-M269>>U106>>Z381>>L48>>Z8>>Z12>Z8175>CTS10742>BY14508>BY145737>FTA18300
Britteridge Richard* No No
Brown(e) Peter Yes No
Clarke Richard* No No
Eaton Francis, Samuel Yes Yes R1b-U198>S10591>FGC53179
Gardiner Richard
Hopkins Stephen, Giles, Oceanus Yes Yes R-M269>>U106>>Z381>>L48>Z9>Z331>>FGC12346>FGC49706>A10233>BY3322>A10236>FGC49708>FGC52137>FGC52139>FGC52155>FGC52156>FGC71620>FGC71615
Margesson Edmund* likely never married
Martin Christopher* No No
Mullins William*, Joseph* Yes No
Rigsdale John*
Warren Richard Yes Yes R1b-M269


Master Surname Given name(s) aboard Mayflower Living descendants[8] Living patrilineal descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Isaac Allerton Hooke John* No No
Brewster & Winslow More Richard, Jasper* Yes No
John Carver Howland John Yes Yes R-M269>>U106>>Z381>>L48>Z9>>Z8>Z1>Z344>Z6>A96>S10415>A9701>A9703>A9708
Latham William No No
Wilder Roger* No No
Samuel Fuller Button/Butten William* No No
Stephen Hopkins Doty Edward Yes Yes R-M269>L21>DF13>ZZ10_1>Z16423>Z255>L159(.2)>Z16429>Z16433>A1248>A1245>A1254>FT78842
Leister Edward
Christopher Martin Langmore John*
Prowe Solomon* No No
William Mullins Carter Robert*[9] No No
Edward Tilley Samson Henry Yes Yes I2a2a I-M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS1977>Y4946>Y8935>Y12052>FTB708>FTB4532
William White Holbeck William*
Thompson Edward* No No
Edward Winslow Soule George Yes Yes I-DF29>Z58>Z59>>Z61>Z60>Z140>Z141>Z2535>YSC0000261>L338>S12289>A20032
Story Elias No No

Hired Men

Surname Given name(s) aboard Mayflower Living descendants[10] Living patrilineal descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Alden John Yes Yes R-P312>>U152>L2>DF103>FGC8158>FT21550>Y48952>FTC62332
Allerton John* No No
English Thomas*[11]
Standish Myles Yes Yes I-M170>P215>CTS2257>L460>P214>S2525>L38>S2606>FGC29656>BY1183>Y18919>S4556>BY14000>FT276288>FT276480

Mayflower Crew

Surname Given name(s) aboard Mayflower Living descendants[12] Living patrilineal descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Clark John
Coppin Robert
Ely (unknown) No No
Heale Giles (Dr.) No No
Jones Christopher (Capt.)
Leaver "Master"
Parker John
Trevor William
Williamson Andrew
  1. according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mayflower_Society
  2. Most SNP results may still be further refined as more Y-DNA descendants of Mayflower Passengers obtain Next Generation Sequence (NGS)/Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) tests. Italics indicate the haplogroup is merely predicted based soley on STR testing and may not be precise. In some of these cases, the result could be inaccurate due to inadvertent errors in lineage tracing. See surname sub-pages for further details and references.
  3. Son Bartholomew returned to England where he married and had children. Whether he has any living Y-DNA descendants is unknown. Son Isaac is believed to only have had one son (Isaac) who died without issue.
  4. Mayflower Increasings:42 (from MD 40:117 and Stratton:274) states he had a daughter Anna (of Colchester, England) filed marriage banns with Thomas Smith of Bury England at Leiden on 12/22 Dec 1618. It is possible they may have descendants living today.
  5. See Caleb Johnson's MayflowerHistory.com profile of John Turner He may have had other sons, but the name is simply too common to make any serious attempt at documenting his family.
  6. Most, if not all, were recruited by Thomas Weston on behalf of the Adventurers.
  7. according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mayflower_Society
  8. according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mayflower_Society
  9. Died as teenager so no descendants.
  10. according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mayflower_Society
  11. There is a possibility Thomas was married (likely in Leiden) and left a family. Some claim Thomas was the father of Clement English of Salem, MA. More research is needed.
  12. according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mayflower_Society

Y-DNA SNP summary

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