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As of July 11, 2019

  • Page created for Mary Buckett (Beckett), wife of George Soule
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The Soule Kindred in America has hired genealogist Caleb Johnson to research English & Dutch records in an attempt to identify Mary. One likely individual has been discovered, and while not proven, Johnson presents much credible evidence to support this likely identity.[1] Most of this biography of Mary is based on Johnson's research.

It is assumed that Mary Buckett, who arrived in New Plimouth Colony in 1623 in the Anne was the wife of George Soule.[2] While the list of the Anne passengers[3] gave her surname as Buckett, the spelling of this surname was still in flux, and has been spelled Bucket(t), Becket(t), Bucquet, etc.

The 1623 Plymouth land grant gave Mary 1 acre of land. This appears to indicate where she was on her own[4] rather than being a maidservant to another family.[5] Given her age, and the fact her family did not come over with her, it is believed she arrived as a maidservant to one of the families which arrived in the Anne (and achieved her freedom from this servitude immediately after arriving in New Plimouth). The likeliest candidate family is with the Warrens.[6] This is also supported (somewhat) by the May 1627 Cattle Division, as George Soule and his family were grouped with the Warren family.

Most maidservants achieve their position due to losing one or both parents. A Mary Beckett, daughter of John Beckett (II) and Ann Aldyn was baptized 14 Feb 1605/6 at St. Mary's Church, Watford, Hertfordshire, England. John Beckett was buried there 17 Jan 1618/9 and his children were apparently all bound out to serve apprenticeships.[7]

Mary and George had one child recorded in the May 1627 cattle division, so were likely married about 1625-1626. In addition, their last child was believed to have been born about 1651. Given these dates, Mary would have been born about 1605.[8] The family were among the earliest settlers of Duxbury and Mary is said to have died there in Dec 1676.[9]

  1. Soule Kindred in America, Mary Beckett research
  2. This assumption is based on the fact no other Mary has been found to have arrived in the Colony by the time of the 1627 Cattle Division.
  3. Technically, this was a list made at New Plimouth, granting land to the new arrivals.
  4. and likely at least 18 years old
  5. Otherwise it is believed the family she served would have received this acre on her behalf.
  6. Richard Warren came aboard the Mayflower with one child. His wife (Elizabeth) and the rest of their children came over on the Anne.
  7. The mother was still unmarried in 1622, so it appears she did not keep any of her children. It would have been virtually impossible for a widow to support her children without remarrying. Records do document where at least a couple of the sons served apprenticeships immediately after their father's death, and none of the children are later found in Watford records.
  8. Any older, and she would have been in her late 40s when her last child was born. Any younger, and she would have only been a teenager when married (which was VERY unusual for the time period).
  9. The inventory of George Soule's estate (taken 22 Jan 1679[/80]) has an expense to son John "Item for Diett and tendance since my mother Died which was three year the Last December." "Last December" would have been December 1679, and three years prior would have been December 1676.

mtDNA Results

mtDNA testing of three mtDNA/umbilical descendants of Mary have all come up with the same Haplogroup. H1g1.

mtDNA Descendants


George and Mary had five sons and four daughters. The daughters were Susanna (c1634), Mary (c1642), Elizabeth (c1645), and Patience (c1646). Elizabeth only had one son, so no living mtDNA descendants.


Susanna married Francis West. They lived in Kingston, RI and had seven sons and two daughters (Susanna & Martha)

Mary married John Peterson. They lived in Duxbury, MA and had six sons and three daughters (Martha [never married], Mary & Rebecca [only had one son])

Patience married John Haskell (Hascol). They lived in Middleborough and had three sons and five daughters (Elizabeth, Patience [died unmarried],Bethiah, Mary[1], Susanna)

  1. A Mary Haskell married Scotto(way) Clark at Rochester on 17 Apr 1706. This Mary has not been proven to be the daughter of John & Patience. mtDNA testing may resolve this uncertainty.

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find-a-grave memorial for Mary. NOTE: This record states she was buried at the Miles Standish Burial Ground in Duxbury. There is no evidence to support this. In addition, an archealogical dig on the site of the Soule property in Duxbury discovered an ancient burial ground, which may be the where George & Mary were buried. There daughter Mary & her husband, John Peterson lived on this property and are also possibly buried here.