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Status summary

Completed as of October 31, 2020:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line descendants of William Harlow for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

Still to do as of October 31, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple descendants of William Harlow to place the family clade as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

(Sgt.) William Harlow was born prob. England about 1624[1] and died Plymouth 25 Aug 1691 in 67th yr. It is unknown when he emigrated, but his first known record is in Plymouth in 1646. He married three times, first Plymouth 20 Dec 1649 Rebecca Bartlett; second Plymouth 15 Jul 1658 , Mary Faunce[2]; and third Plymouth 25 Jan 1665 Mary Shelley[3]. He had four children by his first wife (born Plymouth): William (1650-1650), Samuel (1652/3), Rebecca (1655) and William (1657). By his second wife, William had four more children: Mary (1659), Repentance (1660), John (c1662) and Nathaniel (1664)

Second Generation

Samuel Harlow was born Plymouth 27 Jan 1652/3[4] and died there bet. 17 Feb 1724/5 and 17 Nov 1727. He married twice, first abt 1677 Priscilla ____ and second prob. Plymouth abt 1682 Hannah ____. By his first wife he had one daughter (born Plymouth): Rebecca (1678). By his second wife he had eight more children (born Plymouth): Samuel (bp 1683-1689), John (1685), Priscilla (bp 1686-1689), Hannah (1688), Samuel (1690), William (1692), Eleazer (1694) and Priscilla (1695).

William Harlow (II) was born Plymouth 2 Jun 1657 and died there 28 Jan 1711/2. He married prob. Plymouth about Jan 1682/3 Lydia Cushman (daughter of Thomas Cushman and granddaughter of Isaac Allerton) and they had nine children (born Plymouth): Elizabeth (1683/4), Thomas (1686), infant daughter (1687/8-1687/8), William (bp 1689), Mary (bp 1691), Lydia (bp 1693), Robert, Isaac (-1724 unm.) and Rebecca (bp 1703).

Third Generation

John Harlow was born Plymouth 19 Dec 1685 and died there 30 Jan 1771. He married twice, first Plymouth 26 Feb 1706 Martha Delano and second Plymouth 26 Oct 1749 Lydia Holmes (no children). By his first wife John had seven children (Plymouth): John (1706/7 m Mary Ryder), Elizabeth (1709-1710), Rebecca (1711), Martha (1715), Mary (1717-1717), Amaziah (1721 m Lois Doty) and Thankful (1723/4-1723/4).

Samuel Harlow

William Harlow was born Plymouth 26 Jul 1692 and died there 11 Apr 1751. He married Plymouth abt 24 Feb 1714 Mercy Rider and they had ten children (Plymouth): Sarah (1715), Benjamin (1716), William (1718), Hannah (1719/20), Mercy (1721/2), Keziah (1723-1725/6), Samuel (1726), Phebe (1728), Rebecca (1732) and Seth (1736).

Eleazer Harlow

Thomas Harlow

William Harlow

Robert Harlow

  1. FamilySearch.org has born (bp?) 5 Oct 1624 England, son of William and Lucy Harlow. This information had no source associated with it, and is questionable.
  2. Four children by this marriage, but no Mayflower line.
  3. Six children by this marriage, but no Mayflower line.
  4. 1652 only in record. Much more likely 1652/3 rather than 1651/2, based on births of other children.

DNA results R1b-FTA4444

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Harlow surname project Lists ten male Harlow's in Group: Lineage I - Plymouth (Haplogroup R). Three individuals have Big Y-700 tested to R-P312>ZZ11>U152>L2>DF103>FGC4166>BY1020>FTA4444

Further needed testing

We need additional direct male-line descendants of William Harlow to WGS/NGS test to refine it further and delineate descendant clades.

Lineage of DNA testers

One individual who has taken a Big Y-700 test has revealed his lineage.

 (Sgt.) William Harlow (1624-1691)
   William Harlow (1657-1711)
     William Harlow (1688-1784)
       Isaac Harlow (1726-1804)
         Isaac Harlow (1757-1829)
           (Dea.) Ransom Harlow (1780-1855)
             Byron Lothrop Harlow (1810-1888)
               Francis Ransom Harlow (1840-1913)
                 Henry W. Harlow (1864-1952)
                   Buell Lothrop Harlow (1896-1973)
                     father of tester

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