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Status summary

As of November 24, 2020:

  • No straightforward opportunities for advanced Y-DNA testing
  • Low priority

Summary of findings

No direct patrilineal descendants of Peter Brown(e), since all of his surviving children were daughters. There remains the opportunity for characterizing his Y-DNA through descendants of other paternal relatives. Even so, such a link would likely be tenuous since it would seem that the identity of Peter Brown(e)'s relatives in England carries some uncertainty.

Paper Trail

For more information see: Wakefield, Robert S., Mayflower Families through Five Generations vol. 7: Brown

First Generation

Peter Brown(e) was likely the son of William Brown(e) baptized at Dorking, Surrey, England 29 Jan 1594/5. He married twice, first sometime after the 1623 Plymouth land division Martha _____ Ford (she died soon after the 1627 cattle division). His second marriage occurred about 1629 to Mary _____. Peter died sometime between 25 Mar 1633 and 28 Oct 1633.

Peter had two daughters by his first wife: Mary and Priscilla. He had a daughter (Rebecca) and a fourth child (who likely died young) by his second wife.

To do

  • Additional paper-trail research might allow additional Y-DNA testing candidates to be identified

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