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Status summary

As of January 16, 2017:

  • Y Elite test results for Thomas Rogers descendant (kit N8S52, tested previously as kit #197102) completed.
  • Reruiting for additional patrilineal (all male) descendants to NGS/WGS test. Any male who believes they are a patrilineal descendant should Read me First
  • Thomas Rogers Society contacted

IMPORTANT Read me First

Paper trail

For more information see: Westgate, Alice W.A. (revised by Ann T. Reeves) (2nd ed. rev. by Peggy M. Baker), Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: vol. 19 Rogers, The Thomas Rogers Society, Inc. Thomas Rogers, Pilgrim, and Some of his Descendants (privately pub. 1980) and Pilgrim Thomas Rogers Society Genealogy database. Names in bold font have Y-DNA descendants who have Y-DNA tested.

First Generation

Thomas Rogers was born prob. at Watford, Northampton, England[1] about 1572,[2] the son of William and Ellenor (_____) Rogers.[3] Thomas died at Plymouth during the "general sickness" of the first winter (1620-1).[4] He married at Watford 24 Oct 1597[5] Alice Cosford, baptized at Watford 10 May 1573, daughter of George & Margaret Cosford.[6] It is believed she died in Leiden sometime after 1622.[7] Thomas and his son Joseph came over on the Mayflower in 1620, the other children (but not the mother) are said (by Gov. Bradford) to have "came over & are maried & have many children."[8] Other than son John, the other children who "came over" have never been identified.

Thomas Rogers and Alice Cosford had six children baptized at Watford: Thomas (1598/9-1599), Richard (1599/1600-1600), Joseph (1603), John (1606), Elizabeth (1609) and Margaret (1613).

Second Generation

Joseph Rogers was baptized at Watford 23 Jan 1602/3[9] and died at Eastham between 2-15 Jan 1677/8.[10] He was the only child of Thomas to travel with him aboard the Mayflower. Joseph married sometime abt 1632[11]. It is believed Hannah _____ was his only wife, but there is nothing to state definitively she was the mother of any/all of his children. Joseph had eight children, recorded (but not necessarily born) in the Sandwich, MA Vital Records: Sarah (died young), Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Mary, James, and Hannah.

John Rogers was baptized at Watford 6 Apr 1606, and died at Duxbury about 1692. He married Anna Churchman and they had four children: (H)Anna, John, Abigail and Elizabeth

Third Generation

Joseph Rogers (II) was born 19 Jul 1635 (probably at Duxbury) and died at Eastham 27 Dec 1660. He married Eastham 4 Apr 1660 Susanna Deane. They had no children and his widow married second, 28 Oct 1663 to Stephen Snow.

Thomas Rogers was born 29 Mar 1638 (probably at Duxbury) and died (probably at Eastham) between 5 Mar 1677/8 - 7 Aug 1678. He married Eastham 13 Dec 1665 Elizabeth Snow. They had seven children: Elizabeth (1666), Joseph (1667/8 m Prudence ___ likely no surviving Y-DNA line[12]), Hannah (1669), Thomas (1670/1-1670/1), Thomas (1672 m Sarah Treat, likely no surviving Y-DNA line), Eleazer (1673 m Ruhamah Willis) and Nathaniel (1675/6 unm.). To date, no known patrilineal (direct male line) descendants of Thomas have done any Y-DNA testing.

John Rogers was born 3 Apr 1642 (probably at Duxbury) and died Eastham between 27 Apr 1713 - 10 Aug 1714. He married Eastham 19 Aug 1669 Elizabeth Twining. They had nine children: Samuel (1671-1671), John (1672 m Priscilla Hamblin), Judah (1677 m Patience Lombard), Joseph (1679/80 m Mercy Crisp), Elizabeth (1682), Eleazer (1685 m Martha Young), Mehitable (1687), Hannah (1689) and Nathaniel (1693 m Elizabeth Crosby & Silence Dimmock). Big Y testing of multiple patrilineal descendants of John have determined where John was the first individual to have the R-FGC59541 mutation. Thus everyone who falls under this clade must be a patrilineal descendant of this John Rogers.

James Rogers was born Duxbury 18 Oct 1648 and died Eastham 13 Apr 1678. He married Eastham 11 Jan 1670[/1?] Mary Paine and they had three children (born Eastham): James (1673 m Susanna Tracy), Mary (1675) and Abigail (1677/8).

John Rogers (II) was born (probably at Duxbury) about 1640 and died Barrington, RI on 28 Jun 1732. He married three times, first Duxbury, Nov 1666 Elizabeth Pabodie. She was the mother of all of his children. He married second Hingham 21 Nov 1679 Hannah Hobart and third aft 22 Mar 1692/3 to Marah Cobham. By his first wife, John had five children: Hannah, John (1670-1696 app. never married), Elizabeth, Ruth and Sarah. Thus, there are no surviving Y-DNA (patrilineal) descendants of John2 Rogers.

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DNA Results FGC59523

Since the Y-DNA line of John2 Rogers (son of Thomas) died out in the fourth generation, the only surviving Y-DNA descendants of Pilgrim Thomas Rogers come from his son, Joseph.

Previous Y-DNA testing

Previous Y-STR testing through the Mayflower DNA Project, the Rogers/Rodgers DNA Project[1] and the Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower DNA Project have identified a Y-STR haplotype for the Mayflower Rogers lineage and has determined that the lineage belongs to the R1b-M269 Y-DNA haplogroup,[2].

NGS/WGS testing

One member of the My Rogers Family Tree DNA Project[3] has stated they are a Y-DNA descendant of Pilgrim Thomas Rogers. They also agreed to have a FGC Y-Elite test completed.[4] In addition, several members of the Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower DNA Project have taken Big Y tests. The results of these tests documents where the Rogers family falls under: R1b-P312>>L21>DF13>>Z253>FGC3268>>BY43439>BY4303>FGC59516>FGC59544>FGC59535>FGC59536>FGC59523.

Furthermore, subclades of FGC59523 are being identified, falling under the male Y-DNA descendants of Joseph2 Rogers.

SNP mutation tree

Rogers SNP Mutation tree.jpg

Data downloads

  1. Two subgroups of this project list Y-DNA descendants of Pilgrim Thomas Rogers. One is: R1b-M269>P312>Z290>L21>DF13>Z253>FGC3268>ZZ6_1>BY43439>FGC59524>FGC59535>FGC59523 (Isles - Keltic) while the other is: R1b-M269>P312>Z290>L21>DF13> Z253>FGC3268>ZZ6_1>BY43439>FGC59524>FGC59535>FT260099 (Isles-Keltic)
  3. FTDNA kit #197102
  4. Full Genomes Kit #N8S52

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