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Status summary

Completed as of January 31, 2022:

  • Page created for descendants of Joseph Ramsden (surname later morphed into Ramsdell)
  • Anyone believing to be a patrilineal (all male line) descendant of Joseph Ramsden is encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Joseph Ramsden died in Lakenham (Plymouth, now No. Carver) 25 May 1674. He married twice, first Plymouth 2 Mar 1646 Rachel Eaton and second 16 Oct 1661 Mary Savory (no Mayflower connection). Joseph and his first wife had one child (Plymouth): Daniel (1649)

Second Generation

Daniel Ramsden was born Plymouth 14 Sep 1649 and died there bef 12 Mar 1722. He married twice, first wife name not known and second Taunton abt 1689 Hannah Caswell. By his first wife he had two children: Mary (c1675) and Thomas (b1677). By his second wife he had four more children (Plymouth): Samuel (1690), Joseph (1693), Benjamin (1699 no further record) and Hannah (1700).

Third Generation

Thomas Ramsden (later Ramsdell) was born Plymouth bef 1677 and died Hanover 16 Sep 1727. He married 23 Mar 1703 Sarah (poss. Alverson) and they had at least nine children: (prob.) Thomas (c1704 m Mary Pierce), Sarah (1706), Joseph (1708 m Mary Homer & Mercy Delano), Jemima (1710), Gideon (1712 m Sarah Farrington & Abigail Eames), Sarah (1715), Mercy (1717), Lydia (1719), David (1721 unm.) and Grace (1725).

Samuel Ramsden was born Plymouth 5 Jun 1690 and died Pembroke Nov 1759. He married twice, first Scituate 24 Dec 1712 Martha Bowker and second Pembroke 20 Aug 1750 Annah HANKS Norris (no children). By his first wife he had four children (surnamed Ramsdell): Samuel (1714 m Dorothy Bishop), Mary (1716), Content (bp 1720 not in father's will) and Susanna (1721).

Joseph Ramsden (later Ramsdell) was born Plymouth 16 Aug 1693 and died bef Nov 1770. He married Scituate 10 Dec 1718 Mary Bowker and they had six children: Joseph (1719), Benjamin (1721), Daniel (1723), Simeon (1726), nathaniel (1730) and Nehemiah (1734 m Rebecca Chamberlain).

DNA results TBD

Current testing results

The Ramsdell DNA Project subgroup R-M269 currently lists one individual claiming their Most Distant Known Paternal Ancestor (MDKPA) was Joseph Ramsden (1620-1674). This individual has not SNP tested but has taken 111 STR markers. FTDNA predicts he falls under R1b-M269. Plugging in his 111 STR results into the NavGen Haplogroup Predictor tool comes up with a most likely haplogroup of R1b U152>L2>DF103>FGC4166 with a 65% likelihood and the second most likely haplogroup of R1b L21>>ZZ10>Z253>Z2186>L1066 with a 24% likelihood.

NGS/WGS testing

A NGS/WGS test would confirm and further refine the placement of this family.

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