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Status summary

Completed as of October 6, 2021:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) Tryphosa LEE Tracy descendants for full mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Tryphosa Lee was born abt 1597, presumably in England.[1] and died Plymouth bef 5 May 1655. Nothing is known of her until her marriage Leiden 2 Jan 1621[2] to Stephen Tracy. They had five children (first Leiden, rest Plymouth): Sarah (1623), Rebecca (1625), Ruch (c1627), Mary (c1630) and John (c1632).

Second Generation

Sarah Tracy was born (presumably in Leiden) abt Jan 1623[3] and died Duxbury 6 Oct 1708. She married Duxbury 16 Nov 1638 George Partridge and they had ten children (Duxbury): Sarah (1639), Tryphosa (1642), Elizabeth (1643/4), Ruth (1645), Mary (1647), Rebecca (1649), Lydia (c1650), Mercy (1653), John (1657) and James (c1665).

Rebecca Tracy was born in New Plimouth about 1625[4] and died Eastham 3 Dec 1686. She married Eastham abt 1642 William Merrick and they had ten children (Eastham): William (1643), Stephen (1646), Rebecca (1648-1668 unm.), Mary (1650), Ruth (1652), Sarah (1654), John (1655/6), Isaac (1659/60), Joseph (1662) and Benjamin (1663/4).

Ruth Tracy was born in New Plimouth about 1628[5] and was living (presumably unmarried) in 1655[6] No further record.

Mary Tracy was born Plymouth abt 1630 and was living (presumably unmarried) in 1655.

Third Generation

Sarah Partridge was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) abt 1639[7] and died Bridgewater aft 8 Jun 1703.[8][9] She married about 1659[10] Samuel Allen. They had ten children (Bridgewater): Samuel (1660), Essiel/Elliel (dau 1662/3 unm. in father's 1703 will), Mehitable (1664/5 m Isaac Alden), Sarah (1667 m Jonathan Cary & Benjamin Snow), Bethia (1669 m John Pryor), Nathaniel (1671/2), Ebenezer (1674), Josiah (1677), Elisha (1678/9) and Nehemiah (1680/1).

Tryphosa Partridge was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) abt 1642 and died there 1 Nov 1701. She married Duxbury 26 Sep 1668 Samuel West and they had six children (Duxbury): Francis (1669), June (1671), Samuel (1672), Pelatiah (1674), Ebenezer (1676) and John (1678).

Elizabeth Partridge was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) 16 Feb 1643[/4] and died Tisbury 8 Aug 1722. She married Braintree abt 1662 James Allen and they are said to have had 13 children: Amy (1663 m Joseph Hatch), Mary (1665 m Thomas Lassell), Abigail (1667 m Samuel Seabury), Ruth (c1669 m Edward Bangs), Ebenezer (1671), Ichabod (c1676), James (c1678), Samuel (c1678), Benjamin (c1680), John (1682), Joseph (c1685), Sarah (c1687 m Josiah Luce) and Benjamin (c1689).

Ruth Partridge was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) abt 1645 and died Lebanon, CT 30 Oct 1717. She married Duxbury 1 Jan 1669/70 Rodolphus Thacher and they had nine children: Thomas (1670), Elizabeth (1672/3 m Samuel Fuller & Miles Standish), Anna (1673-1680), Ruth (1675-1709 unm.), Rhodolphus (1677), Lydia (1680 m John Dean), Mary (1682 m Benjamin Dimmick), Ann (1684-1685) and Peter (1686).

Mary Partridge was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) abt 1647 and married Nathaniel Skiffe. Further research is needed.

Rebecca Partridge was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) abt 1649 and died Dedham 19 Aug 1694. She married Dedham 27 Nov 1678 Vigilance Fisher and they had six children: Lydia (c1680), Samuel (c1682), James (1686), Rebecca (c1688), David (c1690) and Abigail (1692 m Benjamin Gill).

Lydia Partridge was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) abt 1650 and died there 2 Feb 1742/3. She married Duxbury 2 Jan 1672/3 William Brewster (son of Love Brewster) and they had eight children (Duxbury): Sarah (1674), Nathaniel (1676), Lydia (1680 m Job Cushman), William (1683), Mary (1685 m Edward Arnold), Benjamin (1688), Joseph (1693) and Joshua (c1698).

Mercy Partridge was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) abt 1653 and died Wrentham 20 Sep 1726. She married twice, first Dedham 12 Mar 1683 Samuel Colburn and second Dedham 27 Mar 1702 Cornelius Fisher. By her first husband Mercy had six children: Sarah (1684-1685), Samuel (1685-1685), Mercy (1686-1687), Ephraim (1687), Mary (1691 m Ephraim Pond [II]), Abiel (1694 m Michael Metcalf) and Mercy (1703 m Samuel Fisher).

Mary Merrick was born Eastham 4 Nov 1650 and died Harwich (now Brewster) bef. 1701[11] She married Eastham May 1667 Stephen Hopkins and they had nine children: Elizabeth (1668 unk. if marr.), Stephen (1670), Ruth (1674 no further record), Judah (son 1677), Samuel (1682), Nathaniel (1684), Joseph (1688), Benjamin (1690) and Mary (1692 m John Maker).

Ruth Merrick was born Eastham 15 May 1652 and likely died of childbirth during or shortly after her only child was born. She married Eastham 1 Jan 1677 Edmund Freeman and they had one daughter Ruth (c1679 Eastham m Israel Doane).

Sarah Merrick was born Eastham 1 Aug 1654 and died there 21 Apr 1696. She married Eastham 18 Dec 1672 John Freeman (II) and they had ten children (Eastham): John (1674-1674), Sarah (1676 m Edward Snow), John (1678), Rebecca (1680 d.y.), Nathaniel (1682), Benjamin (1685), Mercy (1687 m Chillingworth Foster), Patience (1689 m Eleazer Crosby), Susannah (c1691 m John Mayo) and Mary (1693 m Judah Berry).

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  7. Several online trees give a date of birth of 2 Sep 1639, but no source is given.
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  11. Husband remarried in Apr 1701.

DNA results TBD

Previous mtDNA testing

To date, no known direct female line descendants of Tryphosa LEE Tracy are known to have done mtDNA testing and published their results. Anyone who believes they descend in a direct female line (ie mother's mother's mother's etc mother) is encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

References & External Links

  • Anderson, Robert Charles, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633), New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA 1995