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Status summary

Completed as of April 26, 2022

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of John Hawkes for further SNP testing - anyone Y-DNA descendants interested in testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

John Hawkes was born Charlestown 13 Aug 1633, son of Adam Hawkes (who was son of another John Hawkes) and Anne Browne. John died Lynn 5 Aug 1694. He married twice, first Lynn 3 Jun 1658 Rebecca Maverick and second, Lynn 11 Apr 1661 Sarah Cushman. By his first wife John had one child (Lynn): Moses (1659). By his second wife John had eight more children (Lynn): Susannah (1662-1675), Adam (1664), Anna (1664), John (1668), Rebecca (1670), Thomas (1673), Mary (1675) and Ebenezer (1677).

Second Generation

Moses Hawkes was born Lynn 3 Nov 1659 and died there 1 Jan 1709. He married Ipswich 10 May 1698 Margaret Cogswell and they had five children (Lynn): Moses (1698/9), Margaret (1700), Adam (1702-1729 unm.), John (1705) and Rebecca (1708).

Adam Hawkes was born Lynn 12 May 1664 and died before 8 Apr 1691. He married about 1689 Elizabeth ____[1] and they had one child (Lynn): John (1690).

John Hawkes (II) was born Lynn 25 Apr 1668 and died before 23 May 1750. He married twice, first Lynn 7 Jan 1698/9 Abigail Floyd and second Lynn 4 Sep 1735 Elizabeth Scarlet (no children): By his first wife, John had three children (Lynn): Sarah (1699), Abigail (1701) and John (1706).

Thomas Hawkes was born Lynn 11 May 1673 and died before 4 Jun 1722. He married Lynn 16 Feb 1703 Sarah Haven and they had five children (Lynn): Thomas (c1709-1736 unm.), Hannah (p1709), Elkanah (1715), Sarah (p1715) and Jonathan (b1719).

Ebenezer Hawes was born Lynn 7 Sep 1677 and died Marblehead 9 Dec 1766. He married three times, first Lynn 16 Jun 1701 Elizabeth Cogswell, second Lynn 30 May 1719 (as her third husband) Sarah BASSETT Griffin Newhall[2] and third Boston 9 Nov 1732 (as her second husband) Ruth PHILLIPS Graves[3] Ebenezer only had children by his first wife: Ebenezer (1702), Elizabeth (1704) and Samuel (1706).

Third Generation

Moses Hawkes (II) was born Lynn 4 Mar 1698/9 and died there 1 Dec 1760. He married Lynn 9 Apr 1730 Susannah Hitchins and they had nine children (Lynn): Moses (1730 m Mary Riddan), Mary (1732), Susannah (1735/6), Abijah (1739 m Hannah Hitchings), Anna (1742), Nathan (1745 m Sarah Hitchings), Lois (1747), Daniel (1749 m Rhoda Persham) and James (1752 m Olive Willis)

John Hawkes] was born Lynn 27 Jan 1705 and died there 8 Oct 1748. He married there 27 Apr 1732 Hannah Priest[4] and they had eight children (Lynn): Mary (1733), Hannah (1735), Rebecca (1737), Lydia (1739), Sarah (1741), Adam (1743 m Hannah Newhall), Rebecca (1746) and John (1749 m Hannah James).

John Hawkes was born Lynn 10 Apr 1690 and died there before 11 Sep 1738. He married Salem 21 Apr 1711 Mary Whitford and they had eight children (Lynn): Mary (c1712), John, Lydia, Adam (c1715 m Lydia Wiley), Eve (c1718), Eunice (c1722), Lydia (bp 1728) and Elizabeth (c1730).

John Hawkes (III) was born Lynn 18 Nov 1706 and died there 4 Dec 1742. He married Lynn 25 Jun 1738 Lydia Burrill and they had one child (Lynn): Abigail (1741).

Elkanah Hawes was born Lynn 17 Feb 1715 and died Saugus 18 Jun 1778. He married Lynn 14 May 1742 Eunice Newhall and they had nine children (Lynn, now Saugus): Thomas (1743 unk. if marr.), Eunice (1745), Sarah (1747 d.y.), Elizabeth (1748), Sarah (c1749), Elkanah (c1753 unk. if marr.), Ezra (c1755 unk. if marr.), Love (c1756) and Grace (c1760).

Jonathan Hawkes was born Lynn before 20 Sep 1719 and was buried Chelsea on 4 Feb 1762. He married twice, first Lynn 16 Oct 1735 Sarah Newhall and second Lynn 11 Oct 1743 Abigail Farrington. By his first wife he only had one child: Sarah (1736). By his second wife Jonathan had seven more children: Elizabeth (1744), Joseph Haven (1750-1759), Hannah (1752), Jonathan (1753 unk. if marr.), William (1756 unk. if marr.), Edward (1758 unk. if marr.) and Abigail (c1761)

Ebenezer Hawkes was born Lynn 14 Jul 1702 and died Marblehead 9 Jul 1742. He married Lynn 11 Apr 1725 Anna Breed and they had eight children (Marblehead): Ebenezer (1726 m Sarah Griffin), Elizabeth (1728), Benjamin (1730 m Deborah Kimball), Rachel (1731), Amos (1733 m Deborah Flint), James (1735 m Elizabeth Crague), Anna (1736) and Nathaniel (1740 m Mercy Jones).

Samuel Hawkes was born Lynn 12 May 1706 and died 1772. He married Salem 28 Apr 1727 Philadelphia Estes and they had ten children (Lynn): John (p1728 m Jerusha Merriam), Joseph (unk. if marr.), Samuel (likely unm.), Ebenezer (1736 unk. if marr.), Philadelphia (c1738), Sarah (c1740), Matthew (1746 m Ruth Breed & Ruth Collins), Deliverance (1753), Patience (1755) and Hannah (c1757).

  1. After Adam's death, Elizabeth married Salem 15 Oct 1695 George Lilly.
  2. Sarah married first 13 Jul 16976 Josep Griffin and second abt 1700 ___ Newhall.
  3. Ruth married first Lynn 11 Dec 1718 Mark Graves.
  4. After John's death, widow Hannah married Lynn 1 Nov 1753 Thomas Fuller.

DNA results E-Z16663

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Hawks DNA Project subgroup Semitic has two individuals[1] claiming John Hawkes (born circa 1580) as the Most Distant Known Pateilineal Ancestor (MDKPA). None of these individuals have taken any SNP testing, but one of them has taken a YSTR-111 test. FTDNA predicts they fall under haplogroup E-M35. Plugging in the modal values into the NevGen Haplogroup Predictor (set for Haplogroup E) gives a result of E-M35>M78>PF2179>Z1919>L618>V13>CTS8814>CTS5856>Z16663 with 99.28% certainty.

Speculation based on Y-DNA results

According to posts at anthrogenica.com E-Z16663 is a very rare subclade and was found in Italy and the Balkans. This leads to speculation where the patrilineal ancestor of the Hawes family may have been a Roman soldier who was stationed Brittania. It was fairly common for Roman soldiers to have families and (if they survived their service) retire in the area where they served.

  1. A third individual is a close STR marker match but does not list any MDKPA.

References & External Links

Adam Hawkes of Saugus, Mass., 1605-1672: The First Six Generations in America (available for Download)