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Status summary

Completed as of November 12, 2021:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line descendants of William Sabin (and preferably though his son Samuel) for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact

Still to do as of November 10, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test additional descendants of William Sabin to confirm assignment as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

Samuel Sabin was born at Rehoboth about 1640, the first child of William Sabin. Samuel died there 23 Sep 1699. He married Rehoboth 20 Jan 1663 Mary Billington and they had six children (Rehoboth): Samuel (1644), Mercy (1666), Sarah (1667), Israel (son 1673), Experience (1676-1676) and Mary (1678/9).

Second Generation

Samuel Sabin (II) was born Rehoboth 27 Nov 1664 and died there 7 Oct 1746. He married Rehoboth abt 1694 Grace3 Ormsby and they had seven children (Rehoboth): Isaac (1695/6), Samuel (1697), Grace (1699), Experience (?dau 1700), Patience (1704), Ebenezer (1705-1705) and Mercy/Mary (1706).

Israel Sabin was born Rehoboth 8 Jun 1673 and died there aft 1718. He married twice: First Rehoboth 20 May 1696 Mary Ormsby and second Swansea 29 Jun 1716 Elizabeth _____. By his first wife Israel had twelve children: Sarah, Elizabeth, Samuel, Israel (son), Jeremiah, Josiah, Margaret, William, Eleazor (d. younbg), Mary, Eleazor and Nartha.

Third Generation

DNA results TBD

Previous Y-DNA testing

As of November 12, 2021 Family Tree DNA does not have a Sabin surname DNA project, but has 58 tests bearing the Sabin surname.

NGS/WGS testing

Further testing of descendants of William Sabin (and preferably through his son Samuel) would confirm an assignment and possibly identify subclades linked to descendants.

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