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As of September 25, 2020

  • Page created for Mary Norris, first wife of Isaac Allerton.
  • Recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Mary (Norris) Allerton. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)



The first known record of Mary was her marriage to Isaac Allerton on 4 Nov 1611 at Leiden.[1] This record stated she was from Newbury (presumably Newbury, Berskhire, England). Some records state she was the daughter of Edward Norris, but this was likely an attempt to connect her to Sir Edward Norreys, MP from Rycote, who had no known children.[2] The family lived in Leiden until they emigrated to the New World. She died at New Plimouth on 25 Feb 1620/1 during the first devastating winter when roughly half of the emigrants died.[3]

Isaac and Mary had five children:[4] Bartholomew, Remember, Mary, an infant who was buried at St. Peters, Leiden on 5 Feb 1620 and a stillborn son born at Plymouth Harbor on 22 Dec 1620.

Second Generation

Remember Allerton[5] was born at Leiden about 1615. She came with her family aboard the Mayflower. She married Moses Maverick[6] before 6 May 1635 and she died (presumably at Salem, MA) between 1652-1656. Remember and Moses had Rebecca (1639-1659, married John Hawkes, but only had one son [Moses]), Mary (1641-1655 never married), Abigail (1645-1686, married Samuel Ward), Elizabeth (died young), Samuel, Elizabeth (1649-1698, married Nathaniel Grafton & Thomas Skinner) and Remember (1652-1693, married Edward Woodman).

Mary Allerton[7] was born at Leiden about 1616. She came with her family aboard the Mayflower. She married Thomas Cushman about 1636 at Plymouth and she died there 28 Nov 1699[8]. Mary and Thomas had: Thomas, Sarah (c1641-p1707, m. John Hawkes & Daniel Hutchings), Mary (c1643-b1690 m. Francis Hutchinson), Isaac, Elkanah, Fear (1653-1690, never married), Eleazar and Lydia (c1659-1719, m. William Harlow).

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mtDNA Results W5a2

The Mayflower DNA Project lists one all female line descendant of Mary. It is presumed this individual has taken the full mtDNA test, which tests every single base pair of the mitochondrial DNA.[1] FTDNA has assigned this individual to the W5a2 mtDNA haplogroup. Today this rare lineage is present at trace frequencies in the populations of Norway, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany.[2]

  1. Due to the fact some mtDNA mutations are directly linked to health issues, Full mtDNA results are not revealed on any FTDNA website. Instead, FTDNA only reveals the HVR (Hyper Variable Region) I & HVR II mtDNA results.

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