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Status summary

As of October 27, 2022:

  • Recruiting patrilineal (Y-DNA) descendants. Any male who believes they are a patrilineal (all male line) descendant should Read me First

IMPORTANT: Read me First

Paper trail

First Generation

Stephen Tracy, son of Stephen Tracy and Agnes Erdley (married Great Yarmouth 20 Feb 1586) was baptized at Great Yarmouth 28 Dec 1596 and died in England after Mar 1655. He married Leiden 2 Jan 1621(NS)[1] Tryphosa Lee and they had five children (first at Leiden, rest at Plymouth): Sarah (1622), Rebecca (c1625), Ruth (c1628), Mary (c1630) and John (c1632).

Second Generation

John Tracy was born at Plymouth about 1632 and died Windham, CT 30 May 1718. He married before 1661 Mary Prence and they had at least (likely born Duxbury): John (c1661), Apphia (c1663), Hannah (c1666), Stephen (c1673) and Susannah (c1676).

Third Generation

John Tracy (II) was likely born Duxbury about 1661 and died there before Jul 1701. He married Deborah ___ and they had (Duxbury): Susanna (c1683), Sarah (c1686), Thomas (1688), Mary (c1690),Deborah (c1692), John (c1695) and Tryphosa (c1699).

Stephen was likely born Duxbury about 1673 and died Windham, CT 19 Dec 1769. He married Norwich, CT 26 Jun 1707 Deborah Bingham and they had: Mary (1708), Prince (1711), Deborah (1714), John (1718), James (1720), Nathaniel (1722) and Thomas (1725).

  1. Continental Europe converted to the "New Style" Gregorian Calendar in 1582. Thus they were ten days ahead of England (23 Dec 1620).

DNA Results

Previous testing

FTDNA's Tracy DNA Project currently does not list anyone claiming Stephen Tracy as their Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA).

NGS/WGS testing

NGS/WGS testing is needed to confirm the prediction (above) as well as potentially further refine the haplogroup.

Lineage of DNA tester

 Stephen Tracy (1596-p1654/5) m Tryphosa Lee
   John Tracy (1633-1718) m Mary Prence
     Stephen Tracy (1673/4-1769) m Deborah Bingham
       Lt. Thomas Tracy (1725-1821) m Elizabeth Warner
         Joseph Tracy (1763-1829) m Ruth Carter
           Rev. Myron Tracy (1798-1855) m Sarah Allen Weld
             Capt. Samuel Joseph Tracy (1835-1881) m Arminda Catherine Hogshead
               Carman Francis Tracy (1869-1939) m Pernina Estella Trowbridge
                 Milford Edwin Tracy (1896-1949) m Irma Ellen Fish
                   father of tester

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