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Status summary

As of September 30, 2022:

  • Fuller Family Finder project contacted
  • Recruiting Fuller patrilineal (all male line) descendants for NGS/WGS testing. Individuals who believe they are a patrilineal (all male line) descendant should Read me First
  • NGS testing of multiple Fuller descendants has proven where (Capt./Dr.) Matthew Fuller of Barnstable was not son of Edward Fuller (as was previously accepted by the GSMD). However, there is "paper-trail" evidence suggesting (Capt./Dr.) Matthew Fuller's mother may have been a widow and married Edward Fuller and came over with him on the Mayflower. If true, this would still allow descendants of Matthew Fuller to be Mayflower Descendants.

IMPORTANT Read me First

Paper Trail

For more information see: MacGunnigle, Bruce Campbell, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: vol. 4 Edward Fuller and Radasch, Katharine W. & Arthur H. Radasch (rev. by Margaret H. Stover and Robert S. Wakefield), Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: vol. 10 Samuel Fuller as well as Paschke, Pamela R. and Raymond T. Wing, "The Fuller Family of Redenhall, Norfolk, England: Initial Report on the Fuller Big Y DNA Project", Mayflower Descendant, Summer 2022 (vol.70):101-120. Names in bold font have Y-DNA descendants who have Y-DNA tested.

First Generation

Mayflower passengers Edward Fuller and Samuel Fuller were brothers, sons of Robert Fuller and his first wife, Sarah Dunkhorn.[1] Edward and Samuel Fuller were both baptized at Redenhall, Norfolk, England: Edward on 4 Sep 1575 and Samuel on 20 Feb 1580/1. One of Edward's sons, also named Samuel Fuller, was also a passenger on the Mayflower. The ancestry of this Fuller family can be found online at: Edward Fuller's Ancestors

Edward Fuller had one known son[2] who survived to adulthood:

Samuel Fuller[5] had one known son who survived to adulthood:

Relatives of Edward and Samuel (who later emigrated to New England) include:

  • Robert Fuller of Salem & Rehoboth, MA.
  • (Ens.) Thomas Fuller of Dedham, MA is known to be connected to the Redenhall Fuller family.[8] He was baptized at Redenhall 20 Jan 1619/20, son of Ralph Fuller.[9]
  • Giles Fuller was born Topcroft, Norfolk abt 1604, son of Roger Fuller and Jane Gowen.[10] Giles died Hampton, NH 6 Apr 1673. He appeared in Dedham, MA by Nov 1638. Giles died childless (and likely unmarried).
  • (Capt./Dr.) Matthew Fuller was originally thought to be a son of Edward Fuller of the Mayflower but NGS testing has proven he is more closely related to Robert Fuller. Giles Fuller had repeatedly stated Dr. Matthew Fuller of Barnstable was his closest living relative in New England.

Second Generation

Samuel Fuller was born in England about 1608 and died Barnstable 31 Oct 1683. He married Scituate 8 Apr 1635 Jane Lothrop and they had eight children: Hannah (1636), Samuel (1637/8), Elizabeth (c1640), Mary (1644), Thomas (1650), Sarah (1654), John (1656/7) and an infant (1658/9-1658/9)

(Rev.) Samuel Fuller (II) was born Plymouth about 1629 and died Middleborough 17 Aug 1695. He married twice, first bef 1658 to an (Unknown) wife and second about 1665 to Elizabeth Nichols. By his first wife he had one son (Plymouth) Samuel (1659). By his second wife, (Rev.) Samuel had seven children: Elizabeth (1666), John (c1668), Experience (dau c1670), Hannah (c1671), Mercy (c1672) and Isaac (1674).

Third Generation

Samuel Fuller (II) was born Scituate 11 Feb 1637/8 and died Barnstable before 28 Dec 1691. He married Barnstable about 1658 Anna Fuller and they had six children (Barnstable): Barnabas (1659 m Elizabeth Young), Joseph (c1661 m Thankful Blossom), Matthew (c1664 m Patience Young), Benjamin (1665 m ____), Sarah (c1671) and Desire (1674).

Thomas Fuller was born Scituate about 18 May 1650 and died Barnstable before 20 Oct 1683. It is believed he never married, but proof is lacking.

"Little" John Fuller was born Barnstable 11 Jan 1655/6 and died East Haddam, CT 28 Feb 1726. He married Barnstable about 1679 Mehitable Rowley and they had eleven children: Thomas (1680 m Elizabeth Church(?)), Samuel (c1682 m Naomi Rowley), Shubael (1684 m Hannah Crocker), Thankful (1689), Edward (c1691 m Elizabeth Rowley), Elizabeth (c1693), John (1697 m Mary Cornwall), Joseph (1699/1700 m Lydia Day & Zerviah Dewey), Benjamin (1701 m Content Fuller), Anne (c1704) and Mehitable (1706).

Samuel Fuller (III) was born Plymouth about 1659 and died there 6 Sep 1728. He married Plymouth 7 Jan 1686 Mercy Eaton and they had eleven children: Nathaniel (1687 m Martha Sampson), Samuel (1689 unm.), William (1691-1692), Seth (1692 m Sarah Wright, Deborah Edwards & Deborah RICKARD Doten), Ebenezer (1695 m Joanna Gray), Benjamin (1696 m Mary Sampson), Elizabeth (1697), John (1698 m Deborah Ring & Mercy Washburn), Jabez (1701 m Mercy Gray), Mercy (1702) and James (1704 m Judith Rickard & Mercy Jackson).

John Fuller was born about 1667 and died Middleborough before 23 Feb 1709/10. He married Mercy Nelson and they had nine children: Ebenezer (1689 m Elizabeth Short), John (1691/2 m Hannah Thomas & Lydia Alden), Elizabeth (c1696), Jabez (c1698 m Deborah Soule & Priscilla Sampson), Samuel (c1702 m Silence Short), Joanna (c1704), Mary, Mercy and Lydia.

Isaac Fuller was born Plymouth aft 1 Oct 1674 and died before 16 Nov 1727. He married Plympton 1 Sep 1709 Mary Pratt and they had seven children: Reliance (1710), Isaac (1712 m Sarah Packard), Elizabeth (1715), Samuel (1717/8 m Elizabeth Tomson), Micah (1719/20 m ____), Jabez (1723 m Elizabeth Helyer) and Mary (1726).

  1. One of several alternative spellings.
  2. NGS testing of descendants of Capt./Dr. Matthew Fuller has documented where he was NOT a son of Edward Fuller. The Summer 2022 Mayflower Descendant (70:101-126) discusses the details.
  3. Some sources state bp 8 Apr 1612
  4. They also had an child, sex unknown, who died young.
  5. Pilgrim Hall Museum Samuel Fuller biography.
  6. A 2019 Mayflower Descendant article claims where Samuel was the father of (Lt.) John Sprague, born bef Jun 1655. However, Big Y testing has documented where John Sprague was descended from Dr./Capt. Matthew Fuller.
  7. It is possible one or more of these children may have been by Samuel's first wife.
  8. Y-STR results of Y-DNA descendants are a close match to the Redenhall Fuller family.
  9. Ralph Fuller's will names son Thomas and states he is living in New England.
  10. Roger was son of John Fuller, son of John, son of John.

DNA Results R-Y85916

Previous Y-DNA testing[1]

Previous Y-STR testing through the Mayflower Society DNA Project[2], including descendants of both Edward and Samuel Fuller, has found where the Mayflower Fuller lineage belongs to the R1b-U106 Y-DNA haplogroup, which is quite common in Northwestern Europe. NGS/WGS testing will be able place the Fuller lineage more precisely within the broader R1b-U106 haplogroup and may be able to identify individual-level markers that indicate descent from either Edward or Samuel.

NGS/WGS testing

As of 21 May 2021, the Mayflower DNA Project and the Fuller - Family Finder Project are displaying nine individuals as patrilineal (all male line) descendants of Edward Fuller, two additional individuals as patrilineal descendants of his brother Samuel, as well as a total of twelve individuals who likely descend from Robert Fuller of Salem & Rehoboth.[3] These results document where the Fuller family of Redenhall, Norfolk fall under U106>>S12025>FGC12021>S17339>FGC53777>S25007>FGC31905>FGC53757>BZ3170>Y85916. In addition, they document where some descendants of Edward Fuller[4] fall under a subclade of Y85916, namely FT14518.[5]

DNA testers[6]

Fuller Y-DNA tree.png

The Family Tree DNA Fuller Family Finder Project has actively recruited individuals to take the Big Y-700 test. As a result, the project currently lists sixteen individuals who have Big Y-700 tested. These individuals are in the following Project Groups: 1. Fuller - Mass, CT, NY, PA connected to Redenhall Fullers, excluding those in other groups 1a. Desc of Cornelius Fuller Sr of NY, incl. Eli, Ira, Johiel of Northampton Co, PA & Sussex Co, NJ 2a. Norfolk England - DYS534=16 with DYS439=12 incl Capt Matthew Fuller etc 2b. Norfolk- desc of Robert Fuller arrived 1638, of Salem and Rehoboth (DYS439=13)

The Big Y-700 testing has been able to prove where Cornelius Fuller of New York (Group 1a) descends from Edward Fuller. Big Y-700 testing also proves where (Capt./Dr.) Matthew Fuller of Barnstable (Group 2a.) was not son of Edward Fuller. Matthew is more closely to Robert Fuller of Salem and Rehoboth (Group 2b.). The Big Y-700 testing is unable to tell us exactly how Robert and Matthew are related, but it does document where they both share a SNP (Y98567) not found in descendants of either Edward or (Dr.) Samuel.

  1. Three Y-DNA descendants of Samuel Fuller listed at wikitree profile for Samuel Fuller and Matthew Fuller
  2. The Fuller DNA Project currently does not publish their DNA results
  3. Robert is said to have been a nephew to Edward and Samuel, believed to be a son of their brother, Thomas Fuller.
  4. Edward, Samuel, Samuel, Matthew.
  5. Descendants of Robert Fuller fall under two different subclades of Y85916, some fall under FT67161 while others fall under Y98567.
  6. see Fuller Big Y results

External links

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Edward Fuller

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Matthew Fuller

  • MacGunnigle, Bruce Campbell, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: vol. 4 Edward Fuller General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA. 2006
  • Mayflower Descendant 70 (Summer 2022): 101-126 (multiple articles dealing with Edward Fuller and Matthew Fuller)

Samuel Fuller

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