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Status summary

As of September 26, 2020

  • Page created for Christian Penn, wife of (1) Francis Eaton and (2) Francis Billington
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Christian Penn. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Paper Trail

First Generation

Like most women of her period, almost nothing is known about Christian (Christiana) Penn. She came to New Plimouth Colony aboard the Anne in 1623, and became the third wife of Mayflower Passenger Francis Eaton about 1624.[1] Francis died sometime in 1633 and she married Francis Billington in July 1634.[2]

Christian and her first husband, Francis Eaton, had three children: Rachel (c1625), Benjamin (c1627/8)[3], and a third child, who was called an idiot by Bradford in 1651. Rachel married Joseph Ramsden, but is only known to have had one son, so her mtDNA is currently only found through descendants of her second marriage.

Christian and her second husband, Francis Billington, had nine children; two sons, an infant (sex unknown), and six daughters (Elizabeth, Martha, Mary, Rebecca [died young], Dorcas and Mercy)

Second Generation

Elizabeth Billington was born in Plymouth 10 Jul 1635. She married three times, first to Richard Bullock at Rehoboth on 21 Sep 1660. They had four children before his death (which occurred on 22 Oct 1667): Three sons and a daughter Marcy, who died in infancy. Elizabeth married second, Rehoboth 25 Jun 1673 to Robert Beere (died 28 Mar 1676). They had only one son. Elizabeth's final marriage was about 1679 to Thomas Patey. They had no children and Elizabeth was living as late as 22 Mar 1709/10. In conclusion, there is no mtDNA descendants from Elizabeth Billington.

Martha Billington was born in Plymouth in 1639. She married her step-brother, Samuel Eaton 10 Jun 1660. She died in Rehoboth on 9 Jun 1704. Martha and Samuel had four children: Samuel, Sarah, Mercy and Bethiah.

Mary Billington was born in Plymouth about 1640. She married Rehoboth 20 Jan 1663/4 to Samuel Sabin. She was living as late as 28 Jun 1717 in Rehoboth, when she signed a deed. Samuel & Mary had six children: Samuel, Mercy, Sarah, Mary, Israel, and Experience (died young).

Dorcas Billington was born in Plymouth about 1650. She had a son out of wedlocked and was fined and whipped for committing fornication on 7 Jun 1672. She married before 20 May 1686 Edward May. He died at Plymouth 10 Aug 1691, but she was living as late as 1 Aug 1707. By Edward she had at least one son and possibly one daughter. At the present time, it is not known if the presumed daughter exists, and if so, whether she ever married and had children, so there is currently no known mtDNA descendants of Dorcas.

Mercy Billington was born in Plymouth 25 Feb 1651. She married at Rehoboth 27 Jun 1681 to John Martin. Mercy died at Rehoboth 28 Sep 1718. John & Mercy had four children: John, Robert, Desire and Francis.

Third Generation

Sarah Eaton was born Duxbury bef Jan 1663/4[4] and died Plainfield, CT aft 24 Feb 1726.[5] She married about 1685 Philip Bump (later Bumpas) and they had eight children (the first six were recorded in Bristol, but may have been born in Middleborough before the family moved to Bristol. Last two births not recorded): Jemima (7 Jan 1686/7 m. Thomas Smith but no children in his will), Samuel (20 Feb 1687/8), Philip (13 Feb 1689/90), Lydia (2 Apr 1692), Matthew (8 Jun 1695), Josiah (9 Apr 1698), Bethia (c1700) and Sarah (c1702).

Mercy Eaton was born Duxbury about 1665 and died aft 1704.[6] She married Plymouth 7 Jan 1685/6 Samuel Fuller (III) and they had eleven children: Nathaniel (14 Nov 1687), Samuel (30 Aug 1789-18 Apr 1728), William (14 Feb 1691-26 Aug 1692), Seth (30 Aug 1692), Ebenezer (24 Mar 1695), Benjamin (7 Mar 1696), Elizabeth (30 May 1697), John (19 Dec 1698), Jabez (abt 1 Jun 1701), Mercy (3 Oct 1702) and James (27 Feb 1704).

Bethiah Eaton was born Duxbury about 1668 and died before 12 Jan 1735/6.[7] She married Taunton 5 Nov 1691 to Joseph Bassett (II). They had three daughters: Bethiah (25 Dec 1693 m. aft 1736 William Coddington, no children), Mehitable (22 Jun 1697, m. 1733 Nathaniel Holloway, no children), and Lydia (29 Apr 1703).

Mercy Sabin was born Rehoboth 8 Mar 1665/6 and died (likely at Plainfield, CT) aft 18 Jun 1728. She married Rehoboth 9 Nov 1683 James Welch (d. Plainfield, CT bef 22 Nov 1726) and they had nine children: John (25 Jun 1685, d. bef 1699), Elizabeth (27 Sep 1688), Mercy (1 Mar 1690), James (27 Jul 1692), Samuel (15 Oct 1693), Thomas (1 Mar 1694/5), Ebenezer (13 Feb 1696/7), John (17 Apr 1699) and Martha (25 Oct 1704).

Sarah Sabin was born Rehoboth 10 Aug 1667 and died Windham, CT 9 Mar 1709. She married Rehoboth 1 Jul 1686 John Kingsley and they had seven children: Mary (1 Mar 1687 d. unm. 7 May 1707), Tabitha (22 Sep 1688), Sarah (9 Oct 1690), Elizabeth (29 Dec 1692 unknown if married), John (26 Feb 1694/), Josiah (18 Jan 1696) and Amos (12 Jan 1697)

Mary Sabin was born Rehoboth 4 Mar 1678 and married there 8 Dec 1696 Nathaniel Cooper. They had at least three children (all born Rehoboth): Judith (3 Jan 1697/8-17 Mar 1727 m. John Lyon, unknown if any children), Peter (20 Dec 1699) and Nathaniel (13 Dec 1701).

Desire Martin was born Rehoboth 20 Mar 1684/5 and died there 12 Sep 1727. She married there 10 Jul 1707 Jotham Carpenter and they had seven children: Jotham (1 Aug 1708), Amos (1 Sep 1710), Hannah (6 Jun 1712, Renew (6 Jun 1714), Desire (3 Jun 1716), Esther (abt 1720), and Hezekiah (6 Jan 1724)

Fourth Generation

Lydia Bump was born Bristol (now part of RI) 2 Apr 1692 and died Plainfield, CT 14 May 1750. She married Plainfield about 1719 Thomas Hurd and they had Bethiah (1720 m. Ebenezer Yerrington), Sarah (1722-p1751 unknown if ever married), Thomas (twin 1724), John (twin 1724), Josiah (1726), Jacob (1729), Mary (1731 m. Obed Benjamin) and Amy (1735, unm. in 1751).

Bethia Bump was born Bristol (now part of RI) about 1700 and died in Frederickstown, NY 1731. She married Plainfield, CT 23 Aug 1721 Peleg Ballard. It is unknown if they had any children.

Sarah Bump was born Bristol (now part of RI) abt 1702 and died Plainfield, CT after 13 Dec 1782. She married ___ Harris.[8] It is unknown if they had any children.

Elizabeth Fuller was born Plymouth 30 May 1697 and died Pomfret, CT 30 Aug 1753. She married Plympton 30 Jan 17023/4 James Raymond/Rayment and they had (all born Middleborough): Patience (1724), Elizabeth (1727/8), Martha (1728/9), Rachel (1730), Bathsheba (1731/2), James (1732/3), Amaziah (son)(1734), Joshua (1735/6) and Ithamar (1737).

Mercy Fuller was born Plymouth 3 Oct 1702. She married Plympton 28 Jul 1726 Ebenezer Raymond/Rayment and they had at least two children (born Middleborough): Samuel (1732) and Mercy (1739).

Lydia Bassett was born Bridgewater 29 Apr 1703 and died Norton aft 17 May 1764. She married Bridgewater 17 Nov 1726 Samuel Phillips and they had three children: Daniel (c1726), Joseph (c1728) and Lydia (c1735 m. George Wetherell).

Elizabeth Welch was born Rehoboth 27 Sep 1688 and died Killingly, CT 16 Nov 1730. She married before 1710 Daniel Lawrence and they had nine children (order unknown): Daniel, Joseph, Mary (m. Stephen Covell), Esther (m. Enoch Ballard), Eleazer (1714), Elizabeth (1716 d. young), James, Samuel (bp 1721) and Abigail (bp 1721 m. Nathaniel Allen).

Mercy Welch was born Rehoboth 1 Mar 1690 and died Plainfield, CT 19 Oct 1784. She married about 1715 Thomas Spaulding and they had: Elizabeth (1716 m. Joseph Coit & John Tyler), Sarah (1717 m. Nathaniel French), Elizabeth (1719, unk. if married), Andrew (1720), Eunice (1720 m. John Baldwin & Elisha Williams), Hannah (1722 unk. if married), Hezekiah (1723/4), Abigail (1727 m. Ebenezer Gallup) and Lydia (1729 m. Benjamin Andros).

Martha Welch was born Plainfield, CT 25 Oct 1704, living 1759[9] is said to have married Joseph Robson/Robinson. It is unknown if she had any children.

Tabitha Kingsley was born Rehoboth 22 Sep 1688 and died after 13 Aug 1733. She married Windham, CT 10 May 1709 John Broughton (III) and they had four children: Mary (1710 m. Stephen Walcott), Tabitha (1712 m. David Green), Amos (1718) and Phebe (1721 m. Ichabod Palmer).

Sarah Kingsley was born Rehoboth 9 Oct 1690 and died there 17 Oct 1727. She married Swansea 10 Feb 1709 (Elder) Ephraim Hicks/Hix and they had five children: Benjamin (1710), John (1712), Ephraim (1714), Barnard (1719) and Alethea (1723/4 m. Enoch Kelton).

Hannah Carpenter was born Rehoboth 6 Jun 1712 and died Tiverton, RI after 21 Jul 1773. She married Rehoboth 6 Oct 1730 David Round and they had (born Rehoboth): Jerusha (1731 m. Benjamin Cleveland), David (1733/4), Hezekiah (1739), Hannah (1741/2), Amos (1744), Nathan (1746) and Mary (1749 m. Benjamin Sawdey).

Renew Carpenter was born Rehoboth 6 Jun 1714 and died there 9 Feb 1787. She married Rehoboth 26 Apr 1733 Jabez Rounds and they had (born Rehoboth): Isaac (1733/4), Jabez (1735/6), Isabel (1737), Abigail (1740), Isaiah (1741), Rebeckah (1742), Sybel (1744), Oliver (1747), Rhoda (1750 m. William Parker), Esther (1752) and Simeon (1755)

Desire Carpenter was born Rehoboth 3 Jun 1716 and died there 28 May 1800. She married Rehoboth 15 Apr 1737 Hezekiah Hicks/Hix and they had (born Rehoboth): Hannah (1740), James (1742), Hezekiah (1744), Mary (1746/7), Desire (1750 m. Abel Burt), Gideon (twin 1752) and Jotham (twin 1752).

Esther Carpenter was born Rehoboth about 1719 and died there 28 Oct 1794. She married twice: First 4 Jan 1735 Nathan Bardeen (d. 1736) and second Swansea 4 Jan 1737/8 Nathaniel Bowen. By her first husband (Nathan Bardeen) Esther had one child: Nathan (b. Swansea 1736/7). By her second husband (Nathaniel Bowen) Esther had ten additional children: Nathan (1737/8), Peleg (1739/40), Thomas (1743), Anne (1749 d. young), John (1751), Reuben (1753), James (1755), Mary (1757 m. Benjamin Cranston), Avis (1758 m. Joseph McMillen), William (1760) and Anne (1766, likely never married).

  1. Unmarried in 1623 Land division, yet had her second child shortly after the May 1627 Cattle Division.
  2. PCR 1:31, MD 2:115
  3. Not named in the May 1627 Cattle Division, but was in the 1643 "Able to Bear Arms List" so likely was then at least 16.
  4. named in a deed from her grandfather Francis Eaton to her parents.
  5. Agreement of heirs of her late husband.
  6. Birth of youngest child.
  7. Deceased in her husband's will.
  8. Per the 1757 will of her brother Josiah.
  9. Named (without a surname) in will of brother Ebenezer

mtDNA Results

To date, no known matrilineal (all female line) descendants of Christian have come forward and provided their mtDNA results for analysis. Individuals who believe they are matrilineal descendants of Christian (ie persons who believe their mother's mother's mother's etc. mother was Christian) are encouraged to contact Raymond Wing (email wing DOT genealogist AT gmail DOT com) and take a full mtDNA test for analysis.

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